Why You Need a Discord Bot

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Out of all VoIP (voice-over IP) applications around today, there is undoubtedly no greater known one than Discord.

Originally created in 2015, Discord was actually intended for online gamers to find and stay in contact with friends while they played, the program has gained so much popularity that you could consider it fundamental to use if you plan to be a part of the most tech-savvy social groups.

As voice and text chat become ever more important in our daily lives, it’s no wonder that Discord has become such an integral part of communication. Whether you need to talk with friends during a game or simply want to stay connected with a tight-knit community, Discord is the perfect

Naturally, Discord has evolved to implement various features to support its growing user base. Some of these features cater to gamers or other target demographics more or less, but other features have been monumental in the entirety of Discord’s success. One of these features has been the implementation of support for third-party bots.

Discord Bots act like AI users that are always online, waiting for you to make use of their features. What are these features you may wonder? As it turns out since the power of the development of these bots has been given to the people, the possibilities are seemingly endless; some bots can greet new members automatically and direct them to rules and verifications channels, while others can moderate chats passively to automatically detect harmful interactions throughout a server’s text chats.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits you can gain from the use of bots on your Discord server. And if you don’t own a server yourself, hopefully, you can use this to consider proposing adding bots to servers that you are an active member of.

Organization and Efficiency

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One thing that most server owners and moderators can agree on is that upkeep of an active Discord server can get quite dull with repetitive tasks. Lucky for you, Discord bots that specialize in assisting with these kinds of things, and with the quick implementation of a specialized bot, many of the most bothersome tasks can be automatized.

One of the most popular bots that do this is MEE6, which focuses on taking over moderative tasks, implementing Twitch alerts, and even has the ability to create custom commands. Needless to say, this bot is extremely useful, especially for servers that are a part of greater gaming communities with the Twitch stream alerts.

And even if you don’t find interest in the stream alerts, the ability to greet new members and direct them, as well as the custom commands MEE6 supports offer a lot of potential for server admins and moderators to simplify their workload. The unfortunate downside is that this bot doesn’t offer all of its features for free, however, they offer multiple different payment plans (including a lifetime license).

Another type of bot that can help increase the efficiency and organization of a server is the Helper.gg bot. This Discord bot is tailored to servers that deal with customers, as its primary feature is a ticket creation system. The ticket system is specifically designed for Discord’s interface, meaning that it’s really straightforward to use.

Same as MEE6, Helper also has multiple payment plans, including a free option, which thankfully gives you the opportunity to try this bot without wasting money if you find that it may not be a good fit for your server.

Fun and Relaxation

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One more major upside to using bots in your Discord server is that they can make interacting and using your server more fun. If you have a server that aims to keep an active user base, it cannot be stressed enough that using bots to foster a more entertaining server experience is crucial. This is another “genre” of bot that has many different options to choose from.

The most popular of “fun” Discord bots have to be Dank Member. The name says it all; memes are almost universally enjoyed by those that spend time online to some degree, so it never hurts to add a bot that only further brings this type of entertainment to your server. With simple commands, you can quickly summon the most relevant memes to your discussion and even create memes yourself.

Dank Member is free for all to use for all of its advertised features, making it even more of a no-brainer to add to your server. And if you find that you enjoy it, you can support the developers behind it (and gain access to even more features) by supporting their Patreon.


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One of the most important aspects to consider when running a Discord server is safety. This is especially true if you have a server with a lot of members, or if the server’s invite links are public/searchable. When almost anyone can potentially invade the space, it’s important to consider adding bots that will help you keep the community safe. The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of a Discord raid because your server didn’t have the correct security measures set up.

One such bot is Safety++. This bot is specifically created to protect your server from abuse of power from within your server’s roles and permissions. It can detect when certain members are mass kicking/banning other users, modifying the server’s channels too often, or even if a member is creating other roles to raid a server, it’s also free to use, which is always a welcomed bonus.


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There are many different types of Discord bots that can be extremely useful for your server. Whether you need a bot to automate moderative tasks, help with customer service, or just add some more fun to the environment, there’s definitely a bot out there for you.

With this guide, you should be able to find the perfect bot for your needs and get it set up on your server in no time. You’ll find that Discord bots can be extremely useful for a variety of purposes, from moderating tasks to adding fun and relaxation to a server.

And thankfully, most of these bots come with a free trial or are completely free to use, so be sure to experiment with as many as you can to see which ones fit your server’s needs the best.

If you’re looking at getting a new Discord bot for your server, why not check out discordbotlist.com? These lists usually have a variety of bots that you can add to your server, including the ones mentioned here, plus many more!