7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Washington State

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Living in metropolitan cities is a dream for many. And it is not mainly because of the development but because of job opportunities, booming businesses, and much more. There are more fun activities, places to visit, and money-making opportunities. And Washington DC is the capital of the USA. Because of this reason, it has exceptional qualities and features.

So whether you are a fan of tall buildings or green nature, you will find it all in Washington DC. So if you are planning to shift there, it would definitely be a good choice. But before shifting, you need to learn about the place. Legal regulations and laws vary from state to state. And when it comes to the capital cities, the laws are a bit different. Therefore, you should know about these things.

So here are some things that you need to know before moving.

1. Finding interstate movers

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Apart from this, you will also need to move your stuff. And to do so, you will need professional movers. For example, paradisemove.com. They are professional interstate movers that work to move your stuff in any state. So if you want your luggage to reach the destination on time and safely, you should contact them.

They will be responsible for full-service interstate moving. In addition to this, they will take care of all the processes. Furthermore, if there is a need to follow any instructions, they will do so. Their main job is to follow all the information to make sure that your luggage reaches the destination safely.

2. Technological hub

Washington DC is known as a technological hub. In addition to this, it is also known as the urban epicenter for its booming business. So if you are anywhere related to this field, it would be a good choice for you to move there. You will get various job and business opportunities with good earnings.

3. Cost of living in Washington DC

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The cost of living in Washington DC is not low. Of course, you would not be expecting that considering the state. However, there is a benefit of no income tax. So this would be a good thing for you as you won’t need to pay any income tax while living there. Thus, you will have a cost reduction from one side and you can use it for savings.

In addition to this, among the different states of the US, Washington is not the priciest and costliest. So although the cost of living is not low but it is not very high either. This cost of living depends on the city where you are living. Among the different cities, Seattle is the priciest one. Therefore, you should choose the city very carefully. You can also find some cities like Tacoma where the cost of living is very low and so does the housing cost. So if you are looking for something cheaper, it would be a good option.

According to the estimates, the cost of living and bills are;

  1. Energy bills cost around $206
  2. A loaf of bread costs around $4.22
  3. A doctor’s visit would cost you $137.50
  4. A gallon of gas would cost around $3.47
  5. You will need to pay $1742 for a 2 bedroom apartment

4. State taxes

Although you won’t need to pay any income tax in Washington State the sales tax is quite high there. The income tax is around 6.5 percent but if you add the additional taxes, it will reach around 10.4 percent.

5. Job opportunities

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So if you are paying so much tax and the cost of living is not low, what about the job opportunities. Of course, you will ask this question.

The job market is quite good. There are tax giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and the Expedia group. In addition to this, this State is also home to Nordstrom, Boeing, and Alaska airlines. And above all, Starbucks is also from there. So a big job market? Definitely, it is.

Besides the Aerospace and technological sector, the agricultural sector is also quite promising. Farming and agricultural practices are also among the earning sources. Thus, they all make it one of the highest GDP growth States in the US.

In only Washington, there are around 1300 aerospace-related companies. Therefore, it offers a high supply chain distribution. Furthermore, they do not produce only commercial planes but also military aircraft. So you will have a good chance of getting a job there.

6. Weather conditions

Washington has a diverse climate. You will find cool summers to rainy and snowy weather conditions in this State alone.

For example, Seattle has a moderate temperature that offers cool summers and moderate winters. The weather is quite similar in the Western region of Cascades. You will also hear about the rainy weather in Seattle but it is not much. The overall rains are not high so you won’t need to worry about that.

The Eastern region of Washington has a relatively dry climate. The summers are quite hot and winters are too cold. Therefore, you will also find amazing fun activities like snow skiing and watersports.

7. Tourist attractions

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You will find plenty of fun places, parks, and tourist attractions in this State. It is home to modern and technologically advanced gaming stations and also to beautiful weather conditions.

  1. You can enjoy the Blues festival in Mount baker
  2. There are big 4 ice caves around the mount Baker national Forest
  3. Maryville Stonehenge replica is a memorial to honor the dead of WWI
  4. The waters of Washington are known as ideal for fishing
  5. You can enjoy the beautiful and sunny beaches
  6. You can enjoy hiking in the beautiful loft mountains
  7. If you are a fan of stars and love stargazing, you will get the open sky during the summers
  8. There are a total of 60 state parks for camping where you can enjoy stargazing and picnics