Cost of Tennis Court Construction in Canada

Canada is known for being a giant ice hockey fan. But did you know tennis is another popular sport the Canadians enjoy and are actually very good at it. And wouldn’t they be? It is a very satisfying sport. But tennis requires a tennis court, and there are many things that are to be taken under consideration, the first being its cost. According to CrowAll Surface, the cost of a tennis court construction in Canada depends on multiple factors. So it has to be planned in order to have a successful tennis court.

Types of tennis courts

According to the International Tennis Federation, tennis courts are divided into four types. Depending on the style of game, speed (slow being level 1 and fast being level 5). There are four major types of tennis courts: Grass, Clay, hard and artificial grass. The major cost depends on the type of tennis court you want to install:

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  • Grass Tennis court/ Backyard tennis court:

These types of courts are fairly popular ones, mostly seen in Toronto Ontario, Duncan, and North York of Canada. They are the old-school grass courts laid out in various sizes. You can install a grass tennis court for around 18,000-20000 Canadian dollars.

These courts are easily maintained, the players need to play quickly on this court. Because the bounce of the ball is low so the players have to reach the ball quickly.

  • Clay courts:

The classic clay courts are composed of crushed shale, stone, or even brick. These courts have been used for tennis for as long as I can remember. These courts are low maintenance, speed up the player, and for the ball, it slows the ball but increases its bounce. You can install a clay tennis court for around $45,000 – $100,000 Canadian dollars. The initial investment is undoubtedly high= and has no justification, but it does have the promised qualities.

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  • Hard Courts:

These hard courts are the best ones around Canada; they provide a more satisfactory game. These courts are very homogenous, made up of unified rigid materials. Also, they are usually layered with an acrylic surface. Depending on how much you can afford the surfaces can be glazed accordingly. These courts start with around $100,000 Canadian dollars.

  • Artificial grass courts:

In Canada, you can buy synthetic grass for almost $8000-$18000 Canadian dollars per 1,000sqft. So for an average artificial grass tennis court, it will round up to about $90,000-$100,000 Canadian dollars. These courts are generally seen in Canada because they provide a very good game. Keeping the ball fast and low

If you calculate the type of court you want and then add in the pieces of equipment and the maintenance, it all comes to an average of $65,000 Canadian dollars for a start.


What Costs more money when it comes to Tennis Court Construction

A new tennis court project starts, and the construction begins. Before the installation, a number of things need to be taken care of. Which all adds up to make around a cost of $100,000 dollars but to give you an easier calculation here is a construction cost of $20,000-$30,000 tennis court. These chunks of constructions are listed out for you:

  • Size of the court;

Yes size matters, because the bigger the court, the more raw materials, and more construction will be needed. In Canada a standardized court for 20,000- 30,000 dollars, size is 27’ W x 78’ L. The options of two sizes are given by veracourt:

  • 51’ W x 99’11” L
  • 59’5” W x 120’2” L

If you choose a larger court even in your backyard, it will cost more, because as dimensions increase the space and requirements increase.

  •  Design

After that, you are done with your size and space; the next step is where versacourt steps in with its services. You have to choose a layout according to their legal plans and pay them for the architect, blue prints, the color of the tiles you want, etc. Roughly $9,000-$12,000 dollars

  • Land Preparation: Excavation & Grading

This is a very complex part of the construction, and so is the cost. It cannot be estimated, but it needs to be calculated and estimated as the process goes on. There is multiple variables that can affect the cost, such as:

  • Area and size of excavation needed?
  • Who will be hired for it? you, a VersaCourt hired professional, any construction firm, a concrete company?
  • Is the space available enough or allows access to equipment?
  • Construction of retaining walls needed?
  • Are there any drainage issues that need to be solved?

Subsurface: Concrete, Asphalt, or Other

This is a fairly easy part, if you go for concrete; it is expensive but is durable and low maintenance. Or if you go for Asphalt, it is low cost but breaks easily and needs high maintenance. So if the construction doesn’t charge you, the repair will

  • Design, Project Management, Construction & Installation

In easy words, an ideal case is different from a practical one. When a dream or an idea is becoming a reality there are many things that become hurdles, many of these will directly be related to the cost you are willing to put in.

Source: American Athletic Track and Turf

Other important factors:

  • VersaCourt Surfacing
  • Assembly
  • Tennis Court Accessories
  • The Supplier You Choose

The Canadian Tennis Court construction will cost around an estimated amount of 100,000-130,000 Canadian dollars. Depending on the space size and material, you choose to install the price can be lower than $100,000 or even more than $130,000 Canadian dollars. Tennis is a healthy activity and a great career if pursued professionally but to train good quality athletes to need a good quality court, and court surface.