6 Funny Present Ideas for Your Work Colleagues

Not being serious every once in a while is a really healthy thing. Whenever we go to work we try to be as professional as possible in front of everyone else there, but that sometimes gets quite boring. A fresh wave of positivity and fun is what each one of us needs every once in a while. One way to brighten up the atmosphere at work is by handing out creative and funny gifts to everyone you know. Interested in learning more? Luckily for you, that’s exactly why we created this article.

Today we’re talking funny present ideas, how to get them or how to make your own presents in case you are not satisfied with what’s being offered on the market.

1. You can’t go wrong with a coffee mug – Caffeine hype

Source: Pinterest

Everyone loves coffee, especially those in the corporate world. It’s what most of our mornings begin with and most people can’t even imagine spending a day without feeling that caffeine effect in their bodies.

Now when it comes to coffee mugs, everyone has their own favorite one. One that they use at work every day. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot gift them a better one. A custom-made mug is a great idea as the design itself can be really funny, and it’s also an inexpensive yet very useful gift. You’re not purchasing just anything, you’re purchasing a coffee mug which is the staple of work and productivity.

If you are out of ideas you can take a look at these hilarious designs over here at etsy.com, they really know their way with funny mugs.

2. A custom printed T-Shirt – Cheap yet funny

Source: AliExpress

Not every workplace has a dress code, and you can “abuse that” to have some fun while at work. Custom-printed T-Shirts are so easy to make nowadays and they can be a really funny gift if you have some inside jokes going on with your co-workers. Perhaps a quote or something related to the type of job you’re doing? Anything works really, just make it funny and you’re good to go. You can find tons of examples at etsy if you are all out of ideas at the moment.

We recommend this gift because it’s cheap and you can get multiple different prints for each colleague separately or many shirts with the same design for all of them. Once again, don’t do this unless your workplace doesn’t have any dress-code restrictions.

3. A Rubik’s cube with memes – Logic just became funny

Source: Little Obsessed

Solving a Rubik’s cube doesn’t need to be boring at all. Nowadays manufacturers get really creative with their designs so you can get a special Rubik’s cube that helps a co-worker get rid of extra stress while getting a hilarious result at the end. Some places allow you to order completely custom designs but we’re not sure if you’ll be able to find something like that in your area. Thankfully, you can order online if the deadline for the gift is not due. Basically the point of this is to get different results (a picture of something funny or an inside joke) every time you finish the cube. It shouldn’t cost you more than ten dollars at most, so a cheap yet funny gift that’s also productive at the same time.

4. A wine glass with a hilarious label – Who doesn’t love wine?

Source: Food52

Wine glasses with custom-printed labels on them are the best. Recently we ran into a design that said “I only have time for one glass of wine” but the glass was the size of an entire wine bottle. Of course this will be funny to your co-worker who loves wine, but it’s not the only thing that you can print out. The gift idea itself is a custom-label wine glass but for the slogan or the label itself you have to do some thinking or “borrow” an idea from the internet.

5. A funny sticker for their cubicle or laptop – Cheap and hilarious

Source: Pinterest

Ah, stickers, they make everything so much better, especially when they’re funny and you leave them at your co-workers place without letting them know who came up with the idea. Print out some inside jokes or do your own custom-made design based on a drawing, a caricature or anything similar and watch them laugh the entire day. You can even “stick” the sticker on your own somewhere in their working environment. Their desk or the sidewall of their cubicle. Don’t stick it to their car though, they might get mad.

6. A few dogecoins (DOGE) – Welcoming cryptocurrency gift

Source: CoinSwitch

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a cryptocurrency created as a meme, but it happens to be the most successful meme in the world. Currently the entire market cap of this coin is 3 billion dollars.

If you want to get some of your colleagues into the world of cryptocurrency, since that’s where our world is headed at the moment, this is a funny yet educative way to do it. And, it’s still a present because these coins have worth. They will grow in price according to the predictions, but your colleagues can also transfer them into another currency such as Bitcoin (BTC) if that’s what they want. An overall great gift that is both funny and a really smart investment for your colleagues in the long-term.


Bringing some positivity towards that serious, corporate mood in your office will be much appreciated by your colleagues. In order to do so, you should consider buying gifts. The gifts need to be funny though in order to cheer people up. In today’s article we listed six cool ideas that are affordable and easily purchasable, so feel free to invest a little bit and make someone’s day better. Get your boss one of these as well, who knows, you might get a raise.