Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Guide


Sepulcher of the FO is Blizzard Entertainment’s third and final raid in Shadowlands. It will have 11 bosses of varying difficulty, and will end with a stunning battle in space against Zovaal, The Jailer himself. In this short guide, you can learn about the most important features of Sepulcher of the FO, including information about loot, rewards, hard-to-get raid achievements, and the release date of this content patch.

As usual, Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing SOTFO in stages.

In the first week, the first 8 bosses will become available on all difficulty levels except Mythic. Week 2 unlocks Mythic difficulty and unlocks all bosses in all modes.

SOTFO LOCATION and bosses release date


There are 11 bosses in Sepulcher of the FO. During the first week of Sepulcher of the FO in Normal and Heroic modes, only the first 8 bosses will be available, and Anduin will be the last boss of the first week. During Week 2, three final bosses will also become available in all modes.

In the first week of SOTFO, the first 8 bosses will appear in Normal and Heroic modes:

  • Vigilant Guardian
  • Skolex the insatiable devourer
  • Artisan Xymox
  • Dausegne, the fallen oracle
  • Pantheon Prototype
  • Lihuvim, Chief Architect
  • Halondrus restorer
  • Anduin Wrynn

In the second week of SOTFO, 3 final bosses will also appear on all modes:

  • Low difficulty Lords of Dread
  • Rygelon medium difficulty
  • Challenging difficulty levels The Jailer, Zovaal

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Hard raid achievements

  • Power ON: Kill the Vigilant Guardian after a quick Depleted Automa in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Four Ring Circus: Defeat Dausegne, Fallen Oracle while carrying the Afterlife Core in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • The Protoform Matrix: Defeat Lihuvim by quickly defeating Reaving Automa: Neo in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Shimmering Secrets: Defeat Halondrus the Reclaimer while having six Strange Artifacts in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Coming to Terms: Defeat Anduin Wrynn after defeating Anduin’s Grief in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Amidst Ourselves: Defeat Lords of Dread by finding and completing one reasonably easy quest during Infiltration of Dread in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Damnation Aviation: Defeat the Jailer by collecting six Progenitor Orbs in Sepulcher of the FO on Normal difficulty or higher.

Bonus Tip: How to Be Better at WoW in General

The popularity of the WoW game is constantly increasing. Even though this is not a new game, many players are attracted by it. Since it brings a lot of entertainment, thrilling and new obstacles, it is not strange that people love playing it. As much as you play the game, it can never become boring. However, whether you are new in the WoW world, or you just looking for some ways of how you can improve your skills, keep reading this article. Sometimes, the advice that we are looking for is hidden in simple steps.

Learn from your mistakes

The only way to get better in something when you are struggling and facing obstacles is to learn from your previous and current mistakes. This becomes very significant when you find yourself in a situation where you are playing with some really good players. Therefore, you should never stop learning new things and improving your skills and gaming performances.  When you are faced off against someone who is really experienced in the game and has the same gear as you do, he would perform better. Therefore, you need to figure out where are you making mistakes and how you can fix them. Self-evaluation is key to achievement. If you can evaluate your performance, you will be able to develop and make huge progress and not let being stuck through the process. Just have in your mindset constantly how you can improve.

Play with better players


If you have noticed in every team sport, whether it is some traditional sport or gaming sport, it can be incredibly hard to carry a group of average players to the winning. You are aware of the fact that many WoW players have rich knowledge, skills, and talents to achieve good results. If you start playing with such top talented players, you will feel the obligation to put a huge effort to make the improvement and become a better player. If you avoid playing with good players, you will just stay at the same place and not let yourself develop. It is incredibly significant to look at how top players react in some situations, how they are facing obstacles, and whether they have some special tricks and tips that they use for achieving better gaming results. Additionally, you can be free to ask some experienced player for advice and implement that in your gaming performance.

Take your time

A WoW game can really look like something complex to both beginners and players who have played the game before. There is always space for learning new things that are waiting for you in the game. However, if you are patient enough you can easily jump to another obstacle and figure things out as you go with it. It is very important to take time and enjoy this gaming world that WoW brings. This is not a world that you can fully experience in just a short time, therefore prepare yourself for a journey that you will slowly adapt to. We suggest you practice your movement constantly, and eventually you will see some positive results.