2 Ways to Share Your Live Location With Someone – 2024 Guide

Travelling and staying connected with our family and friends is our top priority when we are away from our home.

For years now, technology is creating and offering different ways for people to share with each other where they are. With the different apps and tools, we can easily share our live location today no matter the situation we are in and for what necessity.

From trying to get a taxi, exploring a new city, getting lost or hurt, to meeting with a friend for the first time, today we have the tools to be much organized and safe as well. Even in the delivery industry, the use of GPS tracking for delivery logistics has revolutionized the way goods are transported from one place to another, ensuring it arrives at the customer’s door in time.

Even in the delivery industry, the use of GPS tracking for delivery logistics has revolutionized the way goods are transported from one place to another, ensuring it arrives at the customer’s door in time.

Sharing your live location with someone has its own advantages and disadvantages too.

Because of the progress technology has made so far, we can say that some of these things are inevitable to do, as we are living in a society where we are always running and rushing, trying to get things done as quickly as possible. Basically, the advantages outgrow the disadvantages in this case because, to be honest, we are always striving for a quick solution.

These are the occasions when we tend to use different kinds of apps, apps that help us to share our live location with someone.

Here are the two ways or the two best tools of how you can share your live location with someone:

1. Where am I

Source: www.where-am-i.me

This is an application that can be used for free.

It has been present on the world wide web for quite some time now, and it is accepted very well by a big number of visitors.

This is the perfect app if you find yourself in a situation like being lost and you really want to know your exact location. Sharing your live location is also an option with this app.

Learn more about this simple and fast giving service tool, which can help you anywhere you are.

By only clicking on the ‘allow’ button when you are on the page, your location will show up immediately on the app. You will have the possibility to see the name of the country, the state and the city you are currently in.

If you like to receive more specific details, it will show you your right address together with the longitude, latitude and your GPS coordinates.

By allowing the application to detect your position, an API call (server call), will help to calculate your coordinates precisely, in order to provide you with the correct information.

The good thing about this application is that it doesn’t use any interval update which means that it will not be automatically locating your position. That can happen only during the time you are using the app.

The application is specifically created for everyone who is in a need.

2. Google maps

Source: Plus Hosting

This one is well known for everyone.

Google Maps is a web service developed by Google and it has been utilised by almost everyone.

The app provides a route planner that allows users to t find their available directions for public transportation or even walking or biking. So far Google has partnered with a lot of public transportation providers and the app is used severely for such services.

The application survived many updates, which are definitely useful for safety on the road. The update with the colored overlay on the road for representing the speed of vehicles was and still is a success.

Google maps is also great for sharing a live location. It only collects data while it is enabled and used. Once the app is disabled or the location is opted out, it will not continue to send information and it won’t be able to detect your location.

Street View is another feature on Google Maps, which is a very interesting tool for exploring and finding specific places. At the beginning, it was only covering a few cities in the US, but after a while, it expanded to many more locations around the world.

The newest update is the dark theme mode, specifically for navigation, for everyone who wants to try new trends.

The biggest advantage Google Maps has is the ability to save locations, colored with pins in order for the users to have them in their browser.

Sharing your live location can be easily done with these two applications.

Source: Softonic

By only giving permission to the app and turning on the location, you will be able share your details with an individual of your choice.

When you open the individual or group cha,t you can simply tap attach and share your location.

You will have the opportunity to choose the length of time you’d like to share your location and it will stop being shared after the selected time.

In the end, you can disable location permissions and turn off everything.

The concept of today’s technology is very successful, helpful and very resourceful for everyone eager to explore and learn new techniques.

Location based technology and GPS technology are very controversial, but inevitable to use in not so pleasant situations. A lot of individuals use it daily and find it beneficial and a lot of business owners rely on it as well.

The trending technology and the features that come along, have its own risks and benefits.

Collecting data, where it is stored and for what it is used for, are some of the questions that raise some dissatisfaction among customers and it is a concern for their safety for quite some time now.

However, a lot of changes are considered and constantly monitored in order not to cause a lot of breaches and to increase the assurance of society in today’s technology advances.

Source: Lifewire

Technology is wonderful! Challenging and interesting, offering many different features, free to use at our disposal.

It is up to us to learn from it, to learn about it, use it, explore and rely on it.

The technology exceeds our humanity; it brings people together and is part of our life for sure!