How Google Users look at the Search Page?

According to the statistics and current trends, only websites that are on the first page in the search are getting a lot of visitors. To be more precise, more than two-thirds of all visitors belong to websites that will come up as the first five in the search list. Also, only a small amount of users will check more than one page in the browser when they are looking for something.

The ranking in the search engine is crucial for every website, and if the website is in the first few places when you search for it, then there are great chances that it will have preferred traffic. Most of the people usually don’t search through many pages when they are looking for something. They often choose something in the first five results, and that is the reason why good positioning in the search engine is so important for the traffic of the website.

For people who have their websites, and the professionals in the search engine optimization, it is necessary to understand how an average Google user will see their website in the search engine. According to, every website must have a proper optimization that will help it to get more visitors and a higher position in the search engine.

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The Importance of Search Engine Result Position

As we already said, the success in traffic of some website highly depends on its position in the search tools. According to some researches, there is more than a 70% click-through rate for websites that come up on the first page in the Google search. Also, Google is using the statistics from the click-through for the positioning of webpages.

Google has the organic search rankings that are using keywords for positioning of the sites in pages. There is a constant need for updating the algorithms for the search engine, and companies are always looking for improvement of their strategies for better search engine optimization.

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The Organic Search Results

The organic search result represents an actual position of the website in the search list. However, with the presence of ads, or even Google Maps, the site that has a first position in the organic search can be under four or five ads, and even more in some situations. The statistics say that a web page without ads that is first in the organic search can have only around 30% for click-through rate.

Also, Google has implemented a lot of snippets and maps in the search engine, so it would make the user easier to find the result. With all of these advancements, it is a lot easier for a user of Google search to find out some answer of whatever he is looking for without even seeing the first result in the organic search.

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The Influence on Users

With the improvement of the search engine result positioning, users can quickly find what they are searching for without leaving the first page, or even scrolling down. With the combination of a snippet and some pictures, there is a smaller chance that the user will even open the first page in the organic search.

Today, with all of these advancements in the search engine, an average user only needs around five seconds to decide about what site he will choose. And in most situations, it is some that are above the organic search, the ad, picture, or a snippet.

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How to be More Visible to Users?

Since there are so many advancements in this field, the SEO needs constant upgrades. It is important for the owners of websites and people who are optimizing sites to keep track of frequent changes that Google is making to improve and simplify its searching tool. Website owners often wonder what are the best website builders when it comes to SEO and there are many different opinions, so checking the reviews on would help you a lot in finding the perfect one for you.

There are some solutions for site owners to get more traffic. First of all, the website should have some authentic keyword that is proven to have better results in traffic, but that doesn’t have too many users. Also, the keyword must be precise to the field that the website is promoting.

Furthermore, there is a way that some content from your website might come out in the featured snippet results. To complete this, you will have to add some specific questions in the blog section of your website that later might be shown in the featured snippet.

Also, the web page must have an optimized tag and description to be shown in the search engine. Additionally, it is very important for the site to be fast and that everyone could open it with a smartphone.

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Which Results in Search Have the Most Visitors?

The fast selection of some search results also depends on the complexity of the search. While there is only a 5% chance that the user will go on the second page of the search results, the chances are a lot bigger if someone is looking for some specific answer.

For example, if someone is looking for some scientific research or any other more complex information, the chances are bigger that he will be more interested in scrolling to the end of the page or visiting the second and the third ones.

People who are professionals in the field of website optimizations, developers, people in marketing, and owners of websites such as online stores, they all depend on how will be the traffic of some specific website.

When the search engine is upgrading so fast, all of the users have to keep track, especially ones that have their business completely envious to the internet users. Even if you have a great SEO for your website, that still doesn’t mean that you will be in the first results in the search engines, because it requires a lot more today to have bigger traffic on the site.

You should follow current trends, and try to get your website in the area with the ads or to have some of the questions from the blog on your site shown in the snippet. As long as you follow all of the novelties in the search tool and implement them, there is a good chance for your website to be seen and to have a lot of clicks and visitors.