The Easy Way to Save Old And Broken Jewelry


Many people have a jewelry box full of old and broken jewelry. Every time they go to pick an item to wear, they must sort through these pieces to find something usable. It’s time to remove these pieces from the jewelry box and find other ways to use them. The following are a few of the countless ways jewelry can be repurposed.

Repurpose the Stones or Settings

A person may have old or broken jewelry that they still love. There is no reason to get rid of a piece when parts can be repurposed. For instance, a person may take a stone from a family member’s ring and use it in a custom engagement ring for their significant other. Doing so ensures they get a ring this person will love while still retaining the stone that means something to them. Visit to see how this process works. It is easier than many people imagine. Furthermore, repurposing can help a person save on certain elements of the ring, so they can splurge on other features.


Create a Wind Chime Using Old Jewelry

Take broken and outdated pieces of jewelry and use them to create a wind chime. The noise the chime makes when the wind blows will soothe the soul, and a person can save money by going this route rather than purchasing a chime. The jewelry may be taken apart to create the chime or a person can take several old and outdated pieces and use them as is. It’s a matter of personal preference when making a craft of this type. No two wind chimes will be the same. Each one will be as unique as the person who made it.

Canvas Art

Take broken jewelry and pull out the best parts of each piece. Use these pieces to create a work of art. When creating this piece, try different configurations until one is found that is pleasing to the eye. A person with lots of old jewelry might find they can create multiple works of art and do a grouping on the wall with these pieces. They may also choose to create multiple works and use them in different rooms throughout the home.

Melt It Down

Many people don’t realize they can take old jewelry pieces, remove the stones, and have the metal melted down to create a new piece. The metal can also be used for other purposes along with any stones that were removed.


Dress Up a Pair of Shoes

Who says shoes have to be plain and boring? Add some bling by taking old pieces of jewelry and attaching them to the shoes. This technique can be used on a pair of plain white sneakers or heels meant to be worn out on the town.

Shoes aren’t the only item that can be upcycled using this method. A person might choose to do the same with a purse or bag. Once people see how this simple step can transform items they already own, they may be tempted to upcycle everything in their wardrobe and start asking family and friends for their broken jewelry to do so.

Create Home Accessories

Another way to use broken jewelry is to create home accessories. Broken bracelets, for example, can be reworked to create curtain tiebacks. Old gemstones from outdated jewelry pieces may be glued to a mirror frame to give it a whole new look, or these gems can be used to dress up picture frames. Look around the home and see where these items can be used. They may be perfect for redoing a pot that holds a favorite plant or might be ideal to add a touch of elegance to a soap dispenser.

Drawer pulls are another great way to repurpose old jewelry. Take a statement piece and glue it to an existing drawer pull to transform a piece of furniture in a matter of minutes. However, allow the glue to cure fully before using the drawer pull so the jewelry doesn’t come off.


Refrigerator Magnets

Add some style to refrigerator magnets by taking broken pieces of jewelry and creating magnets from them. It is easy to attach a magnetic strip to the back of a brooch or earring and create a beautiful magnet that everyone in the family will want to use. These magnets can be made from any type of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, and more. Check out what is available in the jewelry box and start crafting today. The ideas are endless when a person sees how easy these magnets are to make.

Pass It On

The jewelry may be in good shape but not the wearer’s style. Before throwing a piece away or sending it to a charity, ask if any family members would like to have the item. Someone else may love the piece and want to wear it regularly. It never hurts to ask before getting rid of something because once it is gone, it is often gone for good. It’s better to be safe than sorry and ask before getting rid of something another family member may want.


Christmas Ornaments

Create Christmas ornaments with the help of old and broken jewelry. Take a Styrofoam ball and glue the broken pieces to the ball for a fun and festive look. This is only one way the jewelry may be used for holiday decorations. It may also be used to create a fancy Valentine’s Day card or used to create a photo frame for a favorite picture. Once the picture and frame are done, give it to the significant other as an anniversary gift. It is one they will treasure for years to come.

These are only a few of the countless ways a person can reuse old and broken jewelry. The sky is the limit when it comes to upcycling materials. A person who chooses to reuse items saves money while benefiting the planet. Try one or more of these suggestions today. Once the results are seen, any person will want to embark on their next project right away because the results are so impressive.