Tips for Effective Email Unsubscribe Practices

There will always be a bunch of readers in your subscriber’s list who would want to fall off your good books, per se. But that shouldn’t discourage you from not writing a clean email.

In other words, to gain a loyal and respectful bunch of people who seriously want to read the latest news about your business and events, you should be fair and follow most effective for Unsubscribe practices. (If you are in need of e-mail templates that could pull more people in, check out for some good ones!)

These practices: discussed below and applied by many email marketing gurus to date, are going to be your pillar of support too when you come off as someone genuine and not some clingy to get reads by any means.

So, follow these along and be the best marketer even when the odds are not in your favor:

  • Do not-at any cost-hide the unsubscribe link

Whenever you are writing a clean email for your regular readers and followers, it’s your responsibility to let them know that there is always an option to fall back and unsubscribe from the email services that they are getting from your end.

It helps the reader make a more conscious decision about his or her reading, purchasing, or browsing habits while they are receiving your emails. In doing so, you will also get to know which one of them is repeatedly subscribing and then unsubscribing your newsletters.

  • Stop directing your audience to your main blog by using Unsubscribe tag

One of the many things to care of under a very calculative practice of Unsubscribe under email marketing is that you shouldn’t direct your readers to another blogging page, which may be your home page or another while giving them the option the Unsubscribe.

This can be annoying and a very irritating habit. As the worst-case scenario, the readers will flag your email, and the data of a spam email from your email ID will be recorded.

So, if this happens by many people, ultimately you will end up losing more readers than you had earlier anticipated. For a long-term business relationship with your reader, this is seriously not a good way to interact or giving them a chance to check your product offerings.

Source: Jose Barrios
  • Let the reader who is on your Unsubscribe page, find your main social media pages

The reason why a person wants to unsubscribe even after you might have applied the best clean email marketing strategy can be ambiguous and unknown. But that shouldn’t refrain you from knowing the same person in another way, if possible.

So, whenever the reader is on the unsubscribe page, finalizing the decision to unfollow you, give them a chance to get to know you on different social media platforms for better communication.

This strategy is subtle but very effective. If this works for you, then it means your email marketing wasn’t his/her cup of tea, but that person still would love to interact with you on a different platform online—one which is less intrusive or spammy.

In the end, even when someone unfollows your email, you give your brand and business another chance to create an initial rapport with the same person.

  • Opt for one-click Unsubscribe page

Always opt for the technique to have only one-click Unsubscribe page. This will enable ease of use for the readers who have been following you for a long term. Otherwise, it’s a time waste for everyone if your email is unnecessarily dragging a reader from one website to another just to increase the clicks.

As it is, that reader is a waste lead. When you are running, to be successful, you need to either convert these leads to deals or them go once everything has been tried and tested from your end.

Moreover, when your email irritates a reader and doesn’t let him Unsubscribe, it will only put him/her off and encourage him/her to give negative reviews about how your business functions.

  • Try And Embed Short Surveys While You Are Letting Your Readers Off The Hook

It is important to know why your readers will unsubscribe from your email. This could be a great dip in your business if the number is increasing. To avoid that from happening in the future and save your profit margins, include a short survey like a feedback form.

This should not be more than a minute or two for the reader to inform you about the issue that compelled him/her to stop receiving email from you, even when they were carefully written with style, font, and intention to entertain.

Even so more, when you mine the data of these surveys, you can improve the scope of elevator pitch through cold emails that you send to newer leads. Over time, your marketing tactics can improve when you know where did you go wrong in the first place.

  • Write a proper and apologetic message that should be displayed to your reader as and when he/she chooses to Unsubscribe

This is one of the crucial things to note down whenever you want to apply clean email tactics (with services such as for your reader. He/she should not feel that he/she had been receiving email from a machine, even when they are deciding to Unsubscribe.

With a nice greeting and apologetic letter, he/she will know that you are sorry that he/she decided to let you go. Your message should sound like you will always serve him/her back.

The door should be open for the reader to subscribe to you again, whenever the time and situation is right. To learn more about pages like these, you could check out for more information!