10 Best Cordless Leaf Blower For Drying Car – 2024 Buying Guide

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Cleaning up the porch and driveways are ways that one can simply make the house look clean from the outside the same way it is on the inside and it is very important to get rid of all the leaves and debris if we want our house to always have a clean look. One thing about household chores is they are capable of consuming our time that is why simpler tasks like clearing the environment of leaves can take up an entire weekend to get done.

However, there are machines that can help in getting these tasks done and the manufacture of a machine like a cordless leaf blower makes leaf blowing tasks very easy. The use of rakes is the oldest method that people are used to when it comes to getting rid of debris and leaves but the fact still remains that cleaning with rakes is still a difficult thing to do. Leaf blowers are easy to acquire and there are only two types you need to worry about; gas or electric-powered ones. Gas-powered versions are often the most effective but the other has some serious things to offer too. Bob Robinson’s post on Best of Machinery will clarify this to you in detail. They are truly amazing machines. For this reason, the best cordless leaf blower comes into play.

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Leaf Blowers can be classified as gardening tools that produce air from its front nozzle that is used in blowing off debris and leaves away from your driveway or porch or lawn and they are a preferred option as they do not consume time and makes the task very easy.

Cordless leaf blowers are a wise investment and there are various models that would suit you very need.  Our review of the best cordless leaf blower would show you the best models that we think are reliable and would get every task done in no time. Check them out;

1. DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Blower

best cordless leaf blower

The DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR brushless blower is one with an axial fan design and being lightweight and also compact are also two key main features of this high-quality cordless leaf blower. This blower runs at 90MPH and is capable of generating about four hundred CFM volume of air (400CFM). That isn’t all there is about the DEWALT XR brushless blower as it also features a stand, a blow tube that is large in size and also a speed control built to be super sensitive.

Here is something interesting about its axial fan; this fan is solely responsible for maximizing run time and output of air and trust the DEWALT brand to produce such a powerful tool that doesn’t generate too much noise while in use.


  1. Its axial fan is quite powerful
  2. Comes with a 20V 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery and charger
  3. Its variable speed trigger and speed lock helps in providing absolute control


  1. When the full throttle is placed on the response, its battery drains quickly

2. Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum

Weighing just about six pounds, the Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Vacuum Blower is also another cordless blower that is making some real waves on the market. This high-quality equipment is one powered using a 40V battery and guess what, the Greenworks variable cordless vacuum blower makes use of brushless technology in getting its job done. It runs at a speed of 185MPH while generating about 340CFM of air volume.

Now here is what sounds really interesting about this equipment from Greenworks; just a single charge of its battery would last long for users to be able to about five bags with debris and leaves.

This feature alone tells you how powerful this cordless leaf blower is and it is also designed to work with dry and wet leaves. Working with this tool is absolutely a win-win situation.

It is designed in such a way that it isn’t vulnerable to wear and tear and this is quite responsible for its long-lasting lifespan.


  1. Efficient brushless motor technology
  2. Its variable dial speed makes it a good option for various applications
  3. Has a comfortable working design


  1. Low battery life
  2. Failed to work with wet leaves

3. Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit

This is a powerful leaf blower with an excellent design made by a reputable company and just like the previous cordless leaf blower that we just reviewed, it also makes use of brushless technology.

According to some professionals, they feel it is still one of the best lithium-ion cordless leaf blowers that ever found its way to the market. What anyone would find interesting about this equipment is it makes use of two batteries to function.

It also comes with an additional two batteries so as to lessen its downtime. Its battery uses about forty-five minutes to get charged fully and based on its high-quality material construction, it comes with a one year warranty.


  1. This cordless leaf blower is extremely powerful
  2. Comes with two extra batteries to improve runtime
  3. Runs a quiet operation


  1. Not lightweight like the other products reviewed as it feels very heavy
  2. Costs more than most competitors

4. 80-Volt Brushless Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Before deciding to write or review this premium tool from Kobalt, we went through most customer reviews and figured out that this is one equipment that almost everyone is pleased with its design and the way it operates. There are people who once had the same opinion as me that Kobalt brand is a low-quality brand but with this tool right here, we were proved wrong.

It is designed to deliver ultimate blowing performance and thanks to its brushless motor, this tool is blessed with greater motor life and power. It also has a great warranty, is very powerful and also weighs light.


  1. Its 80V max battery helps in providing with the power required for any operation
  2. Its warranty runs for as long as five years
  3. On low settings, this tool would run for as long as seventy minutes


  1. Its battery would only last for fifteen minutes when used on maximum settings
  2. Some people complained that what they were delivered was already dead

5. Husqvarna Battery Leaf Blower 320iB


If you are into caring for your lawn then you would be familiar with the Husqvarna brand and this 320iB battery leaf blower features about 40V of power alongside a powerful brushless motor which makes sure it functions great and lives up to expectation.

Its battery strength was compared with that of other competitors and it didn’t turn out to be weaker and there is an outstanding feature this cordless leaf blower possesses that you won’t find in other brands.

These features work in reducing the speed of the motor after about a minute of full-throttle use and this is quite helpful because it helps in preserving the battery life. Well, there are some key things you still need to know about this cordless leaf blower and one of them is it would fail to charge if it has just finished being used or if it is still hot. It requires time after usage to cool before charging.


  1. Its brushless motor is designed to be very powerful and efficient
  2. Designed by a reputable brand that deals in commercial level products
  3. Its very easy to use
  4. Also lightweight


  1. Short battery life compared to other competitors
  2. Motor slows down when used at full throttle for a long period of time

6. WORX Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

Weighing about 4.1 pounds, this cordless battery powered leaf blower from WORX is also another cordless leaf blower that is worth being reviewed or talked about. first thing first, it is designed by a brand that is trusted and what makes it quite unique and special is the fact that it comes with up to eight attachments that makes it ideal for various purposes. These attachments are responsible for drying, sweeping, dusting, cleaning and leaf blowing.

