6 Top Online Businesses You Can Start With No Budget in 2024

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If you feel stuck at your regular job every day from 9 to 5, and you are dreaming about starting your own business, you have to know that there are many challenges that you have to overcome. However, there are plenty of ways to become an entrepreneur, even with low or without any budget.

According to current trends, one of the fastest ways to successfully start a business is to use some of the popular online models of entrepreneurship. There are many advantages to starting an online business, such as flexibility and freedom to work from home or travel. Furthermore, you can earn a lot with very small or without any significant investment.

There are many types of online businesses, and the online market is rapidly expanding. According to that, there are many possibilities for anyone who wants to start something on their own with limited resources. In this article, we are going to present the six most popular online businesses that you can start in 2024.

1. Open an Online Store

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Opening an online store is a popular option among many entrepreneurs, and there are several effective models of selling goods on the internet. Also, there are some platforms, such as oberlo.com, that gives you the ability to set up your online store in just one day, without the need to hire a web designer for your website.

According to Oberlo, one of the most popular types of online stores is dropshipping. Dropshipping is a model of business, where you are selling goods online without the need to have your warehouse, and to physically be in contact with the goods that you are selling. When you are a dropshipper, your focus should be on promoting your website, where you are selling goods from big manufacturers under your name or brand.

The most popular internet platform for dropshippers is Ali Express, with its huge base of manufacturers who are disposed to cooperate with drop shippers from all around the world. In some situations, you could even ask them to put the name of your brand on their products, that you will be selling under your name.

2. Teaching and Consulting Business

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Online courses are very popular today since there are many skills that they don`t teach you at college, especially business skills, and new opportunities in the online market. Also, if you have some special skills, you can make your online course, or teach people some lessons through videos.

The most popular branches for online education and consulting are management, marketing, business coaching, healthcare, and many other skills. It is very popular today to learn languages online, and that is a great opportunity for you if you are an expert in English or any other language. All you need is an internet connection, and you can choose if you want to teach one-on-one or to give group lessons.

3. Web Design

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Since the online market is huge, and there are more people every year who want to become part of the online business community, a web designer is a great business option, especially because everyone needs at least a proper website.

There are many web designers today, and you could easily start your online business even if you are a beginner. There are many platforms for remote workers, such as Freelancer, Up Work, and many others, where you can start your web designing business as a freelancer. Also, you don`t need any funds, all you have to do is to register on some website, and connect with people who need your service from all around the world.

4. Social Media Management

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For many companies and businesses, positioning on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a crucial opportunity to reach more people and have better marketing. However, maintaining a good profile on social media requires some creativity and a lot of time too.

Many people work as social media managers, and the current trend for every bigger company is to hire a person who is responsible for promoting their business through social media. You will also have to know some marketing processes and analytics for a better understanding of people who are following those pages, and how to present company to them in the best way.

5. Remote Worker

Source: Gallup

If you have skills in developing, marketing, data entry, writing, statistics, or some other knowledge that people and companies need today, being a remote worker is an excellent opportunity for you to start your business from home, and have flexible work time.

Starting your career as a remote worker is a great way for an online business without any investment. For beginners, the best way to get in the world of remote workers is to make a profile on some platform that connects freelancers and people who need their service. Many people who are good at web development, picture editing, sound, and video editing, translating, and many other skills that you can do online, are choosing this model of work.

Furthermore, if you are good enough, you could register your online business, where you can provide people with various services. However, you will need a lot of contacts and excellent marketing of your online business, especially at the start, when you must reach the people who need your co-operation pr services.

6. Selling Hand-Made Art or Goods

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If you are good at painting, sculpting, or any other type of art, you can make a website where you can sell your works online. Also, it is advised to have a Facebook and Instagram page, which represents the best and easiest way to promote yourself.

Also, if you are good at making some goods, such as jewelry, clay pots, shoes, various accessories, toys, or any other thing that would interest people, you can earn a lot, especially because many people respect the handmade goods more than those made in the manufacture, and they are willing to pay more for handmade items.