7 Things to Know Before You Start Playing Lost Ark

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You haven’t tried Lost Ark yet, but you have a desire to sail into this world and discover all the magical things it has to offer? Hey, you should absolutely go for it – the game is really amazing and has received some phenomenal comments and reviews from players. It used to be available only in Russia and Korea, but that has changed in the meantime and now pretty much all parts of the world have the opportunity to enjoy it. The game is massive, interesting and will surely hold your attention.

However, you should keep in mind that if you are a beginner and do not have any information about the game, it can be really difficult to achieve any success. Therefore, we suggest that you first read some tips and tricks that will introduce you to the game and provide you with basic knowledge with which you can then start playing the game. Here are some of the main things to know before you start playing Lost Ark.

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1. What kind of game is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a game denoted by MMO ARPG (short for Massively Multiplayer Action Role-Playing Game), which basically means that it can be played by many people at the same time and use an isometric camera that provides gaming from a specific angle, similar to you had a chance to experience if you played Diablo games.

This game was first available for play in Korea, and a year later in Russia, it was a great success. A few years later, she came to North America and Europe, already fully optimized and ready for maximum enjoyment of players.

Although many have compared it to World of Warcraft, the fact is that these two games differ in one important feature – Lost Ark does not have a tab targeting system, which means that it is not enough to just randomly shoot your enemies. In this game, you need to be precise and really aim your shots and skills if you want to eliminate enemies.

2. Classes

There are many different classes within the game that you need to experience and master. All classes are really original and new ones are constantly being released, which means that the game will never become monotonous. Every time you face a new class, the way you play changes almost completely, so there are new challenges ahead of you that you need to overcome.

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3. Different versions of the game start differently

If you play the Korean or Russian version of Lost Ark you start the game from the first level, unlike the version available in North America and Europe. This was very confusing to the players at first, until they realized that this was simply how the game works. The NA and EU versions of Lost Ark start the game at level 10, so don’t be surprised when you start your adventure – it’s not a mistake.

4. Maximum character level

Lost Ark does not differ significantly in terms of leveling from other similar MMO games. Leveling is achieved by following quests and/or grinding mobs, and the maximum character level is 50. However, you should keep in mind that the experience of leveling characters in this game is only a small part of it, or in other words: you can go through everything very quickly if you know what you are doing. So, you can enjoy leveling and progressing quickly, but you should know that this is not the whole point of the game – there is so much more besides it.

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5. There is fast travel system

Another thing that many Lost Ark beginners do not know is that within the game there is a fast travel system that allows you to quickly move from one location to another within the continent, thanks to the so-called “Tripods” that you can buy for a certain amount of silver. With this system, you can move much faster and experience different parts of the game.

6. You can reset your skills and start over anytime

A useful and interesting feature of the game is that you can reset your skills and start over at any time. And best of all, in this game, this option is completely free. This will make it much easier for you to experiment with different versions and add a fun note to your game.

7. At the beginning of the game, you make a character by choosing from five major classes

When you start your game, you will need to create your first character, choosing from one of the five classes available in this game. In Lost Ark there are five main classes you will encounter, namely: Warrior, Martial Artists, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Each of these classes has separate advanced classes inside. It is a good idea to learn more about their basic features before starting the game, so that you can enter the game more easily, without too many surprises in terms of class features. The first character you create will be the one you will potentially reach and the last, fiftieth level, after which you can make and test out a new one.

Conclusion: Lost Ark is an MMO ARPG that until recently was only available in Korea and Russia, which has recently changed, much to the delight of all players from Europe and North America. This game has received amazing comments and reviews from players around the world, so if you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you change this as soon as possible. However, before you start, make sure to check out our tips for beginners and learn the basics that will help you start the game much easier and achieve the desired success. And in case you need them, there are always boosting services to help you along the way, but make sure you choose reliable and professional ones, in order to get the maximum benefits from it.