10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Require a Lot of Grooming

Every dog is different. Ones are big, others are small. Some pups are strong and athletic, others are playful and great with kids. With that being said, a large concern for many people is the challenges of grooming. It’s not the easiest thing to do, hence it’s worth knowing the least demanding breeds when it comes to grooming. If you like dogs and want to get one, but aren’t willing to spend too much time on grooming, these are the breeds for you.

1. Beagles

Source: be.chewy.com

A fan favourite all over the planet, Beagles are one of the best-known dog breeds. They are barkers and have impeccable sense of smell, but AKC (American Kennel Club) also lists them as a dog that doesn’t have that many grooming needs. While not the easiest to train, the Beagles are sure easy to distract and groom. Despite having what’s called a coat of medium-length, they rarely get tangles and don’t shed too much. However, consistent ear cleaning is a must.

2. Chihuahuas

Source: Perfect Dog Breeds

Hey, Chihuahua… The theme music pops into the heads of many when they see these little pups. The Chihuahua is an interesting dog breed which is fairly popular pretty much all over the world. Due to its small size, they make excellent house and apartment dogs with many owners/parents proudly moving about with them in the most glamorous parts of the city. And yes, the Chihuahua is sort of the flagship dog of neighbourhoods like Beverly Hills, etc. And you shouldn’t be surprised to why the rich & famous love Chihuahuas. They’re actually very easy to take care of. Their small size and reasonably short coat requires minimal time for grooming. Brushing is almost effortless and needed seldom.

3. Greyhounds

Source: The Guardian

Greyhounds are massively underrated. They’re best-known for being amazing sprinters and the fastest breed on the planet, clocking at around 40mph (72 kph) at full speed. However, many don’t even know that they make excellent house pets. While super speedy and quick, they’re actually labelled as borderline couch-potatoes at home. A Greyhound is super social and very friendly to people as well as dogs. They’re quite gentle with kids and love being around you. Thanks to the great lot of positive character traits, the Greyhound also comes equipped with a very short coat which doesn’t require frequent baths and tons of grooming.

4. Weimaraners

As you can see on plain sight, Weimaraner’s have a very unique look. This isn’t just great aesthetics, too. Their extremely short coat is excellent for those people who can’t spend too much time on brushing and cutting the hair. The short hair is also a plus when you consider and factor in reduced bathing times. Searching for ticks and washing dirt? The AKC lists this particular pup as friendly, a slight daredevil, very high-energy but eager to please. So, if you fancy someone fun but without any fuss over grooming, this is probably your best bet.

5. Dobermans

Source: Wikipedia

The Doberman pinscher stands out in the eyes of most as an aggressive, mega-strong fighting dog. However, if socialised from an early age, they’re actually more than friendly and gentle. Dobermans are probably amongst the most intelligent dog breeds and thanks to their strong build, need more physical activity rather than grooming. Their coat is short and won’t shed too much. Brushing them once in a week seems sufficient enough.

6. Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Source: Ty the Dog Guy

This breed is getting more and more recognition and more and more popularity over these past years. They’re a great choice overall, but if you only consider grooming, the Rhodesian Ridegbacks are amongst the least demanding dog breeds. The have a short coat which means less care for the hair. They also don’t smell, so bathing only needs to be done once every 10-14 weeks. However, you mustn’t overlook brushing entirely, as all breeds of dogs need it in order to have dead hair and leftover dirt speckles removed from their fur.

7. Dachshunds

Source: For My Dachshund

As one of the most unique-looking dog breeds in the world, Dachshunds are well-known for their short legs, long body and low centre of gravity. In truth, these pups are quite independent and have their own minds. If you opt for a short-haired Dachshund, you won’t need too much attention and finances in order to sufficiently meet their grooming requirements. Forget about tiring and frequent brushing sessions or lots of hair cutting. Once every 5-7 months they will require a haircut while hair brushing isn’t needed more than once every 7-10 days if your Dachshund doesn’t get dirty outside.

8. Boxers

Source: Pet Assure

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes a boxer as a loyal, quite shy dog. That’s opposite of what you expect after seeing them. Their tough and athletic build can make it seem like they’re just fighting dogs while in reality, a Boxer is just as much of a lover, as he is a fighter. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that this strong, yet mildly reserved dog isn’t at all demanding when it comes to hair and other grooming. That’s possible all thanks to their short and very thin coat.

9. Great Dane

Source: akc.org

A Great Dane is a big dog that originated in Germany, where they were used for hunting and guarding. These gentle giants are known for their fun personalities and desire to interact with people. Their coat sheds a lot, but regular brushing helps keep it in top shape. You can brush your dog’s hair with a firm bristle brush and shampoo it if needed. Brushing your Great Dane’s coat regularly keeps it clean and healthy and reduces the number of baths he needs.

Bathing a Great Dane can be tough, especially if they’re not looking forward to it.

Give them a positive grooming experience filled with praise and rewards, and they’ll be easier to handle when they’re older. Great Danes are surprisingly affectionate, even though they’re big dogs. You only need to brush their short coats once a week since they have short hair. Check out petdogplanet.com for more articles about dog breeds.

10. Vizsla

Source: a-z-animals.com

Vizslas are smart, active, and super loyal, and they love to burn out their energy outside, whether it’s hunting or jogging.

Their intelligence, energy, and fun-loving nature make them a great choice for active families. In addition, they don’t get the typical dog smell that some breeds get without enough grooming. Vizsla dogs are fairly low maintenance when it comes to grooming due to their short, sleek coats.

Unavoidable grooming tasks

Despite the fact that we listed 8 incredible dog breeds that require very little grooming, the reduction of grooming needs is mostly associated to bathing and hair trimming. Thus, it’s probably easy to understand why Sheepdogs and Shetland Collies are much harder to groom than Boxers, Greyhounds, Weimaraners or other pups featured on our list.

Despite this, there are some grooming jobs that can’t be avoided and overlooked. Regardless of coat length and thickness, all dogs need to have their ears and eyes cleaned as well as nail trim. When you’re cleaning the ears, make sure to never use water and avoid using Q-tips. Do it with other tools, specifically made for dogs. When you’re removing pus from the eyes – go slow and be gentle, you don’t want to poke them in the eye.

When you’re trimming nails, get a nail grinder instead of clippers. The latter are much more dangerous to use and will never match the precision of grinders. If you want to know more about these devices, click here to read a cool in-depth article from Our Pets Mag, which will help you find the best grooming apparatus for your pet!