How To Get Motivated When Depressed

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Depression usually occurs around the holidays and it comes from a variety of different sources. Fast way of living, bills and family issues come hand in hand with stress at work. Outside of taking medication – we can choose a much healthier way of resolving this modern disease. It is very important to start your morning with a positive motivation that inspires you throughout the day. Understanding why we are depressed should be just a first step towards our happiness.

Stay away from morning TV news!

Be focused on starting your day in a positive way. News are mostly negative and depressive. Shooting at the school, the war in the middle-east, horrible economy, cops chasing a crazy person on the highway and so on. None of that would deliver a positive approach towards your ultimate goal of happiness. It is much better to start your day with something more relaxing, such as Smooth Jazz.

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The next step that adds to your stress is traffic. It becomes over-packed during rush hours. Getting up slightly earlier would give us a more stress-free kind of options. Instead of drinking coffee, some fruit juice would be more beneficial. Vegetables and fruits are some sort of detox foods, which is good for inner body cleaning. On top of that – we can run on natural fruit sugar, which is the healthiest type of sugar.

Starting your business day can be very easy and simple by greeting your colleagues. Don’t forget some smile attached to it. Work does know how to be one of the most stressful things in our lives. We have to learn how to combat specific challenging situations and turn them into something positive. Upper and lower levels often get in verbal arguments which creates additional pressure. A good relationship with others is a must.

We need some relief after work. One of the best ways how to take off all the stress is physical exercise. Going to the gym or swimming works great for all. The gym does give us a lot of motivation to fight daily routine. A workout is the best direction that we can choose. Selecting the most suitable sports clothes at, is just a first step. Making yourself get into a daily routine of exercise is a real challenge. Finding the right motivation reasons to start and keep up should be listed on the paper and placed on the bathroom mirror.

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As CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) explained that getting into a routine of ongoing physical activity can reduce the probability of depression development. Even exercising three times per week would provide mental benefits. It does take about 48 hours after your training to repair your muscles.

Our evenings should be more relaxed in some calm environment. Coffee shops or football bars can give us a great evening pleasure right before the bed.

Choose the right relationships – people that would share your joy of success with you. Have them on your list of support network type of friends if you trust them and if you feel comfortable sharing your feelings when you are overwhelmed. Volunteering would take you out from daily depression struggles. Just by knowing that you are helping someone in need would increase your motivation and desire to go out of your apartment. Staying socially connected should be a part of your daily routine, while your loved ones can give you support and encouragement.

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Depression comes frequently as a lack of motivation. If we struggle coping with some of the issues in life at the specific moment, that might have a direct effect on your self-confidence which as a result can lead to depression. Celebrating small victories and achievements in life can help you increase your self-worth type of approach. Furthermore, depression can lower your functioning all the way down to 20% or less from what you are capable of doing. Depression is capable of killing motivation to complete even the simplest tasks of your work assignments while going through big challenges. Understand the feeling after completing a certain task. You should notice the difference between the feeling of doing things that you have to do and things that actually create some pleasure for you.

Do not get overwhelmed at work by assigning yourself way too much. Try to lower expectations of yourself to some reasonable level that you feel comfortable working with. Here is the thing – if you have colleagues that do the same job as you do, you might be able to slowly shift certain tasks to them with anyone even noticing it. This technique is also applicable if you are in the management – just constantly keep assigning tasks to workers, so that you stay as clean as possible. Trying to achieve perfection will kill anything good in your work. So, allow yourself to accept less than perfect results.

When you are at work – try to focus on one thing at the time. Multitasking turns to be less productive, increases the chance of making mistakes, while ongoing phone calls can kill the train of thoughts. It might be smart to allow your phone call to go to your voicemail. Check them a few times during the day when you have a moment.

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Feeding you depression with thrives on doubts, negative thoughts and fears. All of the mentioned does have a tendency to feed your depression. Meditation helps here. The very basic steps of meditation teach us how to reject thoughts that we are bombarded with and learn how to be present at the moment without thinking about anything specific. The only thoughts allowed in meditation are the ones related to our breathing. Outside of meditation – we can be focused on positive thoughts on the world outside. Small and easy tasks can help us get more relaxed, while we are absorbing specific sounds. Listen to the sound of water while you are washing dishes and feel the water on your hands. Whatever you do – try to be focused on little things around you which have similarities with meditation techniques. This will help you live in the moment, instead of regretting events that happened such a long time ago and don’t have any effect on our daily lives these days.