7 Underrated TV Shows to Binge-Watch in 2024

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Every year, various production companies from all over the globe are releasing dozens of TV shows. According to some experts in the field, we can see that they have become even more popular than movies for example. Just think about a plethora of streaming services that have turned into production companies over the years.

For instance, this year in streaming in the US was particularly interesting. You can see that the number of subscriptions has increased significantly since the time of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Today, we want to talk about some of the TV shows, that is underrated in our opinion but are worth bingeing in 2024. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

1. Peaky Blinders

The first TV show we want to talk about is “Peaky Blinders.” We know, this is a quite popular one, but we can still see that a lot of people didn’t have a chance to see this TV show for the simple reason that it doesn’t come from the US. For those who don’t know, the storyline is set in Birmingham, after WWI.

The story follows a local gang compiled of ex-soldiers, led by Thomas Shelby. They start from the bottom, and they are making their way toward the upper classes of the UK’s underground. The story is pretty vibrant, and you will see our heroes coming through a lot of ups and downs through its six seasons.

2. Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks” is one of the first TV shows that made this form of art what it is today. When it aired, back in 1991, it attracted so much popularity on a global level. The mastermind behind it was legendary movie director David Lynch. The reason why we enlist this one as an underrated TV show is that the younger generation doesn’t know much about it.

According to the statistics presented by Netflix, after the third season was released a couple of years ago, we could see that these numbers were as high as some of the hard-core fans have hoped they will be. Therefore, it is important for as many people out there to see “Twin Peaks” as possible.

3. Better Call Saul

Vince Gilligan did a wonderful job of bringing us back into the world of Breaking Bad without leaning too much on its predecessor. The latest and final season of Better Call Saul helped complete fascinating and relatable character arcs for new names we have grown to really care about.

It’s not easy to follow Walter White and Jessie Pinkman, but the show did an amazing job of adding more depth to previous characters and expanding the world to tell new gripping storylines that had us on the edge of our seats.

4. Big Little Lies

If you are someone who prefers watching drama series with a touch of murder mystery, “Big Little Lies” sounds like the series that will serve your needs and preferences. The story follows a group of women from the upper class of society, who have found themselves in the middle of a dangerous mystery.

The series is known for its brilliant scenario and high-quality acting. Besides that, it is worth pointing out that there are two main storylines, who are occurring in two different timelines. So, you can have a better background check on some of the characters that are appearing in the series. We are certain you will find “Big Little Lies” to be quite interesting.

5. Pushing Daisies

Now, we want to talk about a series that’s a little bit different from others on our list of ours. The name of this show is “Pushing Daisies”, and it hasn’t attracted as much attention as it needs to, due to the quality of all the elements it has. It is a charming and visually breathtaking comedy that has won a lot of hearts over the last decade.

It is practically impossible not to love all the characters, who are perfectly written. The only downside to this series is that it doesn’t last too long. Therefore, you have all the reasons to binge it in one or two days when you have enough time. We are certain you will find “Pushing Daises” to be up to your standards.

6. Hannibal

Those who are into the horror genre, and who love the works of Thomas Harris, will love “Hannibal.” As you can see from the name of the TV show, it is a spinoff to the novels of this renowned writer, and famous character, Hannibal Lecter, is one of two protagonists, alongside William Graham, the FBI agent from the first book.

The horror element is nothing short of exceptional in this one, and this one shouldn’t be watched by minors. If you have enough years, and you have a rough understanding of what this franchise is all about, then we would recommend “Hannibal” to you.

7. The Bate’s Motel

Finally, we want to talk about “The Bate’s Motel”. For those who don’t know, this series is a spinoff of a legendary movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, “Psycho”. The difference is that the timeline is set in the 2000s, and the two main characters are Norman Bates, and his mother Norma, who didn’t appear in the movie.

Norman Bates is presented as a young boy who struggles with his mental illness as he tries to live a normal life. Of course, many things are not going the way he wants them to.

Another focus of this series is his relationship with his mother, from the perspective of both characters, which only adds depth to the original movie.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect TV show for binging is not as easy as it was a couple of years ago due to the high number of titles out there. Here, you can take a look at some of the most underrated ones which are definitely worth your time.