How Hard Is It to Invent the Vaccine for Coronavirus

It has almost been a year since we have all been introduced to the coronavirus. We also have to keep in mind that it first appeared back in December or even October in China. Although, it became a worldwide problem back in February or March in 2024. In other words, a lot of times this past, many people have been sick and, unfortunately, many have also died. With such a great understanding of viruses and the human body, why was the world left in such a dire situation for so long? Why did not we get the vaccine earlier?

These are probably some of the questions you and I are asking ourselves. It simply does not make sense considering how advanced and modern our society is. Everyone should have been vaccinated by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case because countries just started getting their first few thousand doses.

So, the real question is this. How hard it is to invent a vaccine for the coronavirus? Well, it is a complicated answer, but fortunately, there is enough information on this topic online. You do not have to be a doctor or scientist to understand why.

Source: Voice of America

A long development process on average

Before we can start talking about the cure for COVID-19 and before we can start accusing governments of being lazy, there is one important thing everyone needs to understand. The development of a cure for a virus or a disease is a very long process. I am not talking about weeks or months. I am talking about years. Sometimes even decades. Yes, you read that right, the average time to develop and test such a cure is around 8 to 12 years. That is a lot of time.

The reason why the development process takes so long is that scientists and doctors need to ensure the safety of the vaccine. There are billions of people on the planet and every single one of them has some kind of uniqueness. Every human body is different in its own way. Different metabolism, structure, and many other things need to be taken into account.

In other words, these scientists have to clinically test every single possibility. All factors need to be considered when testing. Females, males, male children, female children, sick people, persons suffering from cancer, people that have recovered from cancer, tumors, diseases, other viruses, and thousands of other factors that might alter the effect of the vaccine.

So, to ensure that there will not be any serious side effects and dangers of a cure, scientists have to go through years of testing.

Source: BBC

The combined thinking power of several countries

What I said above does not really make sense when you consider that there is already a cure for COVID-19. In fact, it was first approved back in October or November 2024. A year has not gone by and there is already some kind of solution to this ridiculously dangerous virus.

How does that happen? Why is it possible to develop a solution in less than a year when it usually takes an entire decade? Well, I guess it all depends on the situation. Considering the danger of the virus, every country has invested everything they got to speed up the development process of a vaccine. First-world countries such as Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, China, and many others have combined their thinking powers to save the world.

To put it simply, for an invention to become successful, it needs financial power, support, and enough dedication as suggested by Invent Help. You can check this and see how exactly an idea can be brought to life. Just as the vaccine was brought to life.

Fortunately, that combined power worked and we do have a solution to this awful problem now in 2024. Of course, the cure is not perfect. The success rate is around 70%, but that is still quite high. 70% of the people are successfully blocking the symptoms of the coronavirus. It is definitely much better than nothing.

Either way, I am certain that in the next year, we are going to see a lot of alternative solutions. Some will be less effective and others may be 99% effective. But, for that, it will take a little bit more time. All that is left is for us to be patient.

Source: Times of India

We may have to wait a little bit longer

Right now, there are two vaccines that have been approved and authorized to be used worldwide. The first one is ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech while the other one is the Moderna. Both of them are safe and very effective with few side effects. There have been some reports of minor side effects such as nausea or high temperature, but even those side effects are gone after a few hours.

We also have to acknowledge the fact that there are a few vaccines that are in clinical trials in phase 3. In other words, they are going to be released very soon. So, keep an eye out for AstraZeneca, Janssen, and Novavax.

However, the problem we are going to have in 2024 is not about having a solution, the problem is having availability for that solution. The cure is here which is great and most medical staff and other first responders across the globe are going to get one for free. Unfortunately, since the availability of these vaccines is still very low, most of us are going to have to wait.

The development of billions of vaccines is not going to be easy. Most countries are getting their vaccines in percentile-based batches. For example, United States is going to gets 0.2% of the population. The same is going to apply to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, or whichever country.

Even though the cure for the coronavirus is here, we are going to have to be patient. Just a few more months of quarantine or self-isolation and we will probably get rid of this awful virus and we will be able to continue living a healthy and normal life.

From what I’ve understood, inventing a vaccine is a very difficult and long process in developing one in just under a year sounds impossible. Fortunately, with enough money and dedication, it became entirely possible.