How Hard Is It to Learn to Play a Handpan?


Handpan is an instrument that does not require additional equipment, previous experience and professional training. Of course, if you have professional help and percussion, you will surely produce a much better sound. However, you do not need to learn to use it and enjoy a wide range of tones. It is also easy to get, and you will find different models on the market, as well as prices. Price is not crucial for the quality of hanpan, but it is one of the factors. Learn more about this instrument below.


Is it hard to learn to play this instrument?

Playing handpan is not as difficult as it seems. After buying your first handpan, try to play something, and then learn a few basic lessons for beginners. This will help you get through this process faster, but it will make things a lot easier for you. Playing this instrument is no more demanding than any other instrument. Of course, people who have a sense of rhythm will find it easier to use this instrument.

How long does it take me to learn to play handpan?

This is an individual matter, and many factors affect learning. For example, each person’s sense of rhythm is different. We also don’t all have equally free time to learn how to play this instrument. Everyone learns at a different pace, and we don’t all have the same type of instrument. In the end, there is a big difference between whether you study on your own or have professional help. However, experts say that most people can learn to play an instrument well in just 20 hours of practice. Handpan belongs to a group of instruments that are easier to learn.

The reason is the number of notes, because this instrument has many fewer notes than others. That is why it is difficult for beginners to miss a note. If you already have a good sense of rhythm or have played a percussion instrument, it will be much easier for you to quickly become an outstanding hanpan player. If you want to become one in the shortest possible time, our advice is to look for courses that will help you successfully master all the steps. Then you will not need even the best model of this instrument, because you will adopt all the important techniques of good playing. We are sure you will be amazed at the progress.


How do I choose my first handpan?

Before you decide on this instrument, you need to consider a few important items. You will make the right decision with a little research. We have some useful tips for you. First of all, you should definitely check this out and then listen to as many performances with this instrument as possible. Explore Youtube videos and find artists who record this kind of content. So you will quickly understand the difference between a handpan that sounds good and one that is similar to the sound of pots.

Consider the quality of the product, because this is important for your experience. Some manufacturers will try to sell you this instrument at a high price just because it is popular. Find a product that is high enough, but also affordable. To make sure you are buying the right product, let the dealer explain all its components. This is especially important if it is a more expensive instrument.

What factors affect sound quality?

To make this instrument easier to handle, it is not enough to learn how to use it. It is important that you have more information about it. This applies to its components, but also to sound. It has to be quality, and you have to know how to recognize it. Only then will your learning go in the right direction. If you are self-taught, it is necessary to know everything about sound, because you will not have a teacher who will correct you. Good sound is the result of a well-placed object and proper technique. Since the handpan is recessed and has an opening at the bottom, it should remain open at all times. You can hold the instrument in your lap or place it on a soft surface. Too hard a surface will make a bad sound or you will get a flat tone.

However, it all depends on what kind of sound you want to produce. For example, you can use your hands to hit or custom sticks. These sticks are made of pine wood and wrapped in wool. This creates a richer sound than that produced by tapping the instrument with your hands. At the top there are eight notes arranged in a circle, ranging from highest to lowest. You will move from one note to another in a circular orientation. You will change your hand movements for this purpose. On the opposite side is a round opening of different sizes. Each size produces different tones.


How useful is this instrument?

Hanpan is very popular and you can often see people using it in your area. The reasons are numerous, but most people agree that this is a very useful tool. It is especially interesting for families with children, because it can be used during the period when children are put to bed. It can also be used as a background sound to calm active children. It is a great choice for people who want to play an instrument and do not have enough time for training. Handpan can be learned to play very quickly and is used by people of all ages.

You don’t even need previous experience or training for it if you don’t mind improvising tones. It is an equally good choice for professional music and film projects. It fits perfectly into scenes that require a peaceful atmosphere, because the sound is earthy and can be used for the purpose of heavenly sounds. That is why you can often see it in sound therapy or in combination with other instruments. For example, these are Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and others. This multi-purpose instrument is also used as a healing tool. Thanks to a wide range of sounds, it is used during meditation, prayer and other ceremonies for the purpose of nurturing the mind and body.


So it’s not hard to learn to play handpan. All you need to do is listen to a few artists beforehand, research models and manufacturers. The best thing about this instrument is that you don’t have to know right away to play it to have fun.