9 Tips to Make Your Company’s Awards Event Memorable

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When it comes to awards ceremonies, the right music can make a big difference. The right songs will put you in a good mood and inspire your employees to try harder than they ever have before.

However, looking for that perfect song, you may be overwhelmed by all the options. So how do you choose? An events and party hire will ensure your company’s awards ceremony is unforgettable!

1. Encourage Employees to Nominate Each Other

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Encouraging employees to nominate each other is a great way to create a more personal atmosphere at your company’s awards event. It will also help develop a sense of community among your employees, which is critical in creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

You could encourage them to nominate their managers and supervisors as well. If you have questions about this topic or want more ideas on making your awards ceremony memorable, please contact us today!

2. Have awesome decorations

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Whether you’re hosting an awards ceremony or a corporate picnic, the decorations are just as important as the food and entertainment. If your goal is to make sure everyone has a fantastic time, then you must put some thought into how you decorate.

Decorations should reflect the theme of your event. For example, use colors and materials related to teamwork if you’re having a team-building day at work. Or if awards are being given at this event, then use gold!

Choose unique pieces rather than reusing items every year, so people remember their experience better when they come back next year.

Make sure whatever decorations you choose are appropriate for whatever occasion; otherwise, people might feel uncomfortable wearing something inappropriate because they think others won’t appreciate them either way, regardless of whether we do or don’t approve!

3. Keep Your Event Interactive

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Keep it interactive. An awards ceremony can be a great time to celebrate your company’s accomplishments, but you don’t want it to feel like something other than an hour-long PowerPoint presentation.

Instead of discussing what you’ve done, use the event as an opportunity for your employees to show off their skills or talents. Games and activities are great ways to keep people engaged and interested in what’s happening on stage, and they’ll make sure everyone has fun while they’re at work!

If running an awards ceremony sounds too much work, consider using photo booths instead. They’re easy enough that even those who have yet to be invited can participate!

You could also choose trivia games over speeches or live music because these activities involve less planning than the other options above. Just make sure something is challenging enough so no one feels left out when asked questions by friends who weren’t present during earlier parts of this process!

4. Make Ceremony Presentations Intimate

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When presenting awards, a few things are more critical when presenting awards than keeping the audience in mind. You want them to feel like they’re part of the celebration, not just watching from afar.

That’s why we recommend making presentations intimate. At most, 5-10 people can fit around one table for an award presentation and only have a few people up there at once.

Stay calm with seating arrangements and other distractions from the main event if you want your employees’ attention during a ceremony like this. You’ll need to focus on what matters most!

5. Incorporate a Live Band or DJ

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One of the best ways to create a fun atmosphere and keep people dancing is by incorporating live music or DJ into your awards event. If you plan an awards banquet, having a live band or DJ at the night’s end can be a great way to round out your celebration with some entertainment.

Live music typically has one primary purpose, providing background noise for a cocktail hour, so it doesn’t interfere with conversations between guests.

But when it comes time for dinner and speeches, it can also provide opportunities for people who might not otherwise have found each other before this point in their day together. This can help build stronger relationships between departments within businesses because everyone gets involved in conversations about work topics and personal ones!

6. Serve Great Food and Drinks

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Food and drinks are essential to any event, so it’s best to keep them simple but tasty. You’ll want to ensure that your food choices are fresh, well-cooked, and something that everyone will enjoy.

The same goes for drinks. You don’t want people leaving early because they were bored with their meal! Serve a variety of foods so that everyone can find something they like and enjoy themselves throughout the night.

7. Use a Live Social Media Feed During the Event

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Social media is a great way to keep your audience involved in the event and make it memorable. You can use social media to show the audience what is happening during the ceremony, make announcements, get feedback from audience members, encourage audience participation, and more!

8. Include an After-Hours Party

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An after-hours party is a great way to continue the celebration. It can be an excellent way to reward your employees for their hard work, or it can be used as an opportunity for you and your staff to get to know each other better.

If you’re planning an award ceremony, remember your company’s culture! What do people like about working there? What makes them want to stay? How would they describe the company culture if asked by someone who hadn’t worked there before?

You may even want some small prizes or activities to help everyone have fun while they wait out their time together outside work hours.

9. If you have a live band or DJ playing at your event, they can help make it more memorable

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If you have a live band or DJ playing at your event, they can help make it more memorable. They will be able to play the types of music that people enjoy dancing to, singing, and having fun with. Live music is perfect if it’s not too loud because everyone can hear each other talk!

If you want to ensure that nobody misses out on what’s happening around them, consider using a lighting system for your awards ceremony so everything appears brighter than usual. This way, everyone will feel like they’re part of something special rather than just another face in an audience full of strangers.


These tips will help you plan an event that is memorable for your employees. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun and ensure everyone leaves with a good impression of what it’s like working at your company!