5 Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Inventors

When you think of someone who thinks of inventions, you are probably imagining some genius in a lab coat in a laboratory working on a prototype. Believe it or not, but most inventors are actually normal everyday people who have thought of a solution to some problem they face in their lives.

Movie stars, rock stars, and other celebrities are also faced with an everyday problem, but they can deal with their problems easily because they can use their wealth to support their inventions. Some of them have thought of something that will make their working lives easier, others have had a great idea and some have been inspired to help other people.

Here are some of those famous people who are inventors.

1. Charlie Sheen – Chapstick dispenser

Source: ABC News

­­This legendary comedy actor well known for his roles in Two and a Half Men and Spin City is also one of those people who have thought of a solution to a problem. While driving his car to work, he noticed that his lips felt a bit dry and took the lip balm out of his pocket. Since most lip balms have a cap, he had trouble opening it while his other hand was on the steering wheel. At this moment he thought of the genius idea to create a lip balm dispenser that you would be able to use with just one hand. With just the press of a button, the balm would pop out and with another press, it would retract.

While it definitely is a great idea, it was denied by the company Chapstick.

2. Eddie Van Halen – Guitar Support

Source: Consequence of Sound

This legendary American guitarist and songwriter is one of the most famous guitarists in the entire world. He changed the entire rock industry with his skill and presence. His band Van Halen was also one of the reasons how he spread his fame all around the world.

During the 70s and 80s, the Van Halen band was constantly creating new music, new hits and touring the world. You would think that a rock star that is so busy with his rock-star life wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

But, Eddie Van Halen managed to think of an invention that helped him play his guitar more efficiently at concerts. If you are familiar with this guitarist then you probably know his signature move of using both hands to slap on the strings which create an amazing song. However, holding the guitar and playing the guitar would get complicated at times for him. He always felt like he needed one more hand.

He thought of the idea to put support on the bottom of the guitar’s body which could be opened or closed at any time. So, any time he wanted to let go of the guitar, he would pop out the support and use his body to hold it.

If you feel like you also need this kind of support while playing a stringed instrument, why not check out Eddie’s product?

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3. James Cameron – Underwater propeller

Source: www.rolex.cn

James Cameron is a legendary Canadian filmmaker that is best known for his work on Avatar, Titanic and even The Terminator. This genius of a director has also spent some time inventing several different things. James Cameron claims that most of his motivation to create invention comes from his film making career. He was constantly faced with challenges and obstacles that he wanted to deal with. Not only will he make the world a better place, but he would also be one of the first directors in the entire industry that would take such risky and huge steps.

For example, The Abyss is one of a kind movie that cannot be compared with anything else. However, filming a movie that follows the story of a submarine and a deep-sea recovery team seemed like an impossible task. But, James genius’ is what made this film possible.

He thought of the apparatus that would allow users to be propelled underwater. A couple of propellers, a few oxygen tanks and a camera strapped onto is everything that Cameron needed to make this movie become reality. If you ever watch The Abyss, you will definitely appreciate the underwater shots even more.

4. Bill Nye – Ballet toe shoe

Source: National Geographic Society

Commonly referred to as Bill Nye the Science Guy and well known from his famous TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy. This lovable character is not just a TV presenter and entertainer, but he is also a mechanical engineer.

However, even though through his life he mostly focused on physics and mechanical engineering, he still wanted to do some good in other parts of the world. He realized that the pointe toe shoe ballet dancers wore were a model that was a few centuries old. Bill quickly analyzed the idea of this shoe and came to the conclusion that it is the main reason why many ballerinas experience unrecoverable damage to their feet. It was also the cause of foot-related diseases that would show up later in life.

Fortunately, he decides that it was time to improve the shoe and created a better ballet toe shoe which gave ballerinas a lot more support and balance. This effectively reduces the stress on the toes and the feet which also reduces the risk of spraining an ankle or doing any kind of irreparable damage. He created the modern standard for ballet shoes.

5. Jamie Lee Curtis

Source: The Independent

Another very famous actress that has been in one of the most successful movies in Hollywood. You probably know her from movies such as Halloween, True Lies (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Trading places.

But, Jamie is not just an amazing actress, she is also an inventor. She came up with the idea of adding a waterproof pocket on diapers in which you could store wet wipes, to make the lives of mothers easier. Unfortunately, she does not want to create this product until biodegradability becomes a standard in the diaper industry.