It is capable of generating an airflow of about 80 CFN and also runs at a speed of 120MPH. It is powered using a 32V max lithium-ion battery and the reason why it is such a good choice is the fact that it has a convenient unit, is simple to use and also a good equipment for blowing leaves. It is also the ideal tool for all cleaning jobs.


  1. It comes with a dust brush, deflator cone and inflator nozzle
  2. Very lightweight tool
  3. Its battery doesn’t drain easily as it holds charge greatly


  1. Not a good option for heavy-duty jobs
  2. Its battery pack is quite difficult to remove from its charger and also from its unit

7. BLACK+DECKER LSW221 MAX Lithium Cordless

For all those small jobs that need to be carried out at home, the BLACK+DECKER LSW221 cordless leaf blower is one of the best equipment that anyone can make use of and here is one interesting feature about this tool, it has decent runtime and power.

Its batteries are interchangeable but so you know, this isn’t the kind of equipment that would replace a powerful cordless model or even a gas blower.

For your inexpensive and lightweight needs then this is the absolute tool for use and it is loved by many based on the fact that it runs a very quiet operation.


  1. Very easy to operate
  2. Quiet operation
  3. It is well balanced, lightweight and already assembled
  4. Not expensive


  1. Doesn’t work on hard surfaces but only on light materials
  2. Not a good option for larger jobs

8. Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower

When compared to most leaf blowers, the Sun Joe electric leaf blower is one that has a lightweight design and thanks to its handy size, anyone working with this tool is blessed with the advantage of holding it firmly and working with it for a very long period of time without experiencing any form of pain or discomfort. This is why kids and elderly ones can make use of this tool conveniently especially when cleaning up driveways.

Its blowing power might not be as strong as expected but when it is being used, it is observed that all kinds of debris and leaves can be blown away when cleaning up the driveway or the porch. One thing that you should know is you should not be fooled by its compact size as this blower holds a lot of power in it. Its compact size is the main reason why storing it isn’t a problem.

It doesn’t use up much space for storage and for this reason, it would easily fit into your car trunk, deck and closet. It also comes with a removable nozzle.


  1. Has a lightweight design
  2. Its compact size makes it quite easy to secure
  3. Very powerful despite its size
  4. Uses up less amount of power


  1. Has only a single speed setting
  2. Can be used in working on small to medium areas

9. Toro PowerPlex 51690 Brushless Cordless Blower

This is the kind of equipment that guarantees that every work is done completely in less time and this one also has enough power required to blow away unwanted rubble and leaves. Its charge time isn’t that long so charging it, again and again, isn’t something that should bother any user while its brushless motor also ensures that reliability and cuts down on cost and time required in maintaining this equipment over and over again.

Its speed can be customized to suit your personal needs and it gained so much popularity as it expels air quickly when compared to handheld leaf blowers. Although some users complained about it being a bit heavy, it weighs about 8lbs.


  1. Has a high MPH
  2. Has a high CFM
  3. Has a runtime of about sixty minutes
  4. Its noise emission is moderate


  1. A bit heavy

10. WORX WG546 Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower

Specially designed to take care of the environment, The WORX cordless leaf blower is one designed to be powered using a battery. This is one certified leaf blower and the way it functions is by making use of a turbine mechanism while its lightweight design makes it quite easy for a one-handed operation which makes it quite easy to make use of.

Working with this cordless leaf blower means there would not need to put up with noise as it is designed to function with less noise. Being a battery-powered leaf blower also means freedom of movement and it also has variable speed settings so users can customize or select a preferred speed to work with.


  1. Extremely lightweight cordless leaf blower
  2. Has a variable speed setting
  3. Noiseless operation
  4. This is an environmentally friendly equipment


  1. Its battery replacements are expensive
  2. Has an average run time

Types of Leaf Blowers

A leaf blower is considered to be a household tool that comes in different types and sizes but what you are looking for depends solely on your personal needs. Every consumer has a leaf blower that would satisfy his or her needs so below are the three types of a leaf blower that you can select from when shopping for one on the market.

Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

This is the kind of leaf blower that is concerned with working on a large area because it saves time and they are often considered to be the best choice as they do not just blow away leaves and debris but are also capable of blowing away cardboard. They are the best for use in large areas.

Backpack Leaf Blower

If you are searching for a leaf blower with longer running time, more pressure and more power then this type of leaf blower is definitely what you need and for this reason, they are considered to be a good choice for working on fields, lawns, shops and garages. This is because they are built to cover a lot of ground.

They have several benefits like blowing away pebbles, wet leaves, metals and also having a battery that lasts long. They tend to be very expensive too as they are quite expensive than the other two models.

Handheld Leaf Blower

For those customers who value versatile, easy to maneuver and lightweight machines then this right here is what they should be on the lookout for as it is what can be trusted when working on medium lawns, small lawns, gazebos and also patios.

However, it may not have as much power as the other two types but it is designed to handle as many leaves, light snow and also debris. The way it feels in the hand promotes longer hours of use and it is also a good choice for the old and young.


Going for the best cordless leaf blower is such an important decision to make when you are quite keen on taking good care of your patio, lawns, driveways and even your porches and it is very necessary that you take a good look at all the products available before making a payment for any machine.

Our breakdown of the best cordless leaf blower and the types of leaf blower that would have would certainly guide you in making a very good choice. First of all you need to start by pointing out what your needs are before knowing what machine to settle for.