Top 5 Email Marketing Trends to Follow in 2024: Design and Content


Being a marketing expert is not possible if you are not following marketing trends. You need to actively improve your knowledge about this industry and follow the changes in the market. It might happen that things you know today won’t count tomorrow.

Fortunately for all of us, the online world has brought many opportunities to businesses. They can now use multiple promoting channels to promote their business. At first glance, social media networks seem like the most powerful tool for promotion. Indeed, they can help you reach your target audience in a lot easier way. However, you should not underestimate the importance of email marketing.

Many people believe that email marketing is no longer effective. They believe it is a traditional method of advertising that won’t help them improve their profit. However, when you look at the statistics, the reality is a lot different than that. Certain analyses show that email marketing can deliver up to 3800% ROI. In other words, for each dollar that you invest, you can potentially get $38.

Of course, this only counts if you manage to develop an engaging and powerful campaign. As we previously said, you need to follow the trends in the email marketing industry to remain competitive. Fortunately for you, many marketing agencies and email service providers like eSputnik offer support at all stages. You might want to check their website and see which opportunities you can get. And in this article, we will analyze top email marketing trends to follow in 2024.  There are certain content and design rules that each marketer and entrepreneur should know.

1. The Popularity Growth of AMP Technology in Emails

Source: Juno Web Design

Before everything, we should explain what Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is. In short terms, it is a set of different HTML tags that are supported by JavaScript. The purpose of this type of technology is to improve the speed of web page loading on mobile phones. Thanks to this technology, users got opportunities to accomplish certain tasks directly into their email. For example, they can shop online, leave feedback about products, take a survey, etc.

Achieving a high level of interaction with customers is not an easy task. It seems that things are going to be a lot easier for businesses this year. Thanks to AMP’s engaging design, the target audience is more willing to interact with companies.

2. Email Dark Mode is Becoming “Trendy”

Source: HIPB2B

As you probably know, dark mode is experiencing popularity growth on social media. Many users would rather choose to use dark mode in Instagram and Facebook Messanger. Still, many users do not know that dark mode is available for email users as well. You can enable it on mobile and desktop devices as well. How you will do that depends a lot on the browser that you are using. In most cases, you will need to set up a certain extension or simply enable it in personal settings.

The engaging design is one of the reasons why businesses switched to this mode. As you know, the background of the interface is shifted from light to dark. Still, the good thing is that this mode does not invert the colors of the fonts. The font becomes lighter which improves the contrast and visibility of content.

When we talk about desktop emails, this mode influences their display in different ways. The effect of dark mode depends on the type of email, email client, and operating system. We can use Apple Mail and Gmail as an example to make things clearer. The Dark Mode is applied by default to the whole message. However, when we talk about HTML emails, the inside content is not affected at all. It only changes the interface.

3. 3D Images Improve Engagement


For a long time, flat images were the only option that businesses could use. However, things have changed a lot when businesses started to use 3D images. Their purpose is to improve volume and depth to each email that businesses send. Thanks to this opportunity, the emails are more engaging and captivating. It is a useful tool if you plan to highlight a certain message or product into your email marketing campaign.

You can use this promotional tool in several different ways. Yet, we need to mention that most marketers rather choose to make them big. Despite that, they usually place them somewhere in the middle of the content they wrote. Despite 3D images, you can also use the advantage of animations with a 3D effect. Still, the desired results will only come if you invest additional effort. Keep in mind that animations with 3D effects are not a regular GIF.

4. The Influence of Isometric Images is Strong

Source: B&T

The trend of isometric images is newer compared to the previous ones from our list. First of all, you should know that purpose of isometric drawing is representing objects in two dimensions in 3D format. This method allows businesses to deliver emails with more volume and complexity.

It is important to say that this sort of design companies like to use for B2B businesses. Still, in most cases, companies that offer services would get better results compared to businesses that offer physical products. Entrepreneurs know very well that taking a photo is sometimes impossible. Well, thanks to isometric images, you have the chance to visualize all complicated processes. They give you enough space to demonstrate the results as well.

5. Artistic Illustrations for “Welcome Emails”

Source: Freepik

We would like to end this list with artistic drawings. By using this type of illustration, you can easily split from the masses. The number of companies that are using them in their marketing campaigns is still relatively small. Because of that, you can easily become a recognizable brand among your target audience. For instance, some companies like to use artistic illustrations when delivering “welcome emails”. It allows them to deliver important pieces of information in a new way.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Source: Curate Bee

We need to mention once again that email marketing is a complex industry. This especially counts when we talk about first-time entrepreneurs. You will need to invest a lot of time and effort to understand how the entire system functions. Despite that, using all the trends we talked about is not easy at all.

Some entrepreneurs would rather choose to handle email marketing tasks alone. If you believe that you can manage them alone, we wish you good luck. Yet, if developing an effective email campaign seems complex, you always have the choice to ask for help. Fortunately for you, many marketing agencies offer support at all stages. You might want to check their website and see which opportunities you can get.