Ukulele vs Guitar: Which Is Easier to Learn?


Learning to play the instrument today has to be one of the favorite pastimes of all people. While some say it is difficult to learn playing one, others are more than happy to learn and dive right into the process.

With more and more experts saying that the ukulele is easier to learn, there comes a time when you will question whether you want to take the easier road or the more popular one because let´s face it, guitars are considered one of the coolest instruments out there.

While we will help you understand all the ukulele basics and explain just why the ukulele is for beginners, we will also help you learn many new things including cord formings and strumming patterns.

The Fret-boards and Notes


Since we have established that the ukulele is simply easier to learn, there is still a question of how the uke creates the cords, which are they, how they form, where they are, and simply how you can learn the notes on the ukulele neck the fastest.

When it comes to the notes, the ukulele soprano has a standard gCEA tuning of these notes on the fretboard that is located on the neck. The notes on the fretboard are very useful for learning chords, scales and more.

For those who are beginners and still haven’t found their way around the meaning and the entire lingo of this beautiful instrument, let’s take a step back and learn what exactly is a fretboard.

A fretboard is a solid strip of wood that is connected to the neck of a fretted string instrument. The thin strips that go over and across the fretboard is known as a fret. As you press a string against it, and then letting go, it makes a specific note. This is also produced the same way when you play the guitar, helping you make a sound and play notes.

Cord forming


Since a cord is nothing more than 3 notes played together, if we hold 3 different keys we will have a chord, we won’t know what his name is, but it is a chord. So let´s dive into the lingo, shall we?!

Depending on how we form and play the triad – we will form one type of a chord or another. Whether we have the base note, aka the tonic, from which the semitone distances are assessed to the other notes of the triad, so we can define it. This means that we have more than 5 types of basic chords, the major, the minor, the augmented, the diminished and the suspended.

Now these sound like they are very important and easily recognized. Which they are. But in all honesty, the major and the minor are the most important ones. So have these in mind while we are talking about the ukulele.

Strumming pattern


When it comes to the strumming pattern, it doesn’t really matter much whether you do it one way or another, the truth being, you will get a different sound whether you strum it up or down. So depending on what sound you want to produce is the question of whether you are strumming it up or down.

If you are a beginner it is always a good idea to have the rhythm in your head and trying to catch it with your foot, head or hands for starters. Once you have the rhythm down, you can strum the strings up or down and see which one you agree with the most.

And one of the hardest things to do as a ukulele player is to listen to a song and be able to identify the strum pattern that is being used.

Here is the list of Ukulele-Tabs 20 most useful ukulele strumming patterns that will improve your rhythm while playing.

Easy to play songs


It is considered that the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play. It has become hugely and widely popular to play the ukulele because not only do you have to learn only a few chords, but also there are a lot of songs that fall into the area of playing just a few chords and producing a lovely melody that is bright and clear and beautiful.

So in case you want to know which songs are easy to play, check out our list below:

  1. Sweet home Alabama song – only 3 chords you will need to learn the full song.
  2. Just the way you are – also 3 chords you will need to learn C – A minor and F
  3. Someone like you by Adele – unlike these first two, this song has 4 chores but is widely popular among musicians.

The final answer for ukulele vs guitar


Although there are many songs that can be played on both the ukulele and the guitar and there are people who at the end of the day will prefer one or the other, the truth falls somewhere in between.

The ukulele is easier to play, but the best preparation for playing guitar is to play guitar itself. The guitar is an incredibly flexible instrument and you can start with very simple concepts and move on from there. Guitar is often considered a difficult instrument to learn, and beginners are often frustrated by the painfulness of pressing down the strings.

But the best thing about stringed instruments is that you can learn the basics pretty quickly, after that you’ve just got to master your craft!

Regardless of your choice, make a selection that suits you and your style of music. Choosing an instrument that is not right for you will frustrate you and it will make your learning experience unpleasant.

Musicians who know how to play the guitar will usually take on the ukulele as well as vice-versa. There is no reason why these two instruments can´t be combined into a collection of string instruments and placed into the experiences of many young musicians and aspiring artists.