Top 10 Reasons Kashmir is Called “Heaven on Earth”

Kashmir is bestowed with stunning views of the Himalayan ranges, lakes, and lush green valleys; hence, it earns the recognition of the “Heaven on earth!” The captivating and majestic sweeps of the forested mountains are tempered with flowering meadows and greeneries.

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.” Words don’t suffice the mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir, and nothing can describe its elegance better than this beautiful couplet of Amir Khusro. The awestruck Kashmir region looks resplendent with a blanket of snow in winter and the vivid colour of nature during autumn/ summer/ spring.

Willing to watch the crystal blue rivers sourced from snowy mountains? Executing your trip to Kashmir is a must to enjoy nature’s astounding views! This exotic travel destination possesses several breathtaking locations, which is beyond imagination.

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Top 10 reasons to know why Kashmir is termed, Heaven on Earth

Various Kashmir tour packages are available, which will give you a fantastic chance to discover some of the superior things in Kashmir. As you decide on the same, let’s consider these reasons, making it a genuine paradise.


1. Asia’s most extensive Tulip garden

As Dal Lake portrays the transforming hues of distinct seasons and sparkling sun rays, such season-changing will let you whiteness a flabbergasting fairytale-like tulip nursery after they start to blossom.

Spring is an authentic season, making the Tulip flourish in all the brightest colours, such as yellow, red, orange, and white. Once its bud starts to bloom, it lets you witness the most enticing shades and hues of nature.

Kashmir valley is recognised as the most amazing and the largest tulip nursery in the entire continent of Asia.

2. Picturesque landscapes

Those who have observed the most ravishing and idyllic landscapes of Kashmir will never dare to ask why it is termed the “Paradise on Earth.” From the thickly aromatic Kashmir cypress branches to the distant lofty mountain range of Pir Panjal to the cascading rivers and vibrant meadows, every corner of Kashmir is capped with miraculous beauties.


3. Trendy adventurous activities in the valley

Are you thinking of Kashmir being a serene place because of the lakes, mountains, and landscapes? You are wrong! Kashmir is not only well-known for such mesmerizing beauty but also has adventurous sites and activities to explore.

It’s not for the light-hearted people to dive into such activities. You can trek and hike the mountains, which are the most obvious thing for towering mountainous terrains. Other remarkable activities in Kashmir include skiing in Gulmarg and the sky-high snow-covered slopes of the Kashmir valleys.

4. Kind-hearted people, you will ever get introduced

While you enter the tranquil cold valley of Kashmir, you will be mesmerized by the warm, welcoming characteristics of the locals. The Kashmiris are so charming and hospitable, and their friendliness, smile, and courtesy will be imprinted on your mind forever, which compel you to visit again. This “Heaven on Earth” is termed due to the feeling of humankind, gesture, and harmony of the Kashmiris.


5. Lip-smacking Kashmiri cuisine

Similar to the enthralling beauties, the savour and nourishment in Kashmir are undoubtedly worth mentioning. From the scrumptious rice delicacies, which have been transferred throughout the world, to the best-in-class gala food feast, named Wazwan, this idyllic state riches in all types of traditional foods you relish.

What’s more? Travellers can lay their hands on eating mouth-watering palatable dishes, including Dum Aloo curry, a hot cup of Kahwah, a plate of fruit salad, and amber chai for cosy chilly morning days in Kashmir.

6. Flourishing valleys

Who doesn’t love to observe the gorgeous valleys of Kashmir, outspreading tranquillity? This is what made you revive your weary soul like no other place. Some of the remarkable verdant valleys of Kashmir, including Nageen, Poonch, Shyok, Markha, Suru, Kishtwar, Betaab, and Dha Hanu. These wild yet picturesque valleys are nestled in the sublime mountains and offer celestial views, making you feel like paradise.


7. Second-highest Gondola ride

Visited Kashmir yet forgot Gulmarg Gondola; such a waste of time! It’s the superior attraction of Kashmir, which allows you to witness 360-degree views of frigid mountains as it moves higher and in the vicinity of Apharwat Mountain. It will be another beyond doubt reason, which showcases why Kashmir is actually known as heaven.

8. Kashmir offers the most romantic snowfall

Just imagine being in the light and sparkling-white snow, melting, freezing, and falling over the lush green grasses and tree-covered mountains. Your tiresome soul will invigorate quickly after watching the tiny snowflakes falling everywhere in this paradise. Being the most romantic gateway, you can’t ignore the state’s authenticity, which turns into an alluring Winterland.


9. The pristine and sacred lakes of Kashmir

The conspicuous lakes of Kashmir, such as Dal Lake and Nageen Lake, are sure to allure your thoughts of executing a Kashmir trip sooner or later. The famous Dal Lake is sourced from 3 different lakes, which resemble a typical lake because of its coasting islands, channels, and houseboats.

Some of the off-shoot lakes like Wular and Nageen Lake are enriched in bio-diversity. Therefore, it’s the most prominent freshwater body in the whole Asia continent.

10. The traditional houseboat accommodation

The much-discussed houseboat or shikhara rides at the enormous Dal Lake lets you watch a spectacular view of the changing colours of every season. Houseboats are built with natural woods crafted by hand and dolled up with some vivid flowers. It would be your life-changing experience to stay overnight in a boat floating in Dal Lake.



Now, you have surely understood that why Kashmir is called “Paradise on Earth.” So, what are you thinking of? Plan your nostalgic trip to Kashmir and get a lifetime experience in its landscapes. Hope you enjoy the best days of your life, which will be worth reminiscing! This gorgeous destination would definitely let you get unified with Mother Nature.