All You Need to Know About the 26650 Battery

Many people are looking for the right batteries to power their household or commercial appliances but not knowing the proper battery type can end up being a nuisance as inserting the wrong battery would either not provide the necessary performance or could damage the device. Therefore you must always know your batteries. One such variation is the 26650 battery and due to its high demand people are interested to know more about it, if you have come here in pursuit of the same information then you will not be disappointed at all. Following is all the information present on the 26650 battery including which devices it can be used to power up.

What is a 26650 battery?

The lithium-ion 26650 batteries are the primary choice for high drain devices which require a big enough battery to power them up. But it can also be the primary element for devices that require a low self-discharge rate and a large number of both charging and discharging cycles. In comparison with a 18650 battery, the 26650 battery has double the volume which necessarily means that it can store a vivid amount of current in it and also have larger drain currents as well. Some of the most notable elements about this battery are as follows;

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  • Double the volume
  • Native capacity
  • Maximum pulse current
  • Continuous drain current
  • Maximum allowed charging current
  • Protective electronics available
  • Exact chemistry as various other battery models

You might be interested in these batteries due to the excellent charge withholding capacity that these have or due to the fact that it offers a gentle and consistent charge/discharge cycle but the main advantage of working with this battery is not having to consistently look over your shoulder such as when it is going to run out on you.

What size is the 26650 battery?

The 26650 offers two different standardized sizes which means that it is not susceptible to change and these are as follows;

  • 5 mm (1.04 inches) in diameter, or ~26 mm.
  • 4 mm (2.57 inches) in length, or ~65 mm.

Other than that these batteries are cylindrical in shape and can deliver extra power to a small flashlight without the worries of getting dim or running out of performance. This is the very reason why this battery is large in terms of diameter as compared with other such batteries. The exact dimensions of this battery might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as most of these might feature a button type positive side, protective electronics, or extra padding when it is being shipped for safety purposes. The 26650 battery is in need due to its higher capacity to store more current, excellent charging/discharging performance, the number of cycles but these factors rely on the very design of the battery and its chemistry such as components that it carries inside.


The 26650 battery variations and what do you need to know about these?

The 26650 battery comes in various variations in terms of the features that it presents or the protection that it carries and that is why it is important to talk about it;

Flat or button positive (Top) side/terminal

Just as it happens with the 18650 batteries the 26650 batteries come with two different top (positive) sides that are flat or button. When you are looking forward to buying new 26650 batteries it is important to make sure that it has the same design and dimensions for the sake of fitting perfectly into the compartment of the device that you have. Also, make sure that the charging/discharging features are the same or better and the positive terminals are also the same in terms of both these batteries.

If by any chance the positive terminal of the new battery is not the same then there are chances that it might not fit into your device or even if it might fit then again the chances to have proper electric contact will be slimmer.

Source: Naccon Power Technology Co., Ltd.

26650 protected or not compatibility

In terms of the protected 26650 batteries, there is a small electronics protection system that will carefully assess the parameters of the battery such as charging and discharging currents and voltages and along with that the temperature of the battery. The protected version of the battery offers a small current-carrying capacity but these are safer variants to be used in less intelligent systems which are not capable of monitoring the battery stats especially when it is discharging.

In the case of the protected battery, the protective electronics systems will monitor the current battery stats and if these are going out of the range or not falling in properly then it will turn off the battery until these conditions become better or once again start falling into the acceptable range. For example, if the temperature of the battery is out of order then all the conducting operations will be terminated unless the temperature comes back into the acceptable order.

26650 charging

Most of these 26650 batteries should be charged using intelligent battery charges as they are able to keep an eye on every changing stats of the battery when it is charging. Other than that these chargers are also able to determine the very size, shape, and even current condition of the battery. These chargers are not only cheap but are also safe for the charging of such high capacity batteries such as the 26650 battery and can charge a range of different batteries such as NiCd, NiMH, and other lithium-ion batteries as well.

These chargers can be easily plugged into the wall or into the car sockets where other different chargers go and these can even use the USB ports on various elements to charge the batteries but it would require more time and energy to do so this way.

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Where can you buy 26650 batteries?

There are a lot of vendors out there who support the online and even the walk-in purchase of these batteries. But the best way to do so would be to inspect the battery on your own by physically checking it out and then buying one. But there are tons of reputable online vendors out there which makes the availability of these batteries online as well such as and for further correspondence you can check out more at this provided link.