What Internet Speed is Ideal for Uploads and Downloads?

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No one likes to use a gritty internet connection that does nothing but turn your life into a living hell. Imagine, you’re in the middle of streaming your much-anticipated football match and just when things couldn’t get any more exciting, your internet connection acts up and now you have a footballer stuck on your screen in a very awkward position. Long story short, there is no way you can afford to use a badly functioning internet connection or you can just guess how frustrating everything will end up becoming for you.

With the advent of advanced technology, we are now able to use a number of broadband choices, which were all just impossible, until a few years ago, onq.com.au revealed. Internet packages are abundant nowadays, each designed to cater to your big or small needs. The internet packages are basically determined based on their speeds. The more expensive an internet package is, chances are, the speeds that it offers will be high. Similarly, a low-cost package would give you speeds that will help you achieve the bare minimum.

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Since we’re at it, there’s an ISP in town that not only promises you of high-speeds, but also makes sure that they’re delivered to you, just how you want them. Meet Spectrum, one of the best internet service providers in the US that give you uncompromised internet speeds at the lowest rates. Whether you need blazing fast download speeds to make video streaming a breeze, or you want to game with the lowest ping, Spectrum high-speed internet by Buytvinternetphone has surely got your back!

We just mentioned upload and download speeds, but are you aware of the role these two speeds play in determining the overall speed and performance of the internet? You don’t? Well, now, we’re about to find that out.

What is download speed?

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It is basically the speed at which you receive data from a specific server. Since, there are internet connections that focus more on video streaming and browsing, this is why their download speeds are relatively higher than their upload speeds. Now, how to tell whether your internet connection is offering you better download speeds? Well, if your videos are streaming without any buffering, your webpages are loading almost instantly and your video calls have a crystal-clear quality, then these are some signs that your download speeds are just way better than the others.

What is upload speed?

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Upload speed works in the opposite manner than download speed. It is the speed at which you can send data to the internet. This type of speed is ideal to share heavy files with others over the internet and it also helps you keeping the ping for games well under control. In case, you’re wondering what ping is, it is the reaction time of your internet connection. The quicker the reaction, the lower the ping, and when the ping is lower, then the internet connection you’re using is more responsive and active.

Ideal Upload and Download Speeds that Make Every Task Effortless

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There isn’t a specific value of both upload and download speeds that you can use to make your life easy. You require a higher speed to stream videos and movies than you require for just browsing and IM’ing. The same case is with uploading; there is a different amount of data required to upload an email, as compared to the one needed while playing video games. Therefore, to say the least, uploading and downloading speeds can vary with the type of tasks that you’re doing. As per Techadvisor, the speeds mentioned below are ideal for respective activities.

Speeds ideal for online video streaming

Minimum Speed 0.5 Mbps (download speed)
Ideal Speed 1.0 – 1.5 Mbps (download speed)
Standard Definition Video Quality 3.0 – 4.0 Mbps (download speed)
High Definition Video Quality 5.0 Mbps (download speed)
Ultra HD + 4K Video Quality 25 Mbps (download speed)


Speeds ideal for Video Calling on Skype

Audio Calling 100 Kbps upload / 100 Kbps download
Video Calling 300 Kbps upload / 300 Kbps download
High-Quality Video Calling 500 Kbps upload / 500 Kbps download
HD Video Calling 1.5 Mbps upload / 1.5 Mbps download
Group Calling 2.0 Mbps upload/ 512 Kbps download

1.0+ Mbps – Speed ideal for video streaming on YouTube

50 Mbps download / 5.0 Mbps upload – Ideal for online gaming

In a Nutshell

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The internet has evolved and we can only be grateful about it. Gone are the days when we all were bound to stick with the ‘Kbps’ valued internet connection because now we can experience ultra-fast internet with a whopping 1 Gbps speed. Everything that we grew up watching in the movies – the AI-powered robots, the immersive technology-backed equipment, everything that was only possible in our wildest dreams is now possible and the credit of that goes to ultra-rapid internet speeds. Undoubtedly, the speeds of the internet have evolved tremendously and the thought of having even bigger speeds in the future is only adding to our excitement. So, let’s just wait and see, how far does the internet takes us, in terms of speed.