3 Tips for Buying a Car in Australia as a Foreigner – 2024 Guide

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Investing in a new vehicle is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You have the freedom to go anywhere, do anything you want, all without waiting on someone, or planning things ahead. Nowadays owning a car is not a luxury, it is something all of us need and buying a new car will change your life. When you move to a new place, after finding accommodation and after getting a job, you need to think about investing in an auto. You can check some here from the CarExpert. The issue is, many places have specific laws about a foreigner owning an automobile, so it can be a bit tricky to do everything right without spending too much money on professional consultations.

If you just moved to Australia, you know that this beautiful country is worth traveling around. To be able to do that on your own terms, you should buy yourself a new car. In this 2024 guide, we are going to give you some tips on how you can buy an auto in the land down under without worrying too much about every single detail. Continue reading and you can learn a few tricks that you can share with your friends who are planning on moving somewhere as well.

1. License is a priority

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The first thing you need to know is that you cannot own a vehicle in this country unless you have an Australian driver’s license. In case you choose to rent a car, you can do that with your own driver’s license, but if you want to be an owner of the automobile, you have to go to the AU DMV (Roads & Maritime Services, also known as Service Centres) and get the proper documents.

The whole process is fairly easy and quick, but it all depends on the country you are coming from. If you already own a license, the process should be faster and you may skip some of the steps. If you want to learn how to drive in AU, you will have to take the needed courses, and pass all the tests.

Some people choose to try and acquire an automobile without getting the proper AU documentation, and even though it is possible, it may take years for you to be able to buy the auto you want. So, if possible, try to go to the RMS, prepare all the needed documents, and apply for an Australian driver’s license.

2. Choose the dealership carefully

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Just like any other country, in Australia, you can choose if you want to buy a used car or a brand new. There are positive and negative things about both of these options, and people usually make the choice depending on their budget.

If you want to go with something that is less expensive, and if you want to save up some money, then you should go with a used car dealership. According to Kevsbest.com.au, there are used auto services in almost every big city in Australia, and most of them have several generations of experience. In these places, you can easily find something affordable that will meet your needs, or you can even go for a luxury vehicle that won’t cost as much as the ones in the salon.

When choosing a dealership, you should do your research and compare prices. It is said that there is always room for wiggling the price, and you can try to get the best out of a vehicle by asking a service to match the price of their competitors. Consider several options, and know that if you want to get the best for your budget, you may need to visit several cities and a lot of dealerships.

In case you want to go with a brand new auto, then this is an easy choice. Most places have the same or really similar prices but don’t forget to look for special promotions, offers, or deals. Users say that you should never settle for the first place and the car you find unless you are looking for a specific make a model.

Give yourself some time to do the browsing, talk to the professionals, and don’t forget to contact people who’ve used the services of a dealership or a specific new car salon you want to make the purchase at.

3. Pay attention to the details

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Before buying an automobile in AU, you should always check it out and take it for a test drive. See how you like it, and if you can, you should rent a vehicle of the same make and model and see how much you like it after a few days.

When investing in a new auto, you should be prepared for all the additional costs. Just because you’ve bought the car does not mean that you are done paying for it. You will have to pay for all the registration fees, and you have to pay for the insurance as well. Depending on the location, and the plan you choose the price will vary. Talk to the dealership representatives about the best type of insurance you can get depending on the city you are located in.

Know that if you are driving around the country, you will need to pay for the tolls, so keep that in mind when calculating your costs. Last but not least, you should think about the parking space.

Foreigners living in AU say that it is near impossible to find a free parking spot here, so you should see your options. If you have a garage space, then it is great, you will just need to have a plan for when you are traveling. The traffic is usually really heavy in the biggest places, so you may end up spending hours in the jam.

These are some of the most important things you should know about before purchasing a vehicle in the land down under. Think about your budget and the main reason why you want to get the auto. Consider all the costs, and don’t forget to give yourself enough time to do a lot of research and check every option you may have. It is best if you look for advice from your Australian friends and see what they recommend before you settle for one dealership and vehicle.