Newbie Instance Guide and Tips for WoW Beginners


It is amazing that there are still many new players who are joining this large community and starting their adventure in the virtual World of Warcraft. It has been more than 15 years when this game was introduced, and it is the best example of how a franchise can be successful if developers are working on proper updates and new expansions.

There are many new stories added for all this time, but that doesn’t have to be a problem if you never played this game before. Also, the great thing is that you can try out Classic mode so you can learn more about the first stories and how it all started. Besides that, it will help you understand the basics of certain mechanics and various features in the game.

After you learn the basics, you can start with the current expansion. The whole point is to build a strong character, and you can do that by exploring this virtual world, defeating various opponents, collecting items, and completing all sorts of missions. Another excellent option for newbies is that they can improve some features by getting a boost, and you can read more about that at

There are two main elements that you need to follow in this game if you want to improve your character, and these are main quests and instances. When it comes to main quests, they are especially important for beginners since that it is the most effective way to collect more experience points. On the other side, instances can provide you with more valuable items, but most of them will require you to join some group of players. Here are the most important things to know about instances in WoW.

Main Features


The simple definition of dungeons or instances is that they represent unique missions that can be completed by a group of players. You will have to face various opponents, and the whole point is to defeat the boss. There are different levels as well, and in most cases, you will have to reach a higher level as well to participate in this mode. The main advantage is that players can collect some of the most valuable items this way.

There are several award methods available, like the random spawning items, and shared vault that will be given to all participants of one group. We have to mention the great benefit where you will get a reward even if you don’t manage to survive throughout the dungeon. Besides that, there will be a reward even if a group fails. Even though it is less valuable, it represents a great option for players to keep improving.

There are some other important features as well. First of all, you have to know that there is a limited number of these adventures that you can activate during one day, and that number is five. Also, there is an option to start the same instance again by resetting it.

However, the final boss won’t be available, but it is still a great option to improve your skills and get some decent rewards.

Most of these instances are quite challenging, which is the main reason why joining a group of well-experienced players is very important. When you reach a certain point in the game, you might be able to complete some lower-level dungeons alone as well.

Focus on Your First Steps


As a beginner, it is very important to start your adventure in the right way. Therefore, you will first need to explore this world and learn more about the core features and various available options. You cannot expect to join a raid or any other challenging group mission before you reach a certain point. That is the main reason to keep practicing.

You can choose from a variety of classes with all sorts of mechanics. That is the point where your skills and preferences are crucial, especially for group adventures. When it comes to groups, the key is to determine a suitable role and keep up with the assignments.

For example, there must be roles like tank, support, and carry. Therefore, explore different types of characters to see which of these roles suits you the best.

Also, even though there is an option to get a boost, you should not rush with that. The best approach is to put more effort into learning more about different spells and various features and reach a certain point. After that, you can buy boosts from time to time to make the game more interesting and skip some boring parts. Still, keep buying boosts from the start might affect your basic knowledge about some abilities and skills.

Moreover, it is very important to focus on becoming a part of the right group of people.

There is an option where you can randomly join a group and start an instance. However, lack of communication might lead to failure. The best solution is to find players on a similar level and experience, and try to reach a higher point together. As we already mentioned, the key is to determine the role of each participant and set some rules related to prizes that a group can share.

Last Words

When you create a new campaign and start with the character from the first level, the first step is to start completing some basic quests and reach a higher point in the game. The first dungeons will be available after you reach a LVL 10.

Therefore, a great thing would be to connect with players with a similar experience at this point, and then work together on completing the following missions and challenges to reach the highest level and get the most valuable items.

That can be quite challenging as well, and you cannot expect that to do overnight, especially when it comes to instances available only for 50+ levels. Your skills can make a difference as well, which is the main reason to work on improvements related to keyboard controls and how you move your character. In the end, the internet is full of tutorials and guides that can help you if you get stuck at a certain point.