6 Affordable Marketing Analytics Tools That Save Your Time & Money in 2024

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When it comes to online marketing, gauging the performance of your site becomes important. By leveraging the right analytics tool, you can have a better perspective about your marketing efforts and SEO tactics. Marketing analytics tools help in managing multiple aspects of your site. Be it improving the user experience or bringing more sales, and improving the conversion optimization rate— marketing tools are useful.

If you are new to the marketing analytics tool and don’t know which one to pick, then we are here to help you. We have gathered the top six most affordable and time-saving marketing analytics tools that will save you a lot of manual effort. Before diving into the list, let’s first understand what exactly these marketing tools are and how they help your marketing team.

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools are highly-advanced platforms that let you measure your marketing efforts and manage your daily marketing tasks seamlessly. By hiring EZ Rankings, they will provide you an opportunity to access the marketing analytics tool, so your marketing and sales teams can have better insights for making business decisions. You can multiple the efforts of your marketing team by using such a tool and bring more cost-effective solutions.

These tools work by gathering all the important data from multiple marketing channels and combine the useful insights for you. You can generate easy to understand marketing reports in no time and optimize your marketing efforts for better results. With the help of an intuitive data dashboard, attribution models, and optimization tips, you can get ahead of your competitors by making important changes. On this note, let’s have a look at the top six marketing analytics tools that will help you thrive online by making data-driven decisions.

1. Viralstat

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If your marketing team is struggling to gain more traction from social media platforms and YouTube, then Viralstat is the best tool to start with. This will only help you with gathering important data but also help you in growing your audience on multiple platforms. This single tool is capable of tracking, managing, and generating data-driven reports of hundreds of marketing channels.

If you have just started sharing videos on multiple platforms, then Viralstat is the best tool that will give you more insightful information. Apart from showing you important stats, this tool also provides you free tips to make your marketing strategy viral so that you can gain more attractions. You can sign up for Viralstat for $29 USD/month.

2. Wincher

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If you are into a product selling business and want to track your marketing efforts, then there is no better tool than Wincher. This is a dedicated tool for tracking and analyzing the performance keywords and products. Be it keyword rank tracking or multiple domains tracking, you can get everything done right with this tool.

The best thing about this tool is that it works on a pay as you use the model in which you don’t have to pay for anything extra that you don’t use. If you are a startup or a small business that has just started with marketing campaigns, then this is the best tool to start your digital journey. The pricing on Wincher starts at 10 EUR/month for tracking 1 domain and up to 100 keywords.

3. Buzzsumo

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BuzzSumo is a highly popular marketing analytics tool that comes with a ton of features that you will ever need for your marketing campaigns. Right from social media engagement tracking to checking web pages’ content performance, you have got everything. This tool lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more to track the data.

Be it checking the performance of your keywords or competitor’s keywords, you can keep an eye on both. In BuzzSumo, you can also find the top influencers of your work domain so that you can outreach them for a collaboration. The pricing of Buzzsumo starts at $99 USD/month in which you get unlimited searches for a month.

4. Surfer

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If you want to dive deep into data and you need more analytic features, then Surfer is for you. This tool saves you a lot of time as it has a lot of automation features. Surfer collects multiple data streams from various social media platforms and generates a robust data-driven report.

Be it keyword tracking, content performance checking, SEO audits of websites, SERP analysis, and competitor analysis, this tool is capable of doing multiple things. Surfer helps your marketing team make better business decisions based on accurate data. Surfer also has a Google Chrome Extension to make the tracking job easier. Surfers will cost you around $49/month and you can get a 7-day trial for only $1.


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If you are already into advanced data analysis of marketing campaigns then OWOX BI is the perfect tool for your business. This is a high-performance platform that offers accurate data forecasting, attribution modeling, and reporting. OWOX BI is very similar to Google Analytics but it has more advanced features to support your marketing research.

With its powerful business intelligence algorithm, you can have an accurate prediction of your marketing campaigns, and get in-depth insights about your RoI. With OWOX BI, you can also create multiple custom reports and share them with your different departments. The pricing of the OWOX BI tool starts at $55 USD/month and it also offers you a free trial.

6. Clicky

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With Clicky, you get all the necessary marketing analytics tools along with a unique heatmap builder. This advanced tool helps you know about how your visitors are interacting with the site and what the areas that are generating the maximum traction are.

Be it tracking the CTA’s performance, keywords tracking and options for tracking other custom metrics, you can manage everything effortlessly. If you want to integrate third-party platforms like Joomla, Vanilla Forums, Magento, and more then you can do it very easily. Clicky is a freemium tool and the paid plan starts at $10 USD/month.

These were some of the best marketing analytics tools that you use to track and manage your marketing campaigns. Regardless of any industry, you will need such a tool to improve your marketing efforts and branding.