AI vs. Machine Learning: Which is Better?

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence is the revolutionary development of technology. Machine learning and AI has become part of our daily life and make it convenient for our daily living. Artificial Intelligence is different from machine learning. They have similarities but entirely different from each other. The difference between ML and AI is mentioned above. They have their strengths and weaknesses. To know more about AI and ML, you can visit for more reliable information about both subjects.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Two Types of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence came from the word “Artificial” and “Intelligence. Artificial means it is created by a non-natural thing or a human, and intelligence means the ability to think and understand things. Some people think artificial intelligence is a system, but the fact is, it’s within the system. If you are interested more about this topic visit for Machine Learning Course.

AI has stipulated rules that were pre-determined by an algorithm that was set by a person. The appearance of AI is more often on smartphones, desktop computers, and smartwatch. AI is more appealing to online businesses as they can set a chatbot to increase the conversion rate and human collaboration through artificial intelligence.

1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence

The key feature of narrow artificial intelligence is finishing a task at a single time. The example of Narrow AI is the Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. The machine program uses the NLP or Natural Language Processing to perform correctly. The Natural Language Processing is used on the chatbot or other application that is the same functions as a chatbot.

2. Artificial General Intelligence

General intelligence is capable of solving a problem on its own. It can act like or better than a human. The innovation towards technology can be scary. It already surpasses the human on the precision of work and might exceed again in intelligence.

What is Machine Learning? Three Types of Machine Learning

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Machine learning is capable of learning from itself. It is a computer system than can adopt knowledge and solve a problem based on its experience. The ML acts on the provided data that was inputted by humans and predicted accurate solutions based on the information that was gathered by the machine/computer.

Machine learning has a different algorithm for artificial intelligence. The machine learning algorithm is capable of deciding on its own. The artificial intelligence is capable of answering a pre-determined question with a pre-determined solution. All data that were gathered by the ML will provide a solution for the problem, but it might not be accurate to a proper answer.

1. Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is a task-oriented machine program. It focuses on a singular task to perform accurately.

2. Unsupervised Learning

It is the opposite of supervised learning. It has no label and focuses on the data gathered to learn and understand the given data.

3. Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is the balance type among the three types of machine learning. It can determine the relationship between unsupervised and supervised learning.

The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

  • AI is an acquisition of intelligence and can apply and acquire knowledge.
  • The purpose of AI is to focus on success and not precision and accuracy
  • The AI is within the system and not the system itself. It is a program that works smart.
  • The goal for AI is to make a solution to a complex problem with the help of natural intelligence.
  • AI is more about decision making.
  • It developed a computer program to adopt a possible human response in certain circumstances.
  • AI is keen for an optimal solution.
  • AI is focused on wisdom and intelligence.

Machine Learning

  • ML is an acquisition of skill and knowledge.
  • The purpose of ML is to focus on precision and accuracy and does not mind regarding the success rate.
  • The ML gathers data through the help of a machine or program and learns from it.
  • The goal of ML is to learn through the gathered data to produce a better output of a particular task.
  • ML can learn new things through data gathered and experience.
  • It has an algorithm to learn from its mistakes and acquired data.
  • ML disregards the optimal solution to the problem and makes a solution based on the acquired data.
  • ML consists of knowledge.

If you focus more on technology, they also have information regarding deep learning, which might be better than AI and ML.

Which is Better? Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?

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ML and AI have their strengths and weaknesses. They have different functions and abilities. It’s up to your business to determine which is suitable for you. Every company has different needs and problems. If your business focuses on accuracy, machine learning is right for you. If you focus on success rather than efficiency, artificial intelligence is for you.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are both revolutionary development in the world of technologies. ML and AI are now crucial components for improving our daily life as well as the business industry. AI and ML have differences in their functions. They have their key strengths in their respective roles.