Grease Trap Service Benefits

There are numerous inventions which improve the quality of our daily life, some of them being used more often than others. Some things just have so much impact and make our lives easier, but we are not even sure of their presence. One of those things are Grease Traps. They exist, they prevent so many problems from happening, yet we don’t give them enough appreciation, and some of us don’t even know that they exist.

In this article, we are going to talk about Grease Traps, what they are, how they work, and most importantly, why it’s much recommended to do maintenance on them regularly. If you are the owner of a restaurant perhaps, or you are just a curious person eager to learn some more every day, feel free to stay with us until the end of this article, we’ll make sure that your time is worth it.

So, since there’s a lot to talk about, let’s end this right here and get to the useful information, shall we?

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What exactly are Grease Traps?

The name of this plumbing device is pretty interesting, but also very self-explanatory. Grease Traps are exactly what the name suggests, traps for Grease. Okay, let’s explain things a bit further. Whenever you are using your kitchen’s sink, let’s say that you are preparing food at a restaurant, and you are about to let most of the “mess” go down the drain, you are basically risking a potential pipe blockage that can cause a lot of harm.

The large amounts of oil which are used for all the food preparation can become very “solidy” when they are cooled off and combined with other solid materials which were also washed down the drains. It might not sound like something very dangerous at first or something that you should worry about, but when this happens for a longer period, it can be pretty hazardous for the pipe system.

So, the role of a Grease Trap is to collect all of the potentially harmful grease, and let the other not-so-harmful things enter the sewer pipes, keeping things safe for everyone. Of course, Grease Traps can also get full after some time, and they’ll need to be emptied, or they can break and they’ll require maintenance themselves. This is where you’ll have to pay for a professional service.

Benefits of Grease Trap Service

There are many benefits of regularly doing a service to your plumbing devices, and this will make sure that they’ll keep running properly for a long time before you ever need a replacement. However, longevity is not the only benefit, so let’s take a look at a couple of other important ones that you need to know of.

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  • Maintaining a Healthy Working Environment

If you are running a restaurant, you’ll regularly be checked for your working circumstances, and if something’s not right, you can get your license taken away by the authorities. One of the reasons why maintaining this plumbing device is very important, is because when the grease slowly builds up, it can become highly toxic, and this is not safe for the worker’s health. Besides, everybody in your kitchen will notice that something is wrong because when the thing gets really full, you’ll start feeling a very unpleasant smell, and you don’t want this in a professional kitchen. So, regular maintenance will prevent these things from happening, so give your best to have professional emptying it before it reaches the maximum levels.

  • Saving Money in the Long Run

Just like we mentioned earlier, when you take care of something and you maintain it properly, it will last for a long time, and you won’t need a replacement. Most people don’t really maintain their plumbing devices very often, because they think they are saving money this way when instead they are setting themselves up for a huge expense later on.

Maintenance costs a lot less than replacement, so when you do the math, it’s really worth it to do it regularly. If you don’t know where to get such professional service, or you are just looking to see a few good examples of it, make sure to check, especially if you are from that area.

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  • Saving the Sewers

A sewer system is something that serves a lot of people at once. We don’t have a separate sewer system for every person living on this planet, so we are sharing something that we feel to be very unimportant until we realize how significant it is upon its malfunction. You never know how important a sewer is until it gets blocked and all the waste starts pouring outside, and there is only one way to avoid this.

Regular Grease Trap maintenance will make sure that the sewers and the pipes in it stay completely healthy and functional. Imagine what could happen if an entire food district, a street filled with restaurants, doesn’t take care of the waste-traps properly, or even worse, they don’t invest in one. If all the grease goes into the pipes, a catastrophe is about to happen very soon, and fixing that will cost you a lot more.

  • You’ll show Professionalism

Everybody loves an owner that takes proper care of the business. When people see that you are paying attention even to the smallest details, they’ll appreciate you even more for being that way. This can often mean an increased reputation and will to work amongst the employees. Besides, in some countries and cities, you are required to submit monthly reports and evidence that you’ve done such things, so don’t get yourself into trouble and end up paying a lot more than just a few bucks that you would’ve paid for regular maintenance.



Grease Traps are very important plumbing devices that keep our sewer systems health, up and running at all times. However, they are doing all the hard work, and sooner or later they’ll need to be emptied, and for this you’ll have to hire a professional service. Maintaining costs a lot less than replacing the actual thing, so make sure to regularly do it as there are tons of benefits to it.