20 Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik in 2024

Dubrovnik is considered as a very expensive and luxurious place, and therefore people assume that dining in Dubrovnik is something that only wealthy people can afford. However, that is not true.

Here on our list, you will find the best 20 restaurants in Dubrovnik that will make you enjoy your dinner night to the fullest, without even feeling the weight on your wallet.

1. Nautika

Nautika is considered as “Dubrovnik’s finest restaurant,” and it is, in fact, very luxurious and prestigious. It faces Lovrijenac fortress and Adriatic. The head chef is always bringing in fresh ingredients, and you can taste the local cuisine in Nautika. You can choose between three sorts of the menu. Pay in mind that this is an expensive restaurant, but it is worth the visit.

2. 360

360 faces the Old Port, and you can taste here the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine mixed with local Croatian dishes. Seafood is their primary dish, and you should definitely go for a dessert for a perfect dining ending.

3. Fish Restaurant Proto

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Poštovani gosti, dragi prijatelji Ribljeg restorana Proto, veliko nam je zadovoljstvo najaviti ponovno otvaranje 3. ožujka uz stihove našeg Marina: A para nam sad smo sjeli na trpezu, a tri ure su prošle, a u delicijah smo, u raju smo; pak se na slano, pečemo! Marin Držić, Dundo Maroje ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear guests and friends of the Proto Fish Restaurant, with great pleasure we announce the reopening of March 3rd with the verses of our Marin: It might seem to us we have only just sat at the table, when in fact three hours have passed, and we are in heaven of delicacies, savory and roasted! Marin Držić (writer from Dubrovnik), Dundo Maroje • • • • • • • • • • #dubrovnik #fish #seafood #croatia #oldtown #oldcity #restaurant #restoran#Dubrovnikrestaurant #bbctravel #authentic #iceipice #cnntravel#timeoutcroatia #dobrahrana #gastrohr #journalhr #lovecroatia #fishrestaurant#croatianfood #foodblogger #yahoofood #huffposttaste #CroatiaFullOfLife#foodstyling #michelinrestaurant #michelin #local

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The rumor has it that Edward VIII dined here with Wallis Simpson in the 1930s. Lobster and squid are a must-try, and the fish is absolutely divine. What is distinctive about this restaurant is that their sommelier has received an award, and you should definitely consider taking his opinion when it comes to wines.

4. Tavern Dubrovnik

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You will feel like a royal when you come to visit this restaurant. On every step, someone is waiting for you to offer you the perfect dining experience, and as a Michelin star receiver, the staff is as amazing as the food is. A mixture of Traditional European meals with a touch of Adriatic, their most notable dishes are sea bass, steak, and duck.

5. Bistro Tavulin

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Light and exquisite, Bistro Tavulin gives you impressive dining experience. This restaurant boasts its orzotto with shrimps and octopus ragout, and the dishes aren’t that expensive.

6. Azur

You can taste either Mediterranean or Asian inspired dishes while enjoying the smell and the sight of the see. Azur is located in the center of Dubrovnik’s historic district.

7. Amoret

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Next to the Dubrovnik Cathedral, Amoret is a very relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy the mornings and days. You can also enjoy your evenings too, but we best recommend that you come to eat when the sun is in its finest. The mornings are great too, with a cup of coffee and a salad bowl or a fish plate mixed with vegetables.

8. Restaurant Amfora

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If you like both fish and meat, this is the restaurant for you. Mediterranean cuisine joined with Asian dishes is juts to die for. But pay in mind that the restaurant changes its menu twice a year, but that is the excitement that this restaurant offers to you.

9. Klarisa Restaurant

In the center of Old City, you ill find this impressive restaurant. Great Onofrio’s Fountain is there to make your evening magical, and you can enjoy fish from the Adriatic Sea, as well as crabs, clams, and Konavle vegetables.

10. Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota

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For sushi lovers, this is the restaurant to visit. It is an open-air bar, which is highly attractive. You can taste the delicious oysters, fresh and fried in tempura, and of course, different variations of sushi. There are also fish capriccios, tuna tartar, and shrimps fried in tempura on the menu.

11. Kopun

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Capon is the main ingredient of this restaurant, as its name suggests. The primary dish is roast capon in mushroom gravy and capon with honey and oranges.

12. Konoba Dalmatino

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For those who want a real taste of Croatia, Konoba Dalmatino is a place just created for it. The food is not as expensive as you think, and the dishes are Dalmatian. You can taste roasted fish with Mediterranean vegetables, and that is what makes this restaurant different from other traditional Croatian cuisine restaurants.

13. Restaurant Ankora

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The feels this establishment gives you is priceless. You will feel like you are on a boat, with sea just an inch from you. You can have fresh fish, shellfish, scampi, and even lobster, all made in a Dalmatian way. In addition to this, you can also have seafood pasta and risotto.

14. Otto

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One of the best restaurants for those who haven’t got much cash, but still want the best of the best. Fish and seafood meals are amazing, and you get purees and sides in these meals. It is located close to the Old Town.

15. Stara Loza

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If you are a fan of contemporary, Stara Loza offers you just the thing. Art is displayed all over the restaurant, like pop-art decorating. The food plater always looks interesting, and the menu has dishes like lobster tail with leeks, sea urchin pulp, and truffles.

16. Trattoria Carmen

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? Obiteljska Trattoria Carmen nalazi se u skrovitoj ulici u staroj gradskoj jezgri, neposredno pokraj Akvarija, u ulici kneza Damjana Jude. Samo nekoliko metara udaljena od dubrovačke žile kucavice – Straduna, Trattoriji Carmen gradske zidine pružaju i u najtoplijim danima prirodan hlad. ____________________________________ Our family-owned restaurant is located in a secluded street within the Old City, next to the acquarium. Ul. kneza Damjana Jude is a quiet street with abundant shade near the bustling Old City centre.? . . . #dubrovnik #dubrovnikoldcity #dubrovnikoldtown #croatia_instagram #eatlocaldubrovnik #foodblogger #SailCroatia #lovecroatia #dubrovnikrestaurant #dubrovniktrattoria #SunSail #trattoriacarmen #bbctravel #timeoutcroatia #croatianfood #foodiedubrovnik #dobrahrana #dubrovnikonmymind #experiencedubrovnik #visitdubrovnik #dubrovnikfood #eatlocaldubrovnik #crostagram #dalmatiancuisine #dubrovnikeats #chefsofinstagram #cheftalk #dubrovnikcroatia #igerscroatia

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Trattoria Carmen is located in an exciting place, on a side street close to the Dubrovnik Aquarium. You can taste Italian dishes mixed with local cuisines, like grilled scampi, buzara-style scampi, burrata cheese with marinated shrimps and octopus fritters. The thing you must definitely try here is the traditional Dalmatian dessert called rožata.

17. Takenoko

Asian cuisine mixed with Mediterranean flavors, this restaurant offers an enjoyable served meal. Over the terrace of the restaurant, you can look at City Walls, which is impressive.

18. Porat Restaurant & Bar

It is placed on the Gruž Harbor, and you can enjoy fresh fish every night. There is even a vegetarian menu with a fish stew called Brodet, which you must try even if you are a meat lover.

19. Bistro Izvor

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Found on the Ombla river, the restaurant is inspired by shed structures, and it looks absolutely amazing. You can get pulled pork, gourmet burgers, stuffed umbuo, which is pork loin part-cured ad rolled sea bass with prosciutto and shrimps. The prices are amazing, and it is worth the trip.

20. Barba

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As the restaurant sign says, this is seafood, street food restaurant. The dishes are unique, and you can get something like an octopus sandwich with mascarpone, marinated anchovies with cuttlefish salad combined with nectarines, and shrimps with rocket and parmesan. In addition to this, you will also find on the menu tuna, pasta, and fava beans.