Highest Paying Jobs for Felons – 2024

When it comes to finding the highest paying jobs for people with a felony, you can to go with the best. So we have compiled the list for you.

Highest Paying Jobs For Felons

1. Electrician

Source: Build-Pride

Electricians are valued workers in any community, and most electrical companies are willing to hire felons for this position. To work as an electrician, you must have attended a vocational school and gotten a paid apprenticeship afterward. You will also need to check if there are any laws against felons working as electricians in your state. Importantly, if you were convicted of violent crimes, some companies may be unwilling to hire you. This is because some companies send electricians to the homes of their clients.
An electrician can earn $15-$28 per hour. You can also visit www.electricianclasses.com to find the best online electrician courses.

2. Film Editor

Source: Career Girls

Felons who are interested in videography can become film editors. This job is for creatives and to excel in this field; an individual must get the necessary training. To become a film editor, you will need a college degree in a relevant course. Having other certificates or educational qualifications is not necessary but will be an added advantage when you are trying to become a film editor.  To be hired for editing jobs, you must build an online portfolio that potential clients can assess. In a lot of cases, film editors work on their own or as a freelancer; hence, a background check is not necessary. Amateur film editors can earn up to $15 per hour. Professional or seasoned editors can earn up to $41 per hour. However, editors that work for themselves can set their price per hour. Check this website for more information on jobs for felons.

3. Graphic Designer

Source: Career Girls

If you are a great artist, you can turn your skill or hobby into a career. Felons can work as graphic designers if they are talented or qualified for the job. A graphic designer creates visual aids to communicate an idea or sell a product and most advertising or marketing companies are always hiring effective graphic designers. To become a professional graphic designer, you need a degree in a relevant course. However, if you will be working as a freelancer, you may be able to work without a degree. Graphic designers may be paid $14-$26 per hour. The freelance graphic designer may choose not to bill a client by the hour but by the complexity of the work they are doing.

4. Handyman

Source: Warrior DIY

Felons who are good at doing tasks or repairing items around the home can become Handymen. The tasks that handymen do are usually minor and do not require that you call an expert. For example, a handyman can repair a broken hinge, move furniture, paint a room, clean tiles, clean windows or install delivered furniture. For tasks like repairing a refrigerator or burst pipes, you will need the services of an electrician and plumber.
To become a handyman, you do not need a vocational certificate or degree. However, it is best if you have experience fixing things around the house. Handymen can work for a company or work for themselves. The amount a handyman makes varies and will be determined by the work he or she is hired to do.

5. HVAC/R Technician

Source: ACHRNews

An HVAC/R technician is an individual that specializes in the installation and repair of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. HVAC systems are always in use; these systems are in our homes, offices and even factories. Hence there is a demand for HVAC/R technicians. Being an HVAC/R technician is tasking and involves working at odd hours and without notice. For these reasons, this may not be the ideal job for a lot of people. Because of this, many companies are willing to hire felons.
To become an HVAC/R technician, you must attend a vocational school and get a paid apprenticeship. Some states require that you have a license before you work with refrigerants.
HVAC/R technicians can make $14-$24 per hour.

6. Landscaping worker

Source: Ed2Go

Landscaping workers usually work for landscaping companies. A lot of landscaping companies offer felons a second chance and aid their reentry to society by giving them a job. Being a landscaping worker is hard work, it involves pruning plants, applying fertilizer, digging trenches, mowing the lawn and installing sprinklers. Your duties as a landscaping worker may depend on the client you are working for. To become a landscaping worker, you do not need a license. However, if you will be applying pesticides, you will need a license. Also if you want to open a landscape company, you will need to acquire a relevant degree and a license. Landscaping workers can make $9-$14 hourly.

7. Locksmith

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A felon can make a living by offering their services as a locksmith. However, not all felons can become locksmiths. If you have been arrested for burglary, theft and violent acts, you might be unable to get a locksmith’s license. As a locksmith, your job duties will involve fixing and repairing locks in the house. You may also have to make or duplicate keys to these locks. In some cases, you may be asked to create a security system for a client. Being a locksmith is an excellent job if you want to be self-employed.
To become a locksmith, you must attend a vocational college. Locksmiths can earn $11-$21 per hour.

8. Marketer

Source: Forbes

Marketing and advertising companies are always searching for marketers. This is why they may be willing to hire felons who are passionate about marketing or marketing strategies. Felons can become marketers without a college degree. While some companies require that marketers have a degree and experience, other companies are willing to hire individuals who do not have a degree.

If you do not enjoy working as a team or would like to work from home, you can join affiliate marketing programs. By using these affiliate programs, you can become an online marketer. However, in a formal marketing job, you receive a base salary before marketing commissions. As an online marketer, you will not have a base salary, you will make your commissions when you sell an item.

9. Mobile App Developer

Source: Developers Academy

We live in a world where mobile phones are now more than phones. Phones now have multiple functions that exceed making calls and sending texts. The apps on our phones can help us organize our day, convert measurements and more. For this reason, app development companies are always looking for new ideas. If you are good at making apps, you should consider delving into the technology sector. Companies in this sector will be willing to offer you a second chance if you can add value to the company. Some mobile app developers can work from their homes.
To become a mobile app developer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant course. Mobile app developers in the USA earn $30 to $50 per hour.

10. Mechanical Engineering Technician

Source: Durham College

Felons who enjoy working with or building machinery can work as mechanical engineering technicians. Mechanical Engineering Technicians are individuals that assist mechanical engineers. They sketch, design, manufacture, test and modify engineering equipment. To become a mechanical engineering technician, you need an associate degree. Having additional training in mechanical engineering technology is an added advantage. Mechanical Engineering Technicians can make up to $56,000 yearly.