Advantages of Workspace with an Adjustable Table

Today, everybody is aware of the consequences for the health of any sedentary job. That’s why office workers frequently complain about multiple problems such as:

  • Pain in the back;
  • Headaches;
  • Obesity;
  • Increasing issues with the cardiovascular system, and similar.

Also, it is proven that the sedentary lifestyle increases the risks of diabetes and cardiac attack, needless to mention obesity problems. These are significant drawbacks that any office job bears in it, you might think.

However, the solution is available. You can eliminate or reduce the risks or the mentioned and some more problems just by getting a height-adjustable desk. There are many options available now, but you might want to choose something special. In that case, you might want to check out height-adjustable desks from ProgressiveDesk Company.

When you move on the website, you can use a special tool called desk builder. It will assist you in building your perfect virtual desk. You can choose lift-system, desktop shape, color, and so on. Even the price is shown to facilitate your decision-making process.

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Are the Benefits Real?

There are those people who are still doubtful regarding all the benefits that height-adjustable desks bring. Thus, what about checking them all?

  • The pain in the back

Here, everything is clear. When you are sitting, your spine takes an unnatural position to adjust to your chair, desk height, and many other factors. Thus, the fact that prolonged sitting periods cause pain is absolutely logical.

If you use a height-adjustable desk, you may be standing most of the time. When a person is standing, the back is in its natural position. Moreover, slight movements are possible to change the position slightly if you feel some discomfort.

Thus, a height-adjustable desk helps to avoid or eliminate the pain in the back if it is connected with long sitting periods but not with some medical condition.

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  • Headaches

The same that we have explained about your back applies to your neck, too. And the neck has important blood vessels that supply your brain with oxygen. Now, think what might happen if the neck is bent, neck muscles are stressed and the inflow of oxygen to the brain is not sufficient.

Of course, a sitting position might be not the only reason why you have a headache. However, it will be still better if you avoid long sitting periods at work or at home.

  • Obesity

Here, height-adjustable desks are advantageous even though the effect isn’t seen immediately. You might argue that you go to the gym regularly to avoid gaining weight. But then, after every workout, you feel hungry and eat just whatever you see.

This is again can be explained. Your body is used to a sedentary lifestyle. Then, you suddenly go to the gym where you during a very short time burn a lot of calories. This is perceived by your body as an emergency situation, and it tries to recover: you feel hungry and cannot resist eating to recover the lost calories. Thus, you regain your lost calories, and, thus, weight.

While during standing or even moving at the desk, you are burning much more calories than just while sitting. But this time, the calories-burning process is so slow that your body doesn’t notice it. Thus, you feel hungry when you want to eat, not when your body is alarming about an emergency. As a result, you don’t gain weight.

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  • Cardiovascular system

Everything is interconnected here. A height-adjustable desk helps you to keep your body in a more or less healthy condition. Thus, the general health condition influences the cardiovascular system, too. Considering that obesity is one of the main reasons why people get problems with heart and blood vessels, it is clear why and how height-adjustable desks influence the condition of your cardiovascular system.

You Don’t Need to Stand All the Time

The idea of using a height-adjustable desk is about being able to change the position whenever you need it. Some people believe that they need to switch to a different way of working immediately and ultimately. After the entire day of standing, they get tired and frustrated. Finally, they refuse to move on and turn to a traditional desk.

However, height-adjustable desks were designed to provide you an opportunity to work in both a sitting and a standing position. They provide you with the choice. Though many people note that after some time, they use less time sitting and increase the standing time.

To make the switch conveniently, don’t forget about nice accessories that will improve your experience significantly. Get a good ergonomic carped to reduce the stress to your feet. Don’t forget about a high-quality mouse to reduce the stress on wrists and hands. Purchasing a quality ergonomic chair is a good idea, too, if the budget allows.

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Final Thoughts

A height-adjustable desk is no doubt a useful invention. However, like any other item, it shall be used wisely if you want to get the maximum out of it. Thus, even if you cannot get it in your office, arrange your working place at home properly, with a quality height-adjustable desk and all the accessories.