Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon 2024

Thinking to spend your honeymoon in an exotic place? You have the option to perform extensive research on the internet to find a fascinating location for your special holiday. To cut a story short, you can plan your honeymoon in Bali. If you spent last summer striking conversation to select a destination because it is hard to make a selection. Bali is a fantastic place for you both as it is the most beautiful place for a honeymoon. Even if you are well-versed with the popular destinations around the globe but ponder on a site that has a lot more to offer. Yes, don’t believe in wasting time when it comes to booking cheap flights to Bali. The Enchanting Island of Bali is said to be the Island of gods. People who have paid a visit to Bali and visited its magical tourist attractions believe it to be the most captivating place on earth.


Bali is well-known because it has been offering the most beautiful locations with the best hospitality in the world that is making tourists fall in love at their first sight. Bali is the wealthiest part of Indonesia and also a famous tourist attraction around the globe. So many people come to visit Bali as there are many places to visit in Bali Indonesia for honeymoon. For example, there are many beaches in this exotic island, striking landscapes and magical gardens. If you are planning your honeymoon on this exotic island, then you would have to read the ultimate Bali honeymoon guide on . You can get assistance from a local agencies such as The Seven Agency to plan your honeymoon. As experts will arrange everything, including flights, accommodation, and travel. There are a lot of things to do on your honeymoon in Bali. You can explore historical places, you can enjoy adventurous scuba diving, or simply you can enjoy your walk on the white sandy beach. There are many destinations which are highly suggested by old tourists from all over the world. The most important fact is you can discover the local culture and buy gifts as a souvenir for family and friends on your honeymoon return. Once you reach there, you would not stop praising every inch of the place, the blue sky touching the blue waters and the wind touching faces gently. This panorama will let you experience the beauty of nature closely. They crave to grab every charm of the place and will rise when you spend time there. Also, the infinite natural beauty mesmerizes every beholder. Now, as there is a lot of beauty, a question pops in mind: What to do on your honeymoon in Bali so the answer is you can spend quality time with your honey on beautiful locations, also you can go shopping in the local market. The other question which arises in mind is, “Where to go on your honeymoon in Bali.” The answer is there are many famous locations like

  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • The Tanah Lot Temple
  • Bali Botanical Garden

If you’re planning a romantic ride into the sunset, Canggu is the perfect place to do this for honeymooners. You can enjoy the best moments of your life in this place. Rice paddy fields, temples, caves, and tranquil villages enhance the beauty of this place. You can also go for vintage and horse-drawn bendi rides. There are many other things that you can do in this place, such as, beach hopping, Visit Tanha Lot Temple, and exploring caves. You can easily reach this pace by cab.

Additionally, Ayana resort is also a very amazing and beautiful place on your honeymoon. This resort is popular for its Spa that provides some sensual rejuvenation with couple massages and romantic flower baths. You can enjoy sunbathing at Jimbaran Beach or have lunch at Warung Bamboo.

Uluwatu is a place that is known as a paradise for honeymooners. Its beaches Balangan and Suluban are rated as the world’s no one and most beautiful beaches in Bali. You can spend the most romantic and memorable moments with your better half. You can also visit the Uluwatu temple, watch Kekac Dance and enjoy the Saturday party night at Padang beach. Indeed, it is the best place to visit on your honeymoon.

Moreover, one of the most beautiful places includes Sanur, which is located in the village of Denpasar. This place has a lot to offer to tourists and tends to be one of the most romantic places in Bali. The breathtaking sunsets and peaceful evenings are the perfect way to spend your special time. Moreover, there tends to be a lot of historical relics too. You can visit the Pura Blanjong temple, which is built of corals and has a lot of inscriptions that date back to the 10th century. There are many things that you could do at this beautiful place, which includes going shopping and trying the local delicacies. You can take a flight to the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can hire a cab and then it takes about 45 minutes to reach.

Source: Bali Sun Tours

Another famous spot is Padang Padang Beach which is an exotic location for many couples for their honeymoon. This place is amazing for couples who are adventurous and want to enjoy water sports or maybe even take a romantic stroll on the beach.

Moreover, another great destination is the Nusa Dua beach, white is romantic and surrounded by elite hotels, hence considered to be one of the most romantic destinations for couples. There are many activities for the couples, like trying snorkeling, going for a swim, and taking a stroll on the beach. You can relax under the sun and then listen to the waves along with your significant other and opt for these activities to have a good time.

Moreover, there are the lush green fields, the Jatiluwih Bali, which is considered to be one of the most amazing places to go to Bali for a honeymoon and a romantic time for all couples.