Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2024


The main reason why cryptocurrencies became so popular is the features they have. The features that distinguish them from fiat money and that are provided by decentralization and anonymity. Characteristics that are so demanded in the twenty-first century, an era of digitalization. The loud talks about crypto began about five years ago, but the market popularity peaked three years ago when all the tokens soared. Now we have more than three thousand altcoins, and they are getting more and more every year.

Every newcomer who has just discovered the crypto sphere and doesn’t know all the nuances of this field has 2 important questions: how to purchase crypto and which platform to choose. And while the first one is not so hard to answer, the second issue is much more difficult. To help these beginners and maybe to open up avenues of reflection to the old-timers, we decided to draw up a list of 10 best crypto exchanges.

So if you are set up to invest in digital currencies, examine the article and find your service!

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1. ChangeHero

It is a crypto exchange and instant swapping service where you are able to swap between different electronic currencies and trade them with bank cards through a third-party service “Mercuryo”. The platform operates for two years, and it has conquered the hearts of many in the crypto community. It is known as a safe online exchange because it is non-custodial — its users are in control of their money. It supports a huge diversity of tokens, and its website is available in a wide range of languages.

2. Changelly

This swapping platform is extremely popular. Changelly offers a mechanism of fixed rates that provide protection against market fluctuation risks during the exchange process. When a user sees aggregate figures, the service integrates a small reserve inside the exchange rate to keep them stable. The service launched an app in 2 modifications — for iOS and Android — not so long ago, and the exchange process became even more comfortable. Changelly keeps the right to request its users for KYC verification in some instances.

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3. ChangeNOW

If you aim at practicing crypto-to-crypto trading, it is the best bet. The service enables 2 ways of exchanging coins: applying the floating rate or the fixed-rate mechanism. It has its token called NOW — it has moved from ETH blockchain to Binance manner not long ago. Initially, the service was constructed on the Changelly API basis. Therefore their interfaces are much alike. ChangeNOW reserves the right to ask its users to pass KYC verification, if necessary, temporarily freezing suspicious transactions.

4. Quickex

Quickex is among the best platforms that enable to exchange of cryptos and monitor the market value of currency pairs. It is convenient and would be a perfect choice for newcomers — to complete the transaction, you should follow 3 easy steps. It is a secure platform to use. Quickex offers a wide spectrum of token pairs available for transactions and some of the industry’s lowest fees. The platform is distinguished by remarkable speed: its average transaction time may vary from 10 to 15 minutes.

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5. Swapy

This swapping service tells that it offers its clients the best exchange rate possible. Over 70 different cryptocurrencies are available for exchange on the platform. It is very good about this place because its clients don’t need to place orders by themselves. The prices are good, and the charges are the law. It also provides a very convenient function — you can trace exchange flows to your wallet online right on the display of your gadget.

6. is an automated exchange service. It provides its users with a huge selection of different cryptocurrencies to swap. The platform offers high limits, and the special system chooses for you the best rates possible. The service is distinguished by an incredibly friendly support team, which is here to help you at all times of day and night.

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7. CoinCraddle

This instant crypto swapping service is undoubtedly worth trusting. The developers say they are improving the service constantly to offer its clients the best exchange experience. Users don’t have to be registered to start swapping — CoinCreddle is safe as much as possible. Transactions are fast — it usually takes about 10 minutes or less to complete one.

8. Shapeshift

The platform has been strongly criticized after the statement on the adoption of a fully verified model. Nevertheless, it still lives and even flourishes. This crypto exchange is a non-custodial one, i.e., it doesn’t keep its clients’ deposits, and the funds are never vulnerable to hacks. 29 coins are offered here, and an exceptional exchange rate is provided for every token, updating online (every 30 seconds). An average “miner” fee is about 0.5%, no additional fees are being charged.

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9. Anycoin Direct

The platform was created seven years ago. This instant swapping service is very handy and convenient so that it will be an excellent option for beginners. Customer support is always here for you, and it does its job very well. Developers describe their core values like reliability, friendliness, transparency, and passion. The exchange is fast and trustworthy, but the fees are quite high.

10. InstaEx

The service has set an aspirational target: to become the handiest, protecting, and quick instant crypto swapping service while keeping a competitive exchange rate. People shouldn’t enter their email addresses to use the service. The platform also doesn’t ask its clients to pass KYC procedures. InstaEx offers more than 150 currencies available for swapping, trading amount with no limits, and fixed rates.

This is it. We hope we helped you to find your way through the maze of cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose wisely, determine your priorities, and after that, you can begin your trading journey. Good luck!