Louis DeJoy Net Worth 2024

Louis DeJoy is a leading American businessman. He has given his services to companies like High Point and XPO’S working as a CEO. Louis is also a popular name in the American Government and currently works as the US Postmaster General. His career in business and administration has been glorious! Go on reading to know more.

About Louis DeJoy

Louis DeJoy is a dynamic American personality. He is an entrepreneur, business executive, real estate investor, and political fundraiser. He is currently serving as the 75th US Postmaster General. With his wide and deep experience in his professions, he received the  Elon University Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership in 2017.

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Early Life And Family

DeJoy was born on 20th June, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York in a middle class family. His father had a truck driving business. Louis received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Stetson University, Florida. After he finished his graduation, he went on to work as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Florida.

Louis is married to Dr. Aldona Wos, who is a physician and the former U.S. ambassador to Estonia. The couple is blessed with a pair of twins, a son Andrew and a daughter Ania. The family currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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His Career And Major Milestones

After his work as CPA in Florida, DeJoy became the CEO of High Point, North Carolina based, logistics company. He continued to serve from 1983 to 2014. After the company was acquired by XPO’S for around half a billion, Louise took the position of CEO of XPO’S supply chain business. Working for a year he retired in 2015. Soon after he became a member of the Board of Directors at XPO and continued his work till 2018.

Louis DeJoy had also been the President of LDJ Global Strategies, Greensboro along with serving as the finance chairman for Republican National Convention. Currently, he has been working as the 75th United States Postmaster General. He was appointed by the United States Postal Service Board Of Governors (USPS) in 2024.

Also, DeJoy has been an active political fundraiser. He has also donated millions himself. He donated a huge amount to Donal Trump’s administration. He was also placed on the Board Of Trustees at Elon University.

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A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Louis Dejoy

Though Louis DeJoy is a brilliant businessman, he is not untouched by controversies. Some of them which you might not know are:

  • In it’s correct sense, USPS is an autonomous body, but DeJoy’s appointment was controversial as he has supported Republicans in the past.
  • He is the first United States Postmaster who has no prior experience with the United States Postal Service.
  • During his tenure working at U.S. Postal Service, he has been criticized for cutting down on many things, which resulted in the downshift of mail service.

Louis DeJoy Net Worth 2024

His net worth is $110 million. Most of his money is due his successful business career. His investing with many companies also increases his assets. Being at the position of United States Postmaster General brings him a stable paycheck as well.