7 Ways You Can Make Money Online Using ClickFunnels

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We all like the idea of making some extra money, right? What if we tell you it is possible to do so just by sitting at home?

It’s no secret that there are many questions, and things are not what they seem when it comes to making money online. However, if you dive in a little deep you can swim past these uncertainties and find a platform to make some easy money.

It’s also important to remember that you won’t be able to accomplish it overnight. There will be some trial and error at first, but you’ll get through with it once you learn the ropes.

So, if you’re someone who is interested and is ready to invest your time and energy into this, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s find out more about how you can make money online using something called ClickFunnels.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a platform created by Russel Brunson that helps you to build your sales funnel from scratch. This company has quickly grown huge and has already garnered over $100 million in sales.

With an easy to use the system and an equally easy interface that lets you integrate payment processors, email providers, drop-ship stations, etc. The system helps you every step of the way from start to finish which is a pretty sweet deal.

Here are 3 ways you can make money using it!

3 Ways To Make Money Using ClickFunnels

If you have previous experience or some skills in the online marketing industry, you’re good to go. For those who don’t, just keep in mind that it will take some fine-tuning to get whatever you have to launch perfectly.

According to seoaffiliatedomination.com, it’s wise to set some money aside for this because you will need it to spend on ads. And in no time you’ll see yourself becoming a click funnels affiliate!

1. Promote ClickFunnels to Earn an Affiliate Commission

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If you’re not interested in selling anything yourself, then you can still earn money by simply promoting ClickFunnels. If you have a list of or some knowledge about how to drive traffic to ads, then you can just set it up and start earning quickly.

Other than promoting ClickFunnels, you can also promote their other items like the Dot Com Secrets book or the Expert Secrets book. Getting a sale on either of these items is not complicated. However, it does require you to understand the power of affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a list but you’re still eager to earn some money through Clickfunnels, don’t worry because you can still add value. All you have to do is add value by posting in Facebook groups, posting tutorials, or explainer videos on Youtube, Snapchat, or even Instagram.

There are training programs for every step and you can learn from it. See what others are posting in the Facebook group and understand how you can make the best use out of this brilliant software.

2. Selling Your Own Products or Information

If your main target is to sell your own products or services then you can do this through several mediums. All of which can be done using Clickfunnels.

Here are a few examples that can help you understand this better.

E-commerce Products

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Shipping offers have become a big deal recently. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, the idea is to get consumers into what you’re selling.

Through ClickFunnels, it’s easy to sell E-commerce products. There are people making millions of dollars per month by selling high demand products in a low competitive platform through sales funnels just like these.

This, of course, includes having other offers and up-sells that help to increase the average value of your cart. All in all, it’s an easy way to make money.

High-Ticket Coaching

For those of you who want to sell any type of high-ticket coaching, you’ll first need to set up an application to phone call funnel. It’s very easy to do and is another great way to make money.

High-ticket coaching can bring you a lot of money if you know what you’re up to. The setup is a bit hard, but once you get into it, the journey will be just smooth sailing from thereon.

Selling Information

Using a range of pre-configured templates or just buying one from the ClickFunnels marketplace, you can sell any kind of information product with it.

This approach will save you time from having to design an entire funnel by yourself. Just think of it as a shortcut and get to selling that info!

Continuity Programs

Continuity programs or membership sites provide a superb way to earn some tractable income. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s super easy to add a continuity program to any funnel thanks to ClickFunnels.

Passive income is important here because if you’re serious about earning money and getting rich from it, you’ll need to do it in your sleep as well.


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Webinars help to engage the audience in the same way you would by pitching whatever you’re selling to a room full of people.

It’s a great way to sell high-ticket services and products and of course, leading an application to a phone call is also great.

However, if you combine the webinar with an application that pushes your consumers to go to the app after its completed, then you can get them to seal the deal with a final phone call.

That’s how most people sell their services through a webinar and now you can too!

3. Charging Others to Build Funnels

Finally, if you’re not interested in either promoting or selling anything, then what you can do is charge other people by building their funnels. If you are good at building funnels but can’t seem to sell your own products, you can use this skill of yours to charge others.

You can even become a ClickFunnels Certified Partner. Keep in mind, to do this you’ll need to have extensive knowledge about how the software works from back to front, including the algorithms and integrations it offers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that if you’re someone who is already great at these things, you can make money easily through ClickFunnels and become a partner as well!

There are a lot of other ways you can choose too, this is just one of many. The bottom line is, whatever you do, you’ll need to be patient, be diligent, learn how things work, and seriously be ready to spend some money of your own to kick things off at first.