5 Biggest Role Playing Games in 2024

2020 was quite the year, and with the Coronavirus pandemic, game development suffered a major blow forcing studios to close. Working from home has forced most anticipated game titles in 2024 to be postponed to a release date next year. The role-playing games(RPG) discussed below are the best as picked by gamers. They have turn-based dynamic real-time combat, focusing on different cultures and styles; some can also have a tabletop version says TableKnight.com. The characters or a group of characters push you to progress, level up your social skills, and encourage teamwork and cooperation for the group of characters.

1. Gotham Knights

Yes! The same Gotham City whose streets are patrolled by an underworld network of criminals. Unfortunately, you will not get to ride the Batmobile as Batman leaves behind the Batman family; Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and NightWing. To bring down the villains in epic confrontations, you will have to work your way out by solving mysteries that connect the dark chapters in the City. At any moment, the secondary player can switch up the role of any hero character as the storyline unfolds. The game will be on PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX, and XSX. There is no set date for the launch, but in 2024 you get to enjoy a storyline not featured in the DC comics or the animations. The game is PG rated, and children can benefit from playing the RPG.

2. Hogwarts legacy

For Harry Potter lovers, this is definitely the RPG you have been waiting for. The game sets you back in the 1800s, the ancient times. Here you get to familiarize yourself with the locations and spells, discover new beasts, master the art of casting spells, and become the wizard you’ve always imagined to be. Your protagonist character gets an acceptance letter to the school and possesses a key that puts him in a unique position. You will have the power to master an ancient power, and it will be up to you to decide whether to use it for sinister magic or keep it a secret. The game will be on PC, both the PS4 & PS5 and XBO consoles.

3. Elden Ring

Arguably, the most awaited game of all time. The geniuses behind the game led by creators behind the Souls series, FromSoftware, the development studio that brought the Souls franchise, and the credible George R.R. Martin. George R.R. Martin is the brains behind the A song of fire and Ice adapted by the hit series Game of Thrones. They create a fantasy world like no other where you will venture into worlds like in the Souls series. The adventure is unmatched through the bloody history, and you should brace yourself for the next fantasy. The release date is to be announced.  Both PC users, PS4, and XBOX gamers will enjoy the game.

4. Horizon: Forbidden West

The prequel is the popular Playstation 4 Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy, a young woman, is in the distant future where mechanical beasts have led to humankind’s fall and take over as the predators. Forbidden West is slated to be in the market in 2024. You get to explore distant lands, meet new tribes in the quest to take down monstrous machines that are dragging the earth towards extinction. Aloy is on a quest to restore balance and seek to defeat an undefeatable enemy. PS4 and PS5 gamers will get to enjoy the game.

5. Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2 is a sequel to the 2016 RPG Darkest Dungeon with a new storyline and new locations. The game entails looting of treasures and fighting with foes. The new, improved feature is that with the Darkest Dungeon 2, the players will have an icy location. Dark Dungeon 2 is packed with improved visuals, fresh monsters, new exciting challenges, and a refined combat system. If the first installment won your heart, this game should be on your wishlist. The release date is still unknown. Darkest Dungeon will be available for PC users.


2021 is almost here with us, and the review above will help you start marking down your calendar already and start to improve your gaming skills. The RPG video games are highly anticipated, and some that were to debut in 2024 will see them being released in 2024. The above-mentioned RPG video games are slated for release in 2024, and release dates may change depending on production. Whether you’re after fantasy or an action setting, the role-playing games will see to it that your tones and settings are taken care of. Get to enjoy the flexibility RPG’s offers and explore your ideas.