4 Ways You Can Boost Your Real Estate Value

Alright – so you have decided to sell a piece of your property and, let’s not be too modest, get some serious cash for that. That’s a great intention and you can’t wait to put this into action. However, it seems that this selling thing doesn’t really go the way you planned. As much as you’re doing your best to find potential buyers, it seems that they aren’t willing to pay as much as you think they should.

Here there are many things that could go wrong, but the biggest reason might hurt – your real estate isn’t worth the amount of the money you set as a price. Regardless of whether you want to sell an apartment, house or any other real estate, there are some things that are applicable in all cases. And, the most important, they can also increase your chances of getting more money for them.

In this text, we’ll try to explain some basics that you need to adopt when it comes to raising the value of your property before you decide to actually advertise it. It isn’t a short and easy process, as all those changes that require a certain amount of money are mostly exhausting and you need to wait for them to be done. However, just to make sure you’ll achieve what you wanted, you have to follow some steps. You’ll see – it’ll be a completely different story once you implement it. Let’s see.

1. Renovate the house on the inside

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Probably the first thing that will cross your mind is the fact that renovating certain parts of an apartment or a house significantly increases their value. And yes, that’s definitely true. First of all – make sure your walls are freshly painted, without stains and scratches. If they aren’t – make them shine. Painting your house could increase the price of your real estate by 5%. It will make all your rooms brighter and refresh them.

Also, sanitation affects the final cost of an apartment by about five percent. Potential buyers are especially rejected by the old, messy bathroom because they know that repair requires significant resources and the involvement of professional plumbers and other handymen. They won’t want to give more money if they notice messiness and negligence. That is why it’s ideal to invest in bathroom works and arrange everything – installations, tiles, the bathtub, electricity, and of course, water.

The value of the property is significantly influenced by the condition of the joinery and locks, for example, windows, doors and floors. Therefore, make sure you also take care of that and replace the damaged pieces if there are any.  Repair the door and cupboard handles, taps in the kitchen, replace broken or torn pieces of furniture in case they exist, and make sure you brush and varnish the old parquet. Also, it wouldn’t be bad if you secured the sockets and descale the tiles. Basically, fix everything that could look like something that would discourage you from purchasing a particular house.

2. Renovate the house on the outside

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The exterior is something that people see right away. It is the vesture of our home and will first attract the attention of any potential buyer. That’s why we should strive to make this part of the property as attractive to the eye as its interior. It’s pointless to offer someone a house that looks average or bad on the outside and requires more money, so get down to business if you want to sell it for bigger cash.

What are some things that we need to keep in mind when it comes to this? Primarily, the facade. If it’s hollowed out and already damaged due to bad weather conditions or other circumstances, additional work is often required and it often involves plastering and painting. No less important is the thermal insulation of the house, as well as the replacement of gutters, checking the condition of the chimney and cleaning it if necessary. Checking the roof is perhaps the essential thing in addition to taking care of the facade. Especially changing old and worn-out tiles and assessing overall quality as well as potential changes.

Once the house is all set and prepared, ensure that your front yard and backyard look equally decent. These include turning the lawnmower on and trimming all the grass, crop the trees, maybe plant some lovely flowers, add some outdoor furniture from OutdoorArtPros.com, and make it look as good as possible.

3. Implement a pool indoors or in the backyard

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This is the option in case you really want your real estate to look posh and sumptuous. We all know that swimming pools are the feature that characterizes the houses and properties for which you definitely need to put aside quite a sum of money.  Maybe this is the trick to make it more valuable in your case, as well – but be prepared to invest a serious amount of cash in this.

The best thing to do is plan everything first – the type of pools you prefer (will you place it indoors or outdoors?), of which material it should be made, which additional equipment you’d need, etc. Put all the points on the piece of paper and try to note the costs as well.

Once you’re sure that you made the right choice, it’s time to put all that into action. One of the fundamental parts of the process is definitely finding the right company. Nowadays it’s not difficult at all as there are bunches of companies that you could hire and have the job done well. However, you need to pay attention to some criteria in order to make the right decision. If you’re interested in working out how to find an appropriate professional for this job, check this.

4. And finally, get some professional assessment help

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The help of a real estate agent might truly be highly appreciated on occasions like this. Sometimes we aren’t really sure if we’re doing the right thing or if there’s anything else we could do to increase the value of the property. Well, if you don’t know what to do, no worries – the agent does.

People like this probably have much more experience than you when it comes to this kind of work. Therefore, let them come and assess the overall state of your real estate. They’ll be able to check all necessary points, make some kind of evaluation and offer help. What kind of help? Discussing potential repairs, desirable changes, and tricks that can help you raise the price by up to a few thousand dollars. It’s not a small thing, is it?