5 Smart Spots to Put Your TV

TVs have been a part of the living room’s décor for more than 50 years. You won’t see a home without one at the center of the living room. Some people like to put TVs in other places too such as the kitchen, the bedroom and maybe even the bathroom. The options are truly limitless, but if you really want to merge technology and the décor of your home, you will have to find the place to place your TV.

Buying a huge TV screen and placing it in the middle of the room can be jarring and will feel out of place. It is important to maintain the warmth and comfort of your home while keeping your huge screen too.

These last couple of years, minimalist designed homes are trendy and it has become more and more difficult to hide or to find the right spot for your TV. Assuming that you also want to redecorate your living room, here are some of the smartest spots to put your TV.

Distance and height

Before we tell you about the best spots to place your television, you should first understand what is the perfect distance and height placement for these devices. Too far can ruin your viewing experience and too close may put quite a strain on your eyes. Height is another pretty important factor you will need to consider. A television that is placed too high might put a serious strain on your neck which can lead to permanent damage. The same applies to a TV that is placed too low from your sitting position too.

To help you find the perfect distance of placement for your living room, you can use this information.

A 32-inch television will be good up to 1.5 meters of distance. The sweet spot for 40 to 45 inch TVs is around 2 or 2.5 meters. However, if you plan on buying a huge TV that is well over 55 inches then you will have to ensure that your chair or your sofa is at least 3 meters far.

Once you have determined the perfect distance for your sitting position, you can start adjusting the TV’s height. It should be at an eye-level while you are sitting otherwise you might put a lot of strain on your neck and your eyes. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you either mount it on the wall or buy a piece of small furniture that will prop it up a bit higher off the ground.

1. Next to the fireplace

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Most people that have a fireplace in their living room, they make it the focal point. This is completely fine, but you can’t just put the TV over it and expect that you will have a good movie watching experience. You cannot have two focal points in your living room, but you can make a balance between the TV and the fireplace.

We believe that the best way to combine these two items in one single room is to put them one next to the other. Sure, it seems weird at first, but once you create a visual representation of this idea, it looks pretty good. The fireplace won’t take your attention away from your movies or shows and you will have it at eye level which is always a good thing. Your neck will surely be grateful.

2. Avoid windows

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This is one of the most common mistakes many people make when designing their living room. A room that is full of windows and natural sunlight is always great, but placing the television on the opposite wall of the windows or on the same side of the windows is a very bad idea. If you decide to place it on the opposite wall, you will notice a lot of glare which will make it hard to watch anything throughout the day. Placing it on the side with the windows, you will have a hard time watching while the sun is blinding you.

Our best recommendation is that you either install blackout blinds or to place the TV away from your windows. Keep in mind that higher quality content will look better when there is too much glare from the sunlight. However, if you are stuck with low-quality cable channels, you should check out this link. This way, you will have an easier time watching your favorite movies even when the sunlight is directly aimed at the screen.

3. Blend it with the decoration

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People that want to maintain the most traditional decoration in their living room, they prefer not to install any kind of television in their home. While this kind of move does make some sense, there are much better ways to execute this. So many TVs today are so thin and simple in design, you can basically mount them anywhere around your home and no one would even notice them while they are off. Get a TV mount and place it on any wall you want. Decorate around it with some flowers or shelves to make it seem like it is part of the décor.

4. Hide it

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If you feel like blending your television with the decoration of your living room is not enough, there are still some things you could do to hide it. These days, there are many ways you can literally hide your television. There are a lot of mechanisms out there that could be installed underground or inside of your wall. With the press of a button, the TV could pop out of the ground like in some super rock star mansion.

What is so crazy about this idea is the fact that these mechanisms are not that expensive anymore. In other words, you could do anything you want, if you are willing enough.

While you get the effect of “coolness” when you set up your TV this way, you also protect it. Having a TV out in the open or behind one of these mechanisms isn’t a reason to not think about a burglar alarm installation to protect your tech goodies. Other than TV, you must have a lot of devices that worth much.

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5. Your bedroom

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The living room is a special part of one’s home and if you truly do not feel comfortable ruining your decoration with a modern TV, you can just install it in your bedroom. Whenever you feel like watching a movie, you can just go into your bedroom. It might not be the smartest solution, but it still is one.

We believe that all of these five spots are a great idea for people who are planning to redecorate their homes. Finding the right spot for the TV is essential.