8 Ways to Come Up With Money-making Inventions

Having any invention in any field is a remarkable thing. It takes a lot of effort, work, creativity and time to have your invention. So just having an idea, which seems to you like something can be very useful to everyone, is just the first step. You have to take many steps until it all brings you money. Because even though it seems to you that your invention will be an absolute hit, you may just not be sufficiently informed that there is already something similar on the market.

So today we will introduce you to ways to design something that will bring you money.

1. Have realistic expectations

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Don’t expect to get rich overnight. This was not the case with the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind, so it will not be the case with you either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money, quite the opposite. Make a business around your idea and that way you will be able to make money, either on your own or if you sell it.

2. Explore the market

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This is the most important thing to do at the beginning. If you fail to do that, you risk losing a lot of money and time, and in fact you will reinvent the wheel. Many have even managed to sell it, products that are not one hundred percent their idea, but you have to be careful and pay attention to whether there is a suitable market for it and not to be plagiarized. That is why it is best to research the market first. We know it will be painful to discover that someone has already come up with the same thing before you, but it is much better than not being able to use all your effort in the end.

Today, at least, it is easy. It is very likely that you will not need more than half an hour on the Internet to research everything that interests you and understand whether you should continue to develop your idea. However, we advise you to look at some professional catalogs and magazines on this topic, just in case. And explore different keywords. If you find something that looks like your idea, but it is not identical, then it remains for you to explore whether there will be a place for you in the market.

3. Choose something you like

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Don’t try to invent something just because you think you can succeed and be rich. It is very unlikely that you will succeed if you do not truly love and know something.

4. Ask others for their opinion

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While it may seem to you that you have come up with an ingenious invention, which you have researched on the internet to be unique, still ask others for their opinion. Let your best friends and family help you by thinking and asking how much interest there would be. Because don’t just assume everyone will be thrilled. Especially if it is something specific, for which there is not much interest or a clearly developed and defined market.

5.Document it and create a prototype

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The idea itself means nothing. It must have the whole process written down, how you designed it, how it works, how it can be applied and so on. Write everything down in the inventor’s notebook and have witnesses. This will be most important to you later when registering a patent.

Then make a prototype. It will be a model of what you wrote down and described in the inventor’s notebook. It is necessary to present your creation to someone. It is necessary to make a prototype, in order to discover potential flaws. Because if you patent the product, before the defect is eliminated, it is very possible that you will lose the rights of the patent and that someone else, who fixes the defects, will take your credit.

A patent is usually made by first drawing, then making a concept and finally a 3D model, which is full working.

6. Seek the help of an expert

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This is all a very complicated process. You may need the help of an expert. There are specialized companies, such as InventHelp, that have been working for many years to help people bring their patent from the draft to the final product. As it is very possible that you will not be able to do everything yourself, do not give up but ask for help. On this website, you can also read tips on how to be successful and an explanation of why you need help.

7. Try to produce your own product

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If you want to make the most money from your idea, then the best option is to produce your own product. Now that you have registered a patent, it is safe, but manufacturing companies will still take significant money from you. So if you have the resources, try to be a manufacturer as well. That way, you won’t have to be contractually bound to anyone, but you’ll have the entire market fully available. And that will be a good move in terms of marketing. Customers love when the inventor produces their product, because it gives them confidence that everything will be at the highest possible level.

8. Be patient

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You have to be patient. Throughout the process, from the very beginning to sales and marketing, you have to be patient and diligent. The whole process will be slow and tedious, so be prepared for that. But we believe that it will not be difficult for you, because when the right idea comes to our mind, we will do everything to patent it and eventually make money from it.


And finally, let us remind you once again. Don’t spend your life savings on a patent, at least not in the beginning. You have to work out everything in detail, so that it makes sense to invest a lot of money. Until then, work with minimal financial investment, and invest all your effort and knowledge. It will pay off in the end.