Capture Your Best Moments with Samsung A52’s Camera


There was a time when people had to carry DSLRs with them to capture special moments at events. Because the pictures taken by mobile phone cameras were not pleasing enough. But now, you see unexpected advancements made by companies in the cameras of smartphones. So, it seems like all your problems are solved!

What about the Cameras of Samsung Mobiles?

So many companies are in tough competition while manufacturing smartphones with top-notch features. Samsung has marked its name in the global market for providing users with outstanding specs in mobile phones. And one of the main reasons behind these mobile phone’s popularity is the exceptional cameras.

Let’s Get Into the Details of the Samsung A52 Cameras

This phone was recently launched by Samsung on March 17, 2021, in a mid-budget category. The updated Samsung a52 price in Pakistan is PKR 56,999 and is mentioned on pricehut. A quad camera setup is made available in this phone which is all set to amaze you. These lenses include;

  • 64 megapixels wide F/1.8 Aperture
  • 12 megapixels ultra-wide F/2.2 Aperture
  • 5 megapixels macro F/2.4 Aperture
  • 5 megapixels depth F/2.4 Aperture

What Is One Notable Upgrade in the cameras?

The addition of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in the main camera is to be in the highlights of this smartphone. If the trembling hands ruin your photographs every time, this feature is going to be a great rescue for you. The 64 megapixels main camera with OIS feature reduces the blurriness of photos you take with shaky hands and the quality of pictures is going to be worth the praise.


Capturing the Wider Views Is Now Easier

Do you face difficulty while capturing a whole group of friends or taking a picture of a tall and beautiful building? If yes, say bye to this problem. This smartphone by Samsung has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens that lets you click images with great ease and also there is no compromise on quality.

You don’t have to tilt the camera while capturing that tall building. Just position the camera straight forward and simply capture. Moreover, no need to ask all the people in a large group to squeeze themselves into each other.

A New Addition to the Mode Family

‘Fun Mode’ is just another addition in the already available mode family of Samsung A52. You might have enjoyed this feature in Snapchat before. Now, Samsung collaborated with Snapchat to introduce this cool feature in this smartphone’s camera.

This mode can be enjoyed in both photos and videos. An active network connection is required to use FUN MODE. You can easily choose your favorite filter to make your photographs look chic.


How Capturing Images In Daylight Seem Like?

Capturing images in daylight with this Samsung mobile phone’s camera seems more exciting because they are almost the same as when you see things with your eyes. It brightens up the color gradients in images without making them harsh. Moreover, the ultra-wide camera is no less than the others as it lets you effortlessly do outstanding photo shoots on a bright sunny day.

What about the Low Light Conditions?

It happens that mobile phones capture remarkable pictures in daylight but when it comes to low lighting conditions, many of them fail. But this is not the case in this smartphone.

Photos captured from the Samsung A52 in a dark night are what everyone searches for in a mid-price range. These pictures are clear, sharp, good in quality and well-detailed. The Night mode in the camera brightens up the scene but cannot handle the dark parts of the frame.

You Will Love Capturing Macro Shots!

The 5 megapixels macro lens in the Samsung A52 is definitely going to leave you in awe. The good thing about it is that you can take close-ups of small subjects and capture tiny details of nature without even getting too close to the subject.


Spice Up Your Selfies

People are so much into taking selfies every time and everywhere. To capture beautiful selfies, Samsung A52 has a 32-megapixel wide front camera. It promises to provide good-quality images with the finest details of your facial features. A portrait mode and bokeh mode are also available in this phone which surprisingly add beauty to your images.

You Get Portrait Mode In The Front Camera Too!

It’s been a while since we are seeing rear cameras with portrait mode in mobile phones. How does it feel to hear that you can also capture selfies using that bokeh effect? Sounds great!

The portrait mode available in this smartphone captures you and your facial features with great focus while blurring the background. And when the background is blurred, your face looks more clear and with sharp details.

Surprisingly Competent Video Recording

Video recording has now become one of the favorite features of our young generations. They love to record videos more than capture images. And to show your creativity to the world with great quality, the main camera is capable of recording 4k videos with utmost clarity.

The processing is pretty accurate and video quality including color graphics is extremely wonderful. And the natural color reproduction in these videos is what makes you stand out.


Vlogging Done Right

The young generation is also fond of vlogging these days. We see so many people around us that literally take out the cameras anywhere to record themselves. Also, they are very much concerned about the quality of their videos because it does make an impact.

For those perfect quality videos, the front camera of this smartphone offers 4k video recording at 30 fps. With this resolution, the pixels are clearer with no disruption in quality. It means that the audience is going to love watching the content and appreciate it.

Ending It Up!

If you love capturing moments from a mobile phone, Samsung A52 is definitely your new partner. Make sure to visit and collect additional details about the cameras of this smartphone.