Understanding Endurance’s Optional Coverages: Customizing Your Auto Warranty

Auto warranties are important to ensure the safety of your vehicle and provide peace of mind on the road. Endurance provides several different plans for this reason but also offers optional coverage to take the customization experience to a whole new level. These optional coverages ensure that each and every one of your needs are met and provide additional protection.

In this article, we will be exploring the various optional coverages provided by Endurance Warranty, detailing their specifications and how they can benefit a vehicle owner.

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Introduction to Endurance Warranty

Endurance has been a valuable provider of extended auto warranties since its establishment in 2006. Its extended auto warranties come in the form of Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) and offer protection against unexpected repair costs, providing customers with a sense of security and financial savings.

When purchasing a VSC from Endurance, you can choose between five different coverage plans, Secure, Secure Plus, Superior, Supreme, and Supreme Wrap.

Endurance offers distinguishable ranges of coverage, depending on the plan chosen.

The Secure plan has the most basic coverage; Secure Plus is a mid-level plan with more coverage; the Superior plan covers hundreds of components; the Supreme plan is the most comprehensive plan; and the Supreme Wrap is an extension of a manufacturer’s warranty.

For a clearer understanding, take a look at this comprehensive review of Endurance.

Types of Optional Coverages Offered by Endurance

On the application to purchase a VSC, there is an option to also purchase Endurance’s optional coverage. These optional coverages enhance your VSC and can be chosen based on your vehicle’s specific needs and requirements.

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High-tech option

This optional coverage is available only with the Superior and Supreme coverage plans and is a valuable addition to modern vehicles. In today’s technologically advanced world, the high-tech components of a vehicle play a significant role in its functionality; therefore, endurance has provided a solution in the case of any breakdowns.

The High Tech Option provides coverage for the backup camera and sensors, the GPS and NAV systems, the anti-theft system, video systems, display screens, blind spot sensors, and electronic driver information displays.

It is important to note that minimal pixel damage to a display screen is not included in this coverage plan.

Commercial use option

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle registered for a business and used to transfer goods or pay customers. If you operate or own a commercial vehicle and are looking for additional protection against any unforeseen repairs, Endurance has the solution for you.

For access to this coverage option, you must select the “Commercial Use Option” on the VSC and pay the mandatory surcharge. This optional coverage ensures that your vehicle remains protected, allowing you to focus on your work and significantly reducing any vehicle downtime in the event of breakdowns.

It is worth noting that this option must only be selected at the time of the purchase and cannot be added later on.

Tire modification/ body or suspension lift option

If you have selected this option, you gain access to coverage for your vehicle’s tire modifications, body, and suspension lifts. A mandatory surcharge is included, and coverage is only provided within the applicable terms of the contract.

Within the perimeters of this coverage, a maximum allowable modification size of four inches is applicable to both body/suspension lift in height and tire modification in size. Additionally, coverage is not provided for suspension reductions or undersized tires.

Finally, any intended or completed modifications that void the manufacturer’s warranty also void the coverage of this option.

Hybrid vehicle option

Available with the Superior, Secure Plus, and Supreme Coverage plans, this coverage option steps in to provide protection for any hybrid electric drive motor, power controller, inverter assembly, generator, electronic air conditioning compressor, and electronic power steering pump.

While batteries are excluded, this option protects you from costly repairs to these critical components of your hybrid vehicle, allowing you to delight in the pleasures of eco-friendly driving.

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Benefits of endurance’s optional coverages

The significance of the optional coverage lies in the fact that Endurance’s five plans already grant coverage to vehicle components; however, the optional coverage goes beyond the limit of the original warranty.


The optional coverages extend protection to luxury and high-tech vehicles that may not be the focal point of standard warranty plans. Vehicle owners with advanced components like backup cameras and sensors, GPS systems, and more can be relieved to know that such sophisticated parts are safeguarded.

Wider coverage

A broader scope of protection is a benefit of the optional coverages. High-tech vehicles, commercial vehicles, hybrid vehicles, tire modifications, and body or suspension lifts are all protected from any unforeseen repair costs.

Choice and cost savings

A benefit of these optional coverages is the opportunity to save costs because of a vehicle owner’s ability to choose to purchase or not. Vehicle owners are not obligated to purchase any of the optional coverages when purchasing a VSC.

If your vehicle is not in need of coverage for the components mentioned above, you can opt for a more suitable plan, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

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Endurance’s optional coverages provide value to vehicle owners with certain vehicle specifications and to owners who are generally looking for additional protection against repair costs.

Going beyond the standard warranty plans, these optional coverages provide flexibility, wider coverage, choice, and cost savings.

High-tech options, commercial use options, hybrid vehicle options, tire modification, and body or suspension lift options are the optional coverages provided by Endurance to ensure customization and contentment for vehicle owners.