7 Most Popular Historical Sites in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia already has a very huge business when it comes to sacred tourism. However, the kingdom is also planning to implement an agenda known as Vision 2030. In this agenda, the government of Saudi Arabia has decided to invest millions in the cultural tourism of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia witnessed almost 18 million tourists in the year 2016, and this is a huge number. Surprisingly, most of the tourists who visited the place were partaking in either Hajj or the Umrah.  When you visit Saudi Arabia, you might get astonished to witness several sites that have some or the other archaeological significance in the Middle East Area. You get to see a plethora of historical sites in Saudi Arabia, since it was never under colonial rule.

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Explore cultural sites of Saudi Arabia as this place has a diverse span of different kinds of sites.

1. Medain Saleh

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The Madain Saleh is located at the SouthEast of Petra, many miles away in Saudi Arabia. Several monumental tombs are present with facades that were decorated long years back. There are a total of almost 111 tombs, out of which more than 90 are decorated with intricate work. So, you see there is a lot more than you can imagine while visiting. The place was also awarded the status of World Heritage from UNESCO in 2008. This award made it the first-ever heritage site of Saudi Arabia. It is undoubtedly a treasure that only a few people have witnessed.

2. Old Diriyah

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As the name suggests, this spot is quite old, though, it is surely a must-visit for the tourists if they come to Saudi Arabia. It is one of the best examples of historical sights. You get to see the cultural value of the Middle East in this building. You will have to take a short ride from Riyadh to visit this place. It is a tiny village of one of the families that rule in Saudi Arabia. You will find several buildings made of mud at this place, and also Old Dariyah is quite an old spot. That being said, assume it to be a few centuries old. If you see, it has one of the oldest sections which dates back to almost the 9th century.

3. Old Jeddah

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If you look at the city today, it is one of the modernized cosmopolitan cities that still have the jewels of Older Middle East culture. The origin of this place is traced back to the old Jeddah which was around 2,500 years back. At that point in time, Jeddah was established as just a tiny village where people used to visit for fishing. Jeddah is now an entire modern area where you get to see beautiful houses that are now renovated and are depicted as one of the styles of architecture that are well-preserved. The doors of these houses are intricately carved, and also have work screens that have lattice textures in them. They allow the sea breeze to get in, but sun rays are effectively kept away.

4. Najran’s Traditional Architecture

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If you really want to see one of the traditional architectures in Saudi Arabia, then you must visit Narjan located in the South-Western part of Saudi Arabia. The place is located near the border of Yemen. Here, witness the style of this building in architectural bricks, and get to see the ancestral adobe. Such buildings are also known as midmakh buildings. You will also get to see several community buildings at the place which are a few hundred years old.

5. Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom

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This place is situated beside a very small town of Jubba. Here, you will get to see several sculptures of art and architecture scattered around the place. Witness the architectures of animals sculptured around rock art and also of people. They are believed to date back to 7,000 years. If you cannot reach this place as it is quite far, you can explore a few art pieces that are present at the museum located in Riyadh.

6. Medina

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It is already very popular among tourists and people visit such spots if they are paying a visit to Saudi Arabia. Medina was established almost 2,600 years back, and it still prevails as one of the historical places of the Middle East. Standing as one of the holiest cities in Islam, it is ranked in the second position of the most visited religious places. This is the place where Prophet Mohammad was buried. Hence, it is regarded as one of the most sacred places for the people of the Middle East.

7. Ibrahim Palace

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This historical place is situated in Hofuf, and when you visit this place you will find several secrets being revealed. It reveals the secrets of the life of the people living in the old Saudi Arabia, one which existed almost hundreds of years ago. Work of this complex began almost back in the 1500s along with the work of Quba Masjid. A few other structures were later expanded at the place and a few hundred years after, it included a jail, the fort, Turkish Bath, etc.

If you are one of the adventurous travellers who are willing to visit a few cultural places, then you will find plenty of options. The kingdom has tourism open for everyone, and these features beckon the tourists to visit the place and explore one of the most stunning views of heritage and culture. You will feel like you are being taken back to the olden times, several years back. Get to see shopping malls, architectural buildings, small villages, and similar other specialities. Also, try the authentic flavours to experience a real feel of the Middle East.