Symbol Meanings in Online Slot Games

If you’re a new player, learning the basics of slot symbols is a crucial part of becoming a successful online slots player. You’ll need to understand how standard and special symbols impact your wins, what they pay out for and the various features and bonus games they trigger.

Symbols are the basic building blocks of slot games, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a great way to build winning combinations and increase your chances of getting lucky!

1. Four-Leaf Clover

Symbol Meanings in Online Slot Games

The four-leaf clover symbol is one of the most prevailing good luck symbols in Online Slot Games. It’s said to bring love, hope and good fortune. This lucky plant is also considered to ward off evil spirits and provide protection from the evil eye.

A clover is a perennial plant that has a variety of uses, including agricultural and medicinal purposes. The clover is known for its unique shape, which has led to the belief that finding a four-leaf clover is a lucky event.

It’s not exactly clear when or how the idea of a four-leaf clover as a good luck charm began, but it probably stems from its rarity. A genetic mutation in the normal white clover plant results in a four-leaf stem, so there’s only about a one in 10,000 chance that you’ll find it in the wild.

As a result, people have given it a lot of meaning, particularly in the Celtic tradition. The Druids, who were the Celtic priests of old, carried clovers as a way to ward off evil spirits and keep them away from humans.

They believed that the leaves of a clover could help you see fairies and other supernatural creatures. This is how the plant became a symbol of luck for the Irish.

The story of the four-leaf clover is fascinating and rooted in history. It’s said that Eve took a clover with her when she was banished from the Garden of Eden, and it has continued to be associated with good luck ever since.

2. Elephant


The elephant is a large animal that has been revered for its strength and wisdom in many cultures. It is also believed to offer protection and positive energies.

Symbolism of the elephant is also found in feng shui, as it is often used to attract good luck. If you have an elephant statue in your home, it is important to keep its trunk up and facing upwards for positive energy and luck.

In Asian cultures, the elephant is seen as a symbol of fertility, power and protection. It is also a symbol of wisdom and patience.

They are the largest living land mammals and are also very intelligent. This enables them to survive and thrive in the wild.

Their trunks, or proboscis, are also incredibly versatile, as they can be used to carry loads and lift objects. This is one of the most unique structures among mammals and is a great example of evolution.

The elephant is a powerful spirit animal that can help you to reach your goals. It will remind you of your drive and passion, and help you to remember the things that bring you happiness and joy.

It also helps you to re-connect with your family, and to find ways to strengthen your bond with those who are close to you. It will challenge you to keep your ties with them strong, and to show compassion for those who are vulnerable.

The elephant is a powerful spirit animal that has shamanistic qualities and can guide you to travel into the dreamworld, where you can experience the world as it truly is. It can help you to unlock your own inner wisdom and learn to own your own power.

3. Number Seven


When it comes to slot online games, the number seven is often associated with luck. Besides, it can be a symbol of a great prize.

The number seven is a prime number that appears everywhere, including in nature and gambling. It is a powerful mystical number that is associated with luck and good fortune. In fact, the number seven has been a popular choice among gamblers for millennia.

It is also a good sign for a successful and fulfilling romantic life, as it represents harmony and balance. This is a positive energy that will encourage you to trust in your relationship and be open to new experiences.

Another good thing about the number seven is that it teaches you patience and tolerance for change. This can help you handle stressful situations and avoid letting negative emotions get the best of you.

This number suggests that you are being guided by spirit and that you should follow your intuition. It can also give you insight into the universe and how to make positive changes.

When it comes to your finances, the number seven means that you should be patient and wait for a big win. This is because it takes time to build up your wealth.

The number seven also hints that you are going through a major transformation in your life. This is an important part of your journey to self-discovery and growth.

The number seven is a spiritually-based destiny number, which means that it is a sign that you will be working on a spiritual path. It can be a powerful guiding number for someone who has an ambitious life mission and is dedicated to achieving it.

4. Ladybug


The ladybug symbol is a beloved icon of Online Slot Games. This tiny insect is often linked to good luck, love, and prosperity. It’s also a symbol of protection, especially when seen in feng shui designs.

The life cycle of a ladybug begins with bright-yellow eggs that are laid on plants near food sources. They hatch as larvae in four to 10 days and feed for a week or two before becoming pupae.

Adult ladybugs are small insects with a long body, thin wings, and spiracles on their sides for breathing. The thorax and abdomen house organs for digestion, respiration, and reproduction.

A classic red ladybug is a sign of auspicious energy and luck. Its spots indicate the number of years you’ll live, and if the spots are darker it means more wealth will come your way.

People who have a ladybug totem animal are highly spiritual and curious souls with a deep connection to nature and the divine. They are very open to new experiences and ideas, and have a strong desire to learn more about their world.

They are also extremely sensitive and can become overwhelmed easily. They are able to detect changes in the energy around them, which makes them a great spirit animal for bringing balance and harmony into your life.

Like all spirit animals, the ladybug has both good and bad tendencies. It can be an innocuous creature or a pest, so you need to be careful when making this spirit animal your totem. In some cases, the ladybug may be a good indicator that you need to slow down or take a break from a project that is too big for you.

5. Dreamcatcher


A dreamcatcher is a traditional Native American symbol that serves as a powerful talisman. It’s believed to catch and trap bad dreams, bringing good ones to the sleeper. Traditionally, they’re made with willow hoops, sinew, feathers and beads.

They’re often made in white or black, both of which are known for their balancing effects. They’re also thought to be associated with meditation and relaxation.

The web that’s designed within the dreamcatcher is said to be a representation of a spider’s web, which can trap unwanted energies. It also serves as a tribute to Asibikaashi, the spider woman who was the spiritual protector of the Ojibwe tribe.

This web is often adorned with beads, gem stones and arrowheads for extra strength. Some makers also add a cross, which represents the Four Sacred Directions, which are believed to bring good medicine to the wearer’s life.


Historically, dream catchers were used by Ojibwe people as a way to protect their children from the negative energy that can be found in the air while they sleep. They were hung above the child’s bed to catch any bad dreams or other harm that may be present.

It’s a popular Native American talisman that’s still used today. They’re made from sinew and willow hoops and they can be used by both adults and infants to trap and filter bad dreams.

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