7 Ways to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions – 2024 Guide

The year 2024 has seen several fashion trends that have become an instant hit. One such trend is eyelash extensions. Although it is not a new concept, the process has become increasingly popular this year. And why not? Who doesn’t love a pair of fluttery and seducing eyelashes? And especially if you are not fortunate enough to have a pair of voluminous lashes, why to envy others and spend hours daily applying coats of mascara? You all deserve a pair of beautiful lashes.

Eyelash extension may seem like a serious process, but a little pain for beauty is always affordable. Besides, eyelash extensions have several benefits. For one, they eliminate the need to buy heaps of mascara from several brands and applying them on a daily basis. But most importantly, they eliminate the need to apply false lashes. Especially those women who never get their false lashes right should definitely go for extensions. Above all, eyelashes look more natural, and no one can tell whether it’s your natural or not.

But if you think eyelashes extensions is a one-time business, sorry to burst your bubble; it’s not. In fact, it is a serious business and requires a lot of care. There are several products for lash extension care that you should definitely get. You can visit qualitybeautystore.com to choose the right kit for your eyelash extension.

Furthermore, you are your lash extensions to be long-lasting; here are seven tips that you should always follow.

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1. Keep your hands off the lashes

Most of us have this habit of continually touching our eyes. If not, most women tend to keep on touching their new pair of eyelash extension as if it’s going to go somewhere. As funny as it may sound, it is a serious thing. Always touching your lashes will transfer the dirt and oils on your fingers onto them. As a result, it will damage the glue. Plus, if you ever feel the need to really touching them, be gentle.

2. Cleanse your lashes

Keeping your lashes clean is crucial for their long life. When you go outside, your eyelashes catch dust. Furthermore, the oils from your face and the makeup also leaves its mark on the lashes. Therefore, it is crucial that you cleanse them daily. There are several products on the market that are made specifically for eyelash extension cleansing. You can get them or even use an extra mild shampoo to rub gently on the extensions.

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3. Keep an eye on the products

Whether you are getting yourself an eyelash cleanser, a regular facial cleanser, or a makeup remover, make sure it is extra mild and a balanced pH so that it doesn’t irritate your eyes. Apart from checking the pH level of the products, you also have to make sure they are organic and have an extended expiration date. Because eyes are a sensitive organ, you need to make sure you are getting the right products that are not good for the lashes but your eyes as well.

In addition, make sure the products you use are not oil-based. Since oil-based products reduce the life of extensions and damage the glue, choose the products that say “Oil-free.”

4. Say no to mascara

The reason you opted to get eyelash extensions was because you got tired of applying heaps of mascara every single day. So, when you get extensions, the purpose of owning a mascara simply dies. Therefore, make sure you get rid of all the mascaras you own before getting the extensions. Also, never apply mascara on them as it is decreasing the life of your extensions.

And if, in any case, you still can’t live without mascara, make sure you are using a water-based instead of an oil-based. A water-based mascara is easy to remove and won’t affect the extensions as much.

Source: The Beauty Academy

5. Avoid humid environment

Humidity is the biggest enemy of eyelash extensions. Bear this in mind! Especially during the first 36 hours, you need to avoid humidity and moisture at any cost. And try to avoid it as much as possible even afterwards. It means you can enjoy the sauna and steam baths as much as you used to. The moisture and humidity will affect the life of the extensions. However, water contact on a daily basis is safe.

6. Invest in lash grooming

Apart from using a lash cleanser, you will also need to buy one or two additional tools for the sake of your extension’s life. It includes buying a lash comb. A lash comb is just like a mascara brush. By combing the lashes daily using this comb, you will get rid of the trapped dust particles and, as a result, promote its health and longevity.

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7. Go for regular touchups

This is probably the most essential point for taking care of your eyelash extensions. For them to look gorgeous, you need frequent refills and touchups. The longer you wait, the difficult it will be for your stylish to keep the extensions on the spot. And if, by any chance, you don’t get a refill for a longer time, the stylish might even need to exhaust the previous one and give you a new set of extensions. This cannot only be inconvenient but costly as well. So, no matter what happens, you need to stick to your refill schedule. It is the only way your stylist can make sure you and your lashes look drop-dead gorgeous and just perfect.

Eyelashes enhance your natural beauty; a pair of beautiful, fuller, and fluttering lashing will not only make you feel more beautiful but will also boost your confidence and personality. But nothing comes with a price. Maintaining extensions is a serious job, and it requires you to follow a routine and ensure the health of your eyes and lashes are not being compromised at all costs.