Malta Citizenship Investment Options


Many foreign residents desire to get Maltese citizenship, and the republic is known for its developed economy. This small island is known for its large stock of limestone and perfectly developed tourism.

Due to its favorable geographical location in the Mediterranean Sea and a favorable climate, tourists often visit this republic, considering it a great option to live and work. Therefore, many people consider Malta citizenship investment options to stay, live, work, research, or do business in the territory.

It is a 100 percent prosperous for life republic, part of the EU, and provides financial services in the world market, engaged in international trade and electronics manufacturing.

The Malta CBI program, launched in 2014 and regulated by law, has recently become very popular. It is because it allows taking advantage of a lot of benefits. However, it costs 600 thousand euros and takes three years to obtain. There is an option of reducing the term to 1 year, but in this case, it is necessary to increase the deposit by 150 thousand euros.

How to become a citizen of the republic through investment?


More and more often today, wealthy individuals are interested in the issue of citizenship insurance. It happens because they want a backup plan for themselves and their loved ones in case of unforeseen circumstances in their home country.

There are many reasons for this – problems with political opponents, economic difficulties, or a simple desire to change the environment and open a business in another place.

Today, there is an excellent chance to get Malta citizenship through real estate investment. In general, such programs were created to attract wealthy people to the development of the economy because they invest part of their capital in becoming full members of the selected state.

Main advantages


It is necessary to study in detail Malta’s investment to see all the benefits of this method of state among the citizens of the state under consideration for life. But first, it is worth getting acquainted with the best advantages of this option:

  1. Opportunity to travel without problems with the law – one can go anywhere within the EU. It opens up avenues for living, working, and studying. It is also possible to travel freely to any part of the Schengen area without the need for special documents.
  2. Significant time savings – many people prefer Malta real estate investment because everything can be realized quickly. The goal can be achieved after three years or even one year. One will need to become a country resident to get what one wants.
  3. It is considered the most secure passport of the described state worldwide. It gives access to visa-free entry to more than 180 countries around the globe. In addition, it provides freedom of movement and visa-free travel within parts of Eurasia.

It is also worth emphasizing that by making a real estate investment in Malta, you and those who are a member of your family receive an official identity document of the owner, a European pattern.


However, this is possible in the case of direct granting of citizenship. If a child is born to a citizen of that state (who is an investor), they automatically become one too. Already born in the future, heirs will also be them.

The process of obtaining

According to the essential requirements, one must first apply to the CMA for what they want within 12 months from the date of issue of the residence permit card; otherwise, it will be revoked. The agency reserves the right to perform a check to make sure that the application does not contain errors.

According to Immigrant Invest expert Svetlana Gorchakova, asking for additional documents and clarifying information is possible. Next, the agency requests the ministry, which decides whether the applicant can apply to become a citizen. The application is processed from 120 to 150 calendar days. Finally, if approved, a letter of approval is received.


The Malta property investment program requires certain conditions to be met:

  1. Exceeding the age of majority.
  2. If you live on the territory of the island state for three years, you will need to invest in Malta in the amount of 600000 euros. However, if the residence time is one year, the amount is 750,000 euros.
  3. Ten thousand euros can be donated to any community approved by the agency mentioned above.
  4. Strong health, solid memory, and stable mental state; the same applies to family members.

One can make a property investment in Malta, which is at least 700 thousand euros, and keep the object for at least five years. Instead of the acquisition, it is possible to rent accommodation, the price of which is 16 thousand euros per year.

Is real estate investment a good choice in Malta?


It is definitely true that real estate in Malta is on the rise. Tourists continue to drive the demand, with approximately 3 million visitors coming to the nation each year, despite the local population only making up half a million people.

As a result, it is possible to earn returns between 5-10% when renting residential properties. Moreover, the most sought after cities of Sliema and St Julian’s have rental yields of up to 15%. Additionally, the real estate market in Malta is highly active, with prices increasing by a rate of 5-7% annually, even amid the pandemic.

How to buy real estate in Malta?


It can take several weeks to 3 months to buy property in Malta. To carry out the transaction, it’s not necessary for the investor to come to the country if a power of attorney is executed by a lawyer.

The purchaser must first decide on the property, either inspecting it or discussing the sale conditions. Afterwards, the buyer or his lawyer appoints a notary who executes the key stages of the transaction, defends the buyer’s interests towards the seller’s notary, and is responsible for constructing the purchase/sale agreement.

Ownership of the property is transferred when the following steps are completed:

  • the real estate purchase/sale contract is signed;
  • the payment is received.