PicoSure: What to Expect After Your Treatment

Getting PicoSure laser treatment would be a recommendable option for you if you’re considering a non-invasive, highly effective, and quick laser treatment. PicoSure works by concentrating laser energy on trouble spots like age spots, pigmented lesions, acne scars, fine lines, tattoo marks, etc., to clear the defects without damaging the surrounding skin.

According to The Artisan Wellness, PicoSure laser treatment can also help you minimize acne scars’ appearance, implying that it may be just what you need if you feel self-conscious about your acne scars.

What can I expect after PicoSure treatment?

PicoSure can be used for resurfacing treatments on areas like the hands, face, chest, and neck. It makes your skin texture regular and helps stimulate collagen production.

This best explains why your skin would look younger after this treatment. If you’re considering PicoSure for tattoo removal, you can get it done on almost any part of your body.

Note that; the experience you’d get if you had PicoSure for skin resurfacing is different from that you’d get if you had it for tattoo removal. For instance, in skin revitalization treatments, it is very gentle, leaving minimal to no redness.

On the contrary, if used in tattoo removal, it adopts a slightly more intense reaction meaning that you can expect some redness after the treatment. Here’s a quick roundup of what you can expect after PicoSure.

  • Minor Swelling with Redness

Most patients report experiencing minor swelling and redness, which may last for around 1 to 3 hours. Since PicoSure doesn’t damage or burn your skin surface, you can always use sunscreens, make-up, and moisturizer to conceal or protect the treated areas, though make-ups are not usually necessary. Sunscreen may be necessary if you’re going to get exposed to the sun after your treatment.

  • Pain

When considering PicoSure for managing skin pigmentation or stubborn scars and aging symptoms, it is relatable when worry about possible pain during your treatment. Now, most people who get PicoSure laser treatments do not experience any pain.

Instead, they describe the feeling as that of the snapping of rubber bands on their skin. You may also expect the same and expect your provider to give you a numbing cream to suppress possible discomfort.

Source: New York Dermatology Group
  • You can Resume Work on the Same Day

Since PicoSure laser treatment is minimally invasive, you will not experience any extended downtimes that would make going back to work difficult. Most patients can get back to the office, so you may also expect the same.

The only exception will be if you’re engaging in high-intensity work or work that would involve extended sun exposure. Such conditions may make your swelling worse, so not always recommendable.

  • No Peeling will occur

Do note that the PicoSure laser isn’t the same as the conventional laser treatment options. Therefore, you should not expect any peeling to occur after your treatment.

It is important to note because some patients do expect their skin to peel off after PicoSure, and if this doesn’t happen, they mistakenly believe that the treatment didn’t work. That is not the case with PicoSure laser treatments.

You may only experience crusting which is also rare. Do not pick on or interfere with the crusting in any way if you get them after your treatment.

  • The Results

You may also notice slight skin darkening that would be noticeable for 3 to 10 days after your treatment. These effects will subside without any intervention; therefore, it shouldn’t be a significant concern.

Note that each condition is different; therefore, the number of sessions you will need to see optimal results will depend on what you’re trying to treat and, in some cases, its severity. To see the optimal results you expect from this treatment, you must follow your cosmetic skin doctor’s aftercare guidelines to the letter.

Source: Bridesmaids, Inc.

How long does PicoSure Take to Work?

There are two things you may need to understand regarding how long PicoSure may take to work. The first thing is the session, and the second; is the number of treatments or sessions you will need for this treatment to work.

Now individual treatment sessions take up to 20 minutes, excluding the pre-treatment preparation. The preparation isn’t really complicated and would take around 10 to 15 minutes as the dermatologist cleans the target treatment area and applies a numbing cream to minimize discomfort.

Therefore, you can expect a full session to take up to one hour, depending on your provider. To achieve the optimal results, most people need just three sessions, spaced one month apart each.

Since skin conditions are different, some also need two while other patients require up to five sessions. With that being said, you can, therefore, expect anywhere between 2 and 5 treatments to get the optimal, long lasting results. This will depend on your condition and how your skin responds to the treatments.

How do I prepare for PicoSure?

Usually, your skin doctor will let you know the essential preparations you will need before your PicoSure treatment and the number of sessions you will need for this treatment during your consultation. Preparing for PicoSure isn’t, in any way, complicated. Here are some of the things your dermatologist will want you to observe when preparing for PicoSure.

Source: New York Dermatology Group
  • Heat Exposure

Before your treatment, we’d recommend that you keep off tanning beds, too much sun exposure, and sunless tanning creams for one month before your first appointment. We also recommend that you discontinue using drugs that may increase your skin sensitivity for about one week before your treatment. Photosensitizing yourself may increase your risks of suffering sunburns.

  • Permanent make-up and Cosmetic Tattoos

It will also help inform your provider if you have any cosmetic tattoos or permanent make-up before your treatment. These factors may influence the efficiency of your treatment.

  • Alcohol Consumption

We also recommend that you discontinue alcohol consumption for some time if you’re considering PicoSure laser treatment. It would be better to avoid alcohol for around seven days as it may worsen your bruising after treatment.

Source: Verve Weight Loss and Laser Aesthetics

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