Can Argentina Finally Win Another World Cup With Messi


Predictions for the World Cup have already begun. Lionel Messi himself has already predicted that Argentina will win the 2024 Qatar Championship and it will be his last match before retirement from the national team.

He is a person with a grand personality, loved by many, and everyone hopes he will win this time for his beloved homeland.

Some people say that Argentina and England will face each other in the final. Kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya is getting ready for the excitement, even though there is a month until the championship officially starts.

Although for now there are no official tips, only the groups are known, football fans are already predicting what will happen.

Argentina is among a group of football heavyweights who’ll be aiming for the World Cup title when it starts later in November.

Messi is widely considered one of the best players ever, having won four Champions League titles and five La Liga titles during his career. He also reached two consecutive FIFA World Cups (2010 and 2014), being part of Argentina’s representation that finished third at both tournaments.

Would it surprise you that Messi would win World Cup 2024 with Argentina, following his victory in Copa America 2021?

Would it then cement his status as the greatest ever?


Who is Messi and why do we love him?

Messi is 35 years old and is the most popular Argentine soccer player. He has a lot of experience behind him, and so far he has played in five world championships for his country. Knowing how important the upcoming championship is to him, he says that he constantly feels nervous, but also that he is sure that the cup will go to his national team.

He is a complete player with an inbuilt skill set in everything related to football. He communicates through football, touching the hearts of people all over the globe every time he plays.

He had some health issues while he was younger, related to growth hormones.

He lived in Rosario, Argentina. That time, Leo Messi was certainly very talented and everyone realized that right from the moment he touched a ball. He just wasn’t able to become a superstar because of his HGH deficiency.

Although he was already a teenager when he was diagnosed with HGH deficiency, his problems weren’t solved until he turned 18. His condition affected his body structure and his height and thus made him play smaller than he really is.

If it wasn’t bad enough, his parents were told that if he continued playing football then he could end up dying early due to heart attacks. Despite these things, however, he got through them and became one of the best players in the world.

And now, he is ready to conquer the world over and over again, finally winning the beloved trophy in Qatar.

Until today, he is really short for an average football player, but it seems like it gives him an advantage over controlling the ball and being great in what he does.

All the people love him, no matter the team he plays for. Even his colleagues are close to him or are even friends. He has a great personality, and many were sad to learn this would be his last World Cup.


What does Messi say about the upcoming championship?

In an interview with Star Plus magazine, he spoke openly about his retirement from the national team. Although he is not 100% sure of his decision, it is more and more certain that after Qatar it will really happen.

Argentina has won a lot of games so far and their confidence is higher than ever after winning Copa America last year.

Messi is sure that miracles happen and that the favorites do not always win. Proof of that is many championships throughout history. Sometimes a favorite is eliminated in the first stage, while the outsiders end up in the first five positions. That’s why Messi strongly believes that this is the right moment to prove that Argentina is a team worth having, even if they are not favorites to win.

Argentina won the World cup in 1978 and 1986. They will open the tournament on November 22nd against Saudi Arabia in Group C before facing Mexico and then Poland.

Messi said he was headed to Doha with an optimistic attitude after winning the World Cup and qualifying again for next year’s tournament, while also enjoying Argentina’s huge Copa America triumph last year.


Does Argentina have a real chance to win the championship?

Argentina is a national team that has an excellent history of winning various championships and cups. Messi is the one that everyone is hoping to bring victory, considering that it has been a long time since Argentina has been in the final. Even he is really excited, although he expects to achieve a lot.

On the other hand, this national team is one of the most humble and whenever they celebrate, everyone is involved in the process. That’s why other national teams love to have fun with them in the locker room.

Lionel Messi is the trump card of the Argentine national team for Qatar 2024. If their victory happens, then we will surely have fun, whether we are in the audience or watching the championship on television.

As we have already said, we cannot predict football. Many times the outsiders fought for victories in several stages of the championship, while the favorites were eliminated in the group stage.

That is why we could not guarantee that Argentina will win this year. But considering the enthusiasm and confidence with which this national team performs, we wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened.

And regardless of whether you adore Messi and his game, it is more than certain that we all respect him because of his childhood, but also for the history he wrote as one of the best scorers of all time.

And what is left for us? Let’s have fun, bet sensibly, but also cheer for our favorite national team.