4 Jobs Where Safety Must Be Factored In

There are numerous job and maintenance tasks around a house that could potentially be necessary to carry out. Being a homeowner means taking care of your property for decades and making sure it is safe and comfortable for yourself and all of your family members. If something is lacking it means that it can be better and that you are not using the full potential of your home. Therefore, you should try to fix it and make it better. With that being said, it is of course true that one cannot always do these highly diverse and challenging tasks on their own. When that is the case, one must call in some help in the form of contractors.

Contractors working in the home renovation come in all sorts of types and they deal with various scales of projects. From electricity and plumbing to gardening and reinforcing the foundation and framing of your home, all of the workers in this sector need to be mindful of the many safety issues. If an employee or a sub-contractor has an accident, it can be extremely costly both for them and for you especially if there was a safety hazard present or if there was no proper signage of information involved. Plenty of people end up visiting the local hospital because they have been working at dangerous height and had an unfortunate accident because of the lack of proper skills or equipment. The important thing is to not let that be you or anyone from the contractor team you hired.

In the following section we will talk about the jobs where safety matters the most and where it always has to be factored in. Make sure to always maximize safety if you ever have to carry out a project like that on your home so that everyone working on it remains free of injury and unpleasant or costly experiences.

1. Roofing and Gutter Repairs

Source: Berkeley Roofers

Anything that requires getting above the ground level using and a high ladder needs to be thought through and evaluated from all sides. With several hundred thousand people each year hurting themselves by slipping on a ladder, they are much more hazardous than people think. There are numerous fatal outcomes as well when greater heights and improper handling are at play.

The ladder can slip out from under you or wobble to much to make you fall, wet or uneven ground may make them shudder unexpectedly, and sometimes old ladder rungs can break without any warning resulting in the worker falling down uncontrollably.

If you or one of your team members are working at a considerable height, then consider wearing one of the safety harnesses available on the market that can arrest your fall. It could make all the difference between not falling off the roof at all and an expensive hospital bill, or even dying. You can find more information on harnessland.com so make sure to check it out and never again worry about potential falls.

2. Cutting Down a Tree

Source: Strydom Web Development

A homeowner may employ a tree cutting company to cut down a tree in their backyard because it is taking up too much space or getting in the way of wiring and other facilities on the property. It is a very common thing especially in rural areas with a lot of trees all over the neighborhoods.

This kind of project seems easy and straightforward but again, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It is one of those tasks people think they can do on their own and risk their life in the process. In reality, it is smart to think again about the relevant experience or tools needed for the job and hire a contractor instead.

If you are not a trained tree surgeon with years of experience, you will of course lack the knowledge and skills necessary to perform this task safely. The tree could fall unpredictably and cause damage to your car, home, or your neighbor’s property. Or perhaps, heaven forbid, the chainsaw might slip and veers off uncomfortably hurting your arm or leg. A tree surgeon is the best person to assess if the tree can be cut down safely so make sure to call them and make the surroundings as safe and clear as possible.

3. Replacing a Part of the Electrical Wiring

Source: The Spruce

Never take on electrical work unless you are suitably qualified because it is very easy to both mess up the entire network of your home and hurt yourself considerably. Often, handymen are happy to tackle virtually any job in the home, but electrical work is potentially dangerous, and it requires a specific set of skills and qualifications only true electricians possess. You need to be licensed and certified before doing electrical work, so make sure you are and check the certification of any sub-contractors working for you.

Remember to turn off all the devices connected to the plugs and wires that are about to be fixed, or just to be sure, cut all power to your home just in case. The electrician will know what to do so consult with them if you have no idea what you are doing. No need to get electrocuted and risk your life.

4. Paving a Driveway

Source: The WSDOT Blog

When the driveway is old and full of visible wear and tear marks, and the parts of the asphalt or concrete have all but crumbled away, a homeowner may decide to have it replaced with a new coat. Achieving a good finish to the driveway as a DIY job is never easy because there is so much to do prepare and do. Also, the combination of the hot driveway materials and heavy machinery needed to make it all happen can quickly make it overwhelming for an inexperienced homeowner.

Make sure you have the right equipment and that any employees doing the work have had training before working with scorching asphalt and heavy-duty gadgets. Accidents usually happen due to carelessness and ignorance, which can always be avoided. While some jobs are low-risk, others take longer or are riskier in one way or another. Carefully consider the ones to do and others to skip on your own. When doing so, leave your ego at the door because it is not worth taking on jobs you are not qualified to do safely.