13 Benefits of Going to a Dispensary To Get Marijuana

Going to a Dispensary To Get Marijuana
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Before marijuana was legalized, you could only get your hands on the plant if you were connected to someone selling it illegally.

Although marijuana is now legal in most states, many people still choose to buy their weed off the street.

The problem with these black market sales is that not all marijuana is grown equally, options are important, and it’s risky.

Keep reading to learn how shopping at a dispensary eliminates these concerns and offers many benefits to the shopper.

1) You Know Your Source

You Know Your Source of Product
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When you purchase from a dispensary, you know your marijuana was grown in an FDA-compliant facility free of harsh chemicals, insects, mold, and additives laced in to give you a stronger high.

You wouldn’t get your blood pressure prescription or insulin from an untrusted source because it’s dangerous, so why get your marijuana from one? Know what you’re getting is safe by shopping at a dispensary.

2) It Is Legal

Purchasing your marijuana from an unlicensed dealer is against the law, and legal repercussions will likely follow if you’re caught with these products.

Depending on where you live, getting caught illegally sourcing your bud could cost you thousands of dollars and even land you in jail.

When Shopping at a dispensary, you never have to worry about risking your reputation or wallet.

3) The Shopping Experience is Stress-Free

The Shopping Experience is Stress-Free
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Buying marijuana from sketchy sources is more than just illegal; it is stressful.

Nobody wants to be caught doing a suspicious handoff; therefore, the transaction can cause anxiety, and paranoia, two things that marijuana should be helping you relieve.

The atmosphere at a dispensary is professional, relaxing, fun, and not to mention it’s legal, so you can go in and out stress-free without having to look over your shoulder.

4) Delivery Might Be an Option

If you are like many medical marijuana users that smoke to treat pain, anxiety, or other conditions, leaving the house can be difficult. Luckily, most dispensaries deliver.

If you can benefit from delivery, go to Veriheal.com and find a local dispensary that offers this service.

5) It’s Better For the Local Economy and Environment

It's Better For the Local Economy and Environment
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When you shop at a dispensary, you are investing in your town’s economy and the environment by shopping locally.

Supporting local businesses sends your tax dollars to the place that benefits you the most (your own town), and you help cut down on carbon emissions, resulting in a healthier home.

6) Products Will Always Be Available

If you have been using marijuana for a while, you are probably familiar with how hard it can be to find someone that always has the product on hand.

When shopping at a dispensary, you never have to worry about availability. Most dispensaries carry large quantities of various strains, which means that no matter what, you will have access to your medication.

7) All of Your Accessories Are In the Same Place

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Another benefit of getting your marijuana from a dispensary is that any smoking paraphernalia or accessory you might need can be purchased simultaneously.

Smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, wraps, and lighters have gotten pretty cool over the last decade, so the dispensary is the place to go if you’re into having fun conversation pieces.

Even if you aren’t in the market for new paraphernalia, the shops will have the classic BIC lighters and rolling papers on hand, so you don’t have to make an extra stop.

8) You Can Consult the Budtenders

Budtenders are dispensary staff members that work directly with the strains and clients.

When visiting a dispensary for the first time, the budtender might ask you questions about your medical conditions, marijuana experience, and what kind of effects you want from smoking.

These employees are well-educated on cannabis and will use this information to help you find a strain perfect for your needs.

9) There Is More Than One Strain Option

There Is More Than One Strain Option
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Unlike when you purchase marijuana from another source, shopping at a dispensary allows you to choose from multiple strains.

If you are new to cannabis, you might not be aware that there are thousands of different marijuana strains out there. Some strains are similar in effect, and some are vastly different.

Smoking the wrong strain can ruin your entire marijuana experience, so having options is a benefit you shouldn’t overlook.

10) You Get to Stick To What You Like

Once you find that perfect strain, you never have to worry about not getting your hands on it again because the dispensary will have it in stock.

Of course, some strains might get discontinued or temporarily removed from a farm, but you can still find something similar because your budtender knows the strain’s profile and can match you with another bud just like it.

11) Dispensaries are Cheaper

Dispensaries are Cheaper cbd
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Although many individuals hold on to the belief that dispensaries are too expensive, it simply isn’t true.

Dispensaries may have been overpriced when they first started popping up, but now that the industry has stabilized, it has become far cheaper than other sources.

Many dispensaries offer discounts to veterans, the elderly, new customers, and cardholders.

Additionally, you can expect daily deals, specials, clearance items, and base prices that are half the price of anything you can find on the street.

12) Your Cannabis is Labeled and Sealed

Having your cannabis products in properly labeled and sealed packaging is important for three main reasons;

• Quality retention- When cannabis products are sealed in an airtight package, it stays fresh and protects them from outside contaminants.

• Presentation- In many states, it is illegal to carry marijuana in packaging different than provided by the dispensary. If caught with unlabeled products, law enforcement would have no way of knowing that you obtained the cannabis legally.

• Personal reference- Dispensary packaging clearly states strain names, THC content, and other information that helps you identify each bag.

All marijuana dispensaries package their cannabis in FDA and state law complaint bags that eliminate contamination and misrepresentation.

13) It’s an Enjoyable Experience

One benefit of dispensary shopping is how enjoyable the experience is.

At a dispensary, you’re surrounded by knowledgeable staff, fun people, and interesting products. Many people are mesmerized by the shop’s atmosphere and find joy browsing the shelves.

Furthermore, you can expect to walk out of the dispensary in a great mood and excited to go home to try your new products